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Ride The Airwave

I look you in the eye
You breathe our suicide
The universe collapsed and died
And in her ...

Killer (Tits)

Now you're a life's obsession
I'm lying here sick with the bleed
There's a ...

I Adore You

They open the window
In comes in the light
I froze in the corner
I pray for the ...

Mary Magdalene

I've got to pray
I've gone too far
And I broke out of his room
I broke up all my ...

Year (Of You)

I lost my phone
I forgot the way home
I waited and I got stupid
I'm fat with the ...

Siamese Almeida

can i show you this state of mind
for it is not mine
can i not show you this state of ...

Pretty Like Drugs

the world is watching as i take my last breath
the world is watching as i get undressed
cos im ...


La la la la la la la
Suck it down deeper
Oh, suck
La la la la la la la
A little bit ...

Medicine Jar

my baby talks in his sleep
i said wake him up
Oh oh oh go to bed love
oh oh oh go to bed ...

Soda Dreamer

Rags and riches I made three wishes,
I've been a bad girl and I kissed the witches,
I dance ...

Birdnest Hair

Birdnest hair so slips the dream
A paper boat in heavy seas
Into thin air lost upon on the ...

Night Curse

Careening crazy and awaked
Night spark make her escape
Spinning sick on the whack of a ...


I got your skinny hips
Machine gun in the brain
Someone light the touch paper
You're ...

Summers Coming Summers Gone

Summers coming, Summers gone,
I got left behind in a Winter storm,
Sunlight burst my cloud, ...


The crows the crows
Sitting on a fence
Voices disappear behind a bank of clouds
It's a ...


Bridgit ties the knot
She's craving for me
She made a wedding gown
She made it for ...

Pretty Fish (Turn Pink)

A kitty flick, you pretty fish
You turn me pink, a deep dish
Open up, open wide
I'm ...

Pretty Polly

Polly pretty polly come go away with me
Polly pretty polly come go away with me
Before we get ...

Pull Me Under

And I sit here waiting and comb my hair
Wait in line your time will come
Says the man he waves ...

Happy Now

I'll break your legs if I find out you are fucking him
Composure balanced by the drink
A ...

Mother Tongue

Holes in clouds
I drop through
They don't understand
Me like you do

How can I ...


A black soot stain
Struck across the sky
The shadow crept up the wall and stayed
Eclipse in ...

Hotel Aftershow (Part. 1)

erase the past
i burn my home
kiss your passport
hotel aftershow
so now i'm really ...

Heaven (No More) (Don't Look Down)

Angel in formaldehyde
A woman's torso in the gin
Hanging up the washing line
Lopsided ...

Seven Sins

They said you were guilty, I did not believe it
I bent for the nail and I came to receive it
I ...

Spider Spider

spider spider, on the wall
who's the bravest of us all?
will i fly or will i ...

Falling Star

My heart is a falling star
And I'll catch it in the dawning rays
My heart is a darkened ...

Where Me And The Vultures Live

Tear me down off this precipice
Where nothing can grow
Where me and the vultures ...


He talks about you in his sleep
theres not a lot I can do to keep
from crying when he calls ...

Princess Carwash (Slight Reply)

Hang it up Sailor
Your flag ship it burns
And it burns and it burns, and it
You took the ...

Razorblade Sky

i rip open
clouds with no faces
she undoes herself
for a slice of your pie
razorblade ...

Sleeping Pill (Part. 2)

oh so, my love
this sleeping pill
will watch you through the night
and come ...

KatieJane Garside - Queenadreena - Kitty Collar Tight

Watch how I put it on
Kitty collar tight!
Make it sing its song
Make it fight

Black Spring Rising

black spring rising
she falls
by the way a black rainbow wispering my name
by the way i ...

Somewhere Upstairs

Somewhere upstairs, somewhere upstairs
Somewhere upstairs, somewhere upstairs

And then I ...

KatieJane Garside - Queenadreena - Black Spring Rising

Black spring rising, I fall
Black spring rising, I fall

By the way, a black rainbow ...

Racing Towards The Sun (Гонки в сторону солнца)

Do or die that is my question
A little seed burning in me
It's hot I must get ...

Beneath The Skin

beneath the skin a caustic red river
beneath the skin corrosive abuser
beneath the skin ...

X-ing Off The Days

You walk all over anyone who dares to be a friend,
Scream and yell because you deem them ...

My Silent Undoing

my silent undoing
my silent undoing
my silent undoing
my silent undoing

my wasp in a ...


Trippy little Popsicle cod,
Did I get it quite right?
Broken got broke,
Was it good to ...

Carry You Through Fire

Let the light reflect away all knowledge
The window blushes at my indiscretion
A history made ...

KatieJane Garside - Queenadreena - Suck

La la la la la la la
Suck it down deeper
Oh suck
La la la la la la la
A little bit ...


childproof to the letter
you know the truth you know better
the girl on the pavement
she\'s ...

Maud The Moth - Childproof (QueenAdreena Cover)

childproof to the letter
you know the truth you know better
the girl on the pavement
she\'s ...