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Xtina Aguilera - Army Of Me

Xtina - The Voice Within

Xtina - ( Es la historia de mi primer amor)

Xtina - Bionic

Xtina Aguilera - Red Hot Kinda Love [Lotus]

Xtina Aguilera - Cease Fire

Xtina Aguilera - You Lost Me

Xtina - Hello

Xtina - Mercy On Me

XTINA - Fighter

Xtina - Your Body

Xtina, CeeLo, Blake and Adam - I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Xtina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight

Xtina - (L)YB

Madam X ( a.k.a Baby Jane/Xtina ) - Your Body ( Lotus 2012 )

Xtina - Cease Fir (минус)

Xtina - Liht Up The Ski (минус)

Mr.Black,Comi,Pinke,Xtina,Romantic - Vodi me do neba

Xtina - Tilt Ya' Head Back

Xtina - Blank Pag (минус)

Team Xtina - Lady Marmalade (The Voice live show)

Xtina - Let Thee Be Luv (минус)

Xtina - Just be free (2001) _ 10 Running out of time

Xtina Aguilera - Sing For Me [Lotus]

xtina aguilera - fuss

Xtina Aguilera & Andrea Bocelli - Somos Novios

Xtina Aguilera - Best of me

Xtina Aguilera - Express

Xtina Aguilera - Circles

Xtina Aguilera - Hurt

Xtina Aguilera Ft. Blake Shelton - Just A Fool

Xtina Aguilera - Vanity

Xtina Aguilera - Something Got A Hold on Me

P Diddy ft. Xtina Aguilera - Tell Me

Xtina Aguilera - Bound To You

Xtina Aguilera - Fighter

Xtina Aguilera - Lift Me Up

Xtina Aguilera, Mya, Pink & Lil'Kim - Lady Marmalade

Xtina Aguilera - National Anthem USA

T.I ft.Xtina Aguilera - Castle Walls (Faux's Dubstep Remix)

Xtina Aguilera - Lift Me Up (Bionic)

Xtina Aguilera feat Ricky Martin - Nobody wants to be lonely

Xtina Aguilera - Tough LoverX

Xtina Aguilera - I'm OK

Xtina Aguilera - Show Me How You Burlesque

Xtina Aguilera - Walk Away

Xtina Aguilera - The Right Man

Xtina Aguilera - Oh Mother

t.i. feat xtina (rnb) - castle walls (no mercy 2010)

Xtina - Sing 4 Me (минус)

Xtina - Empty Words

Xtina - Army of Me

XTINA - Can't Hold Us Down

t.i. feat xtina - castle walls

Xtina - Lift Me Up

Xtina - Stripped. Part 2

Xtina - Vanity

Xtina - oh, mother

Xtina - Just be free (2001) _ 04 Our day will come

Xtina - Best Of M (минус)

Xtina - What Child Is This

Xtina - Stronger Than Ever

Xtina - Express

Xtina - falling in love again (i can't help it)

Xtina - LaCasa

Xtina - Shut U (минус)

Xtina - Cold Case Love

Xtina - At last

Xtina - Just be free

xtina Lost Me - МИНУС+бэк

Xtina - Pink

Xtina - Kill You (feat. Eminem)

Xtina - Monday☀️ Morning

Xtina - The Morning

Xtina - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

Xtina - Keeps Gettin' Better

Xtina - Under

Xtina - Bella

Xtina - Hey, Soul Sister

XTina - These Are The Special Times

Xtina - Infatuation

Xtina - Beautiful

Xtina - Still Dirty

Xtina - I Got Trouble

Xtina - Genie In A Bottle

Xtina - Merry Christmas Baby

Xtina - Keep On Singing' My Song

Xtina - I Hate Boys

Xtina - Red Hot Kinda Luv (минус)

Xtina Aguilera - Light Up The Sky

Xtina - Save Me From Myself

xtina - .You Lost Me

Lady Gaga & Xtina Aguilera - Do What U Want

Xtina - Genie in a bottle (1.09.10 Европа Плюс)

Xtina Aguilera - Let There Be Love

Xtina - I'm Ok

A Great Big World & Xtina - Say Something

Xtina Aguilera - If you wanna be with me

Xtina Aguilera - Sing For Me

Christina Aguilera - Xtina's Xmas (Interlude)

Christina Aguilera - Xtina's Xmas

Unknown - Save Me From Myself (Xtina Cover)

♫♥♫ Christina Aguilera ♫♥♫ - Xtina's Xmas