PHARAOH & Boulevard Depo - 5 Минут Назад (Mash-Up by STAS) - текст песни

Five minutes ago I\'ve fucked that bitch in Bently,
I just saw you cunt and she\'s so fucking nasty
Five minutes ago from USI killing blasty,
Five minutes ago you were so comprehensive

Only five minutes ago: city\'s, diamonds, city\'s laws(?)
I will claim for you to hold,
Fatty acid, that I rolling, murdered five minutes ago.
All this shit, that you are telling I heard five minutes ago.

And your style called me that \"daddy\" but I dont\' cumming inside,
And my mumma always tells me that the bitches always lie.
Migraine always vanish when we coming from ou\'side
Almost got five minutes late but I forgot.

And I dont give a fuck about it.
Keep my rifle stady, bro,
That\'s why I\'ve already fucked your bitch like five minutes ago, yea

[Chorus x4]
Five minutes ago, I was there.
Trully five minutes ago!

Getting high five eases ago.
Getting drunk five bottles ago.
Getting chase five garthes ago.
Getting hell fove bitches ago.

And my visions are real, and my entire\' clear.
You tried to give me a deal, but there\'s no deal with no bills.

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