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Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears

Your eyes [2x]
Your eyes search for me [4x]
Your eyes
Your eyes search for me

For so ...

The Last Song From Zion

His shadow floats upon the earth,
Casting a song from the north (upon the earth),
Yeashua ...

The Rising End (The First Prophecy)

Bombs rain down like heaven's tears, the earth shall die and disappear; (and today) we wish the ...

Praise The War Machine

The death of the Omega pilots the war machine
We shall destroy the earth
Rebuild it
None ...

Truly, Truly, This Is The End

They say death is an open door, to move into another room, within the city of the dead (our new ...

The Last Revelation (The Last Prophecy)

There were none at his left hand, no man amongst his army, the earth has ripped herself open, and ...

Romance of the Southern Spirit

Every kiss is a goodbye kiss
And every touch is momentary
Like trying to hold her ghost
Yes ...

Killing Time 'Til Its Time To Die

Killing time 'til it's time to die
Do you remember when you were a child?
And the sky loomed ...


And what shall I do
I try to speak and words stop short of my tongue
They make their way back ...

Growing In Grace

He is God, He is God. He is God, He is God.
He is with us, He is God. He is with us, He is ...

If These Scars Could Speak

Come out of your stare
Touch the ground with your prayers
Breathe out the ...

Live... From The Funeral Of God

Live from the funeral of God, this is the day you've awaited, sponsored and celebrated, he has ...

The Ghost Psalm

Realization comes through reaping
Reality contained in quite
My companions are walking ...

Dark Cold Sound

A dark cold sound...
A dark cold sound tears the life I'm given
Ignite the vision
The ...


A day not to forget
The machine has collapsed under the program it's been given
Look inside ...

Dobar Loš Zao - Žurka

Subota noc evo nama stize
izaberi telo i pridje njemu blize
uklopi se u ritam i digni ruke ...

In These Times Of Silence

What else is there.
After the slipping away.
When everything is silent,
and nothing is ...


i won't allow it.
i won't let it happen.
this weakness will be strengthened.
take away this ...

MDK ZAO - Родной

Мой родной навсегда оставайся собой,
Мой родной будь рядом со мной,
Я тебя молю не уходи к ...

Tose Proeski - Zao mi je

Zao mi je
tek sad sam sve
o tebi naucio
a najvise
zao mi je
zalud sam te ...

Тоше Проески - Zao mi je

Zao Mi Je

Žao mi je
Tek sad sam sve
O tebi naučio
Al ...

Man In The Womb

This man sits staring.
Left lost in hand.
You wnat a real solution?
Well we're ...

Circle II The Lustful: Autopsy

And what shall I do
I try to speak and words stop short of my tongue
They make their way back ...

In Times Gone Past

I see it in your eyes, the tearing in your heart, as I awaken I learn first, first of dying, and ...

Skin Like Winter

Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Beautiful child turnig into stone
With your eyes so dim I ...

Suspend Suspension

Wires from the ceiling extend.
Your teeth grind ...

Music for Xin Zao~! - Be a Man

Let's get down to business- to defeat the Huns
Did they send me daughters when I asked for ...

The Lesser Lights Of Heaven

The lesser lights of heaven are burning towards a dream, the eyes of mother bleeding, cast their ...

Angel Without Wings

Hold her in your fight hand. And guide her safely home. Brush away all the thorns and all the ...

Breath Of The Black Muse

Open your mouth boy, just to swallow your teeth, I will not pay the price for your self-inflicted ...


Moustique, moustique ah, tu es un bandit
Moustique, moustique ah, tu es un assassin
Tu me ...

Ancien Combattant

Moi nga za militaire, moi nga za militaire
Moi pas besoin gallons, ‘jouter moi du riz
Sergent ...

Дорог Город

Тук-тук, но колёса не бьются об рельсы,
Я не в купе уже, и за окном не ...

A Last Time For Everything

A last time for everything
My head is burning inside
Once again they've found me
Their ...


We are the poison to the antidote that's killing us, the question to the answer.
Demeaning us ...