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Iron savior / Тексты песен

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The Omega Man

The sun is up
A lonely man
Roams an empty city
Omnipresent death is all ...

Prisoner Of The Void.

Have I returned from the dead
a lightning was striking my head
Clarity's filling my ...


хорошие слова, очень хорошие.
In ancient times
tomorrow and today
there always be ...

Tales OF The Bold

Rays of the sun
painting the heavens in gold
the killing is over
the knights are heading ...

Tyranny Of Steel

Far beyond our boundary
a danger has emerged
far out in the black
it's getting ready ...

Crazy (Seal cover)

A man decides after seventy years
That what he goes there for is to unlock the door
While ...


Right here, right now
I'm looking back
To the road that I've been traveling
That ...

Eye To Eye

[Music and lyrics by P. Sielck]
[Lead and backing vocals by Piet Choir vocals by Jan and ...

Cybernatic queen

When the light of the day is fading
And dusk is drawing near
Seductively unsearchable
She ...


Here I stand
At the crossroads of destiny
Which way to go, which road to take
The choice is ...

The Savior

[Music and Lyrics: P.Sielck]

Out in the vast
Where time is standing still
I have been ...

Hall Of The Heroes

Once upon a time
In a long forgotten land
Warriors are gathering
To ride out and ...

Watcher In The Sky

I'm watching the mountains, I'm watching the sea
Observing the creatures I am lost - set ...

Farewell and good bye

I am immortal
I am perpetual
I am unbreakable
I'm bringing fire
That swallow up ...

Riding On Fire

Dream the dream of a distant place
sheltered and hidden from the human race
Long ago leaving ...

Mind Over Matter

Am I alive, do I exist
Am I the goddess of justice
A body of metal, a mind made of circuits ...

Machine World

[Music and Lyrics by Sielck]

Projected images
of what the world is like
trying to ...

Condition Red

Something evil
something malicious
is burning up the ancient's world
may our brothers ...

Deadly Sleep

Welcome back home,
it's been so long, we've missed you,
been searching for honor and ...

Faster Than All

I remember the day he came
A stranger without a name
Through dust and sand
From no mans ...

Never Say Die

[Like the Jaws of Hell the burning gate glows in unholy light. What horror lies beyond this rip in ...

Cybernetic queen

When the light of the day is fading
And dusk is drawing near
Seductively unsearchable
She ...

The omega men

The sun is up
A lonely man
Roams an empty city
Omnipresent death is all ...

No Guts, No Glory

If you wanna know
What lies behind the horizon
Go there
You gotta go there
Don't ...

Solar Wings

2001 - Dark Assault - Solar Wings

Do you believe in the god with a twisted eye
Do you ...

Running Riot

I'm burning up
There's a fire in me
The creature is rising
It wants to break ...

Titans of our time

Titans Of Our Time

I hold the key to ultimate dream
the perfect construction
a perfect ...

Coming Home

Lost in the dark milleniums ago
Where is the place where's the place called home

On ...


Just like a spider in the web with its flies
down through the forest of the Aare-Valley
a ...

Dragons Rising

When I look at tomorrow
Who will I be
What will I find
Seems I'm drowning in ...

Brave New World

Just like a machine programmed and build to obey
serving the system in devotion
faithfully day ...

Time Will Tell

[Music and Lyrics by Sielck]

Wind is howling through dusty canyons
a burning sun in a ...

Forces of Rage

Under the ice we hide from your stare
buried in grief and despair
We're the derbies, the ...

Made Of Metal

[Bio-unit and machine are no longer fighting each other. They are one of a kind, a unique lifeform ...


A pale moon is rising
in silverless grey
it shines on the world
enlighting the decay
A ...


Bound to the stars, bound to a land
Unspoiled and virgin
This journey has to end
Out in ...

The Battle

Reflections of light paint the horizon
Silver and weak he is glowing
Beauty arises in front of ...

March Of Doom

[Music and Lyrics: P.Sielck]

Darkness has coming down
On the planet of mankind
The ...

Stand Against The King

In a forgotten land
where evil is enthroned
the forces gathering
to retake what they have ...


Hello, is anybody out there
People can't you hear
Can't you hear my cry
Listen ...


Cruising the stars
Riding on cosmic winds
Into the open
To challenge the great ...

Dance With Somebody (Mando Diao cover)

Break your happy home
Learn to sing along
To the music, to the music
Clap your hands and ...

Thunder From The Mountains


Far up in the mountains
Above the world end's rim
Something has ...

Iron Savior

Out of the cold you've been given birth
made out of steel to protect and serve
built for ...

Heavy Metal Never Dies

[Music and Lyrics: P.Sielck]

Rain is pouring
The wind is howling
The skies are dark and ...

After The War

I saw the shadow decline
In another world, another time
Reflecting battles full of fear
So ...



I came from far beyond the time
this is my manor
I'm reaching for the ...

Before The Pain

[Music and Lyrics: P.Sielck]

Sometimes I close my eyes
Thinking back of the day
Of this ...

Cyber Hero

You are the true defender
Bristling with guns
Chosen by the gods
To save the land
Become ...

Moment In Time

[Music and Lyrics: P.Sielck]

Down in the black hole
Where time's standing ...

Seek And Destroy

Exploitation - Infestation
Life's ectincted - Stars eclipted
No light in the black ...


I'm drifting away my systems are failing
I will not return back to my home
to ones I ...

R.U. Ready

A thunder in the night
A blazing star played his guitar
And metal did ...

Atlantis Falling

A flash of destruction
like a blaze cut through the night
The heavens on fire
they were ...

Children Of The Wasteland

The war is over our life is not the same
Atomic fallout and clouds of acid rains
Above the ...

Captain`s Log

It is the year 2110.
The world is threatened by war once again.
The unknown vessel sent out ...

Back Into The Light

Thrown into a world
Where night is ruling day
Where nothing will remain
Existence will ...


Something malicious
hides in the black
and it's about to attack
The forces are ...

The Rage

From a fireball we came
Crossed sea and mountain
We were drinking beauty with our ...

Protect the Law

From an ancient past I will bring you the law
To protect and to serve I was made for
My ...


Right out of nowhere you came
ghostlike appeared in the sky
But all our welcomes were shot ...

I've Been To Hell

I saw my children from up in the sky
Bleeding and sentenced to die
Devastation and ...

Seize the Day

Sometimes there are the days
When good is getting better
The sun is shining brighter
The ...

Strike Down the Tyranny

Darkness is falling
The king is dead
Murdered by lies and intrigues
The throne ...


Some call us losers
Some call us freaks
They don’t have a clue
What’s driving me and ...

Heavy Metal Powered Man

[Music and Lyrics by Sielck]

Can you feel the power
do you feel the force
do you feel ...