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12 stones / Тексты песен

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We Are One

World So Cold

Lie To Me (Acoustic)

This Dark Day


Lie To Me

Hey Love



It Was You


Arms Of A Stranger

Worlds Collide

Running Out of Pain

In My Head

My Life


Games You Play

Broken Road

If I Could


Back Up

Welcome To The End

Anthem For The Underdog

Let Go

The Way I Feel


The Last Song


Bury Me

Fade Away

Tomorrow Comes Today

In Closing


Waiting For Yesterday

I'm With You


Only Human

Once In A Lifetime

Shine On Me


12 Stone Toddler - Seasick

12 Stone Toddler - Candles On The Cake

Pretty Poison

12 Stones feat Papa Roach - The Way I Feel

We Are One (WWE Nexus)

Photograph (OST Elektra)

Far Away

Open Your Eyes

The Dark Day

It Was You (Studio Acoustic)

It Was You (acoustic)


12 Stone Toddler - The Ballad Of Al Coholic

Crash ©2002

Kiss from a Rose (Seal cover)

Anthem For The Underdog (OST Никогда не Сдавайся)

Evanescence feat. Paul McCoy of 12 Stones - Bring me to life

LET GO (Daredevil OST)

Evanescence feat. 12 stones - Bring Me To Life

Evanescence ft 12 stones - Bring Me To Life

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (feat. Paul McCoy Of 12 Stones)

We are one(WWE Nexus theme song)

Anthem For The Underdog[OST Never back down]

The Way I Feel [Acoustic]

12 Stone Toddler - Death In The Zoo

We Are One (WWE Edit Nexus theme)


Eric's Song

Speak Your Mind

My Life (OST The Scorpion King)

broken (acoustic)

Let Go (Acoustic Studio)

~s~ 12 STONES - 3 Leaf Loser

Little Eyes

12 Stones ft. Sia - Lie To Me

3 Leaf Loser


We Are One (Instrumental)

OST The Last Song - 12 STONES - None

12 Stone Toddler - The Rabbit

12 Stone Toddler - Twang (Radio Edit)

12 Stone Toddler - Apple From The Tallest Tree

World So Cold [2007 Anthem For The Underdog]

Hey Love [2007 Anthem For The Underdog]

12 Stones (Anthem For The Underdog, 2007) - 6. It Was You

Tomorrow Comes Today (OST Морской пехотинец)

Welcome To The End(OST хроники валькирии)

Anthem For The Underdog (OST NBD)

12 Stone Toddler - Living A Lie

12 Stone Toddler - Daddy Was A Bad Mother

12 Stone Toddler - Ten Thousand Miles Away

12 Stone Toddler - Tragicomedy

12 Stone Toddler - Come Back!

12 Stone Toddler - This Suit

Anthem For The Underdog(OST Никогда не Сдавайся)

We Are One ( WWE Nexus Theme)

The Way I Feel ©2002

World So Cold (Nightcore)

Photograph (OST Elektra \ ОСТ Электра)

Evanescence feat. Paul McCoy (12 Stones) - Bring Me To Life

Photograph (венский вальс)

Anthem For The Underdog( легкий Рок)

Crash (BEL MONSTER-BASS) [vk.com/babar_bass]

The One Thing (BEL MONSTER-BASS) [vk.com/babar_bass]

Adrenaline (BEL MONSTER-BASS) [vk.com/babar_bass]

12 Stone - World So Cold

~s~ 12 STONES - The Last Song

We are one (2010 The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday EP)

World So Cold (Такой холодный мир)

[Drive2.ru]12 Stones - Fade Away

We are one (David Otunga, Nexus 2011)

Disappear (2010)

Tomorrow Comes Today (2010)

10 Лучших Треков

12 Stone - We are one

Pray that I will not give up

12 Stones ("Anthem For The Underdog"/ 2007) - 5. Adrenaline

We are one - Nexus (Full WWE Edit)

Stone sour (Tracktor Bowling cover) - Through glass (live 16 тонн,12.02.10)

Stone Sour [feat. Johnny Depp] - Come What(ever) May [2006] - 12. Zzyxz Road

The Rolling Stones (Exile On Main St. 1972) - 12 Ventilator Blues

The Rolling Stones - Miss You (12" Version)

Queens of the Stone Age - 12. Another Love Song

Stone Sour - [Come What(Ever) May - 2006] 12 - Zzyzx Rd.

The Rolling Stones - 2012-12-15-Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

The Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend [OST House MD 4/ 12 ]

Stone Sour - 12 Zzyzx Rd.

The Rolling Stones - 1975-07-12-LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA (Whores, Cocaine and a Bottle of Jack)

The Rolling Stones - Live Altamont 06/12/69

The Rolling Stones - 1995-03-12-Tokyo, Japan (Voodoo Edo '95)

The Rolling Stones - 1981-12-13-Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ

The Rolling Stones (1964) - 12.Walking The Dog

The Rolling Stones - 2015-06-12-Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FLA

The Rolling Stones - 1981-12-01-Silverdome, Pontiac, Mi

The Rolling Stones - 12 X 5 (1964)

12. Мик Джаггер (The Rolling Stones) - Route 66

WWE- - NEXUS THEME SONG - 12 Stones - We are one

▶[nightcore] ★ - Infected - 12 stones

Crash [2002 12 Stones]

Home [2002 12 Stones]

Running Out of Pain [2002 12 Stones]

My Life [2002 12 Stones]

In My Head [2002 12 Stones]

Back Up [2002 12 Stones]

Soulfire [2002 12 Stones]

Eric's Song [2002 12 Stones]

Open Your Eyes [2002 12 Stones]

Running Out of Pain (12 Stones 2002)

12 Stones - Beneath The Scars (2012) - 12 - Someone Like You

We Are One (CM Punk theme)

We Are One (The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday) (2010)

12 Stones Shm. - It Was You

Worlds Collide [Christian Rock/Alternative]

The Way I Feel (1x04)

We Are One (rmk)


World So Cold• (музыка в конце раунда CSS)

Adrenalin (Future AiRo theme in wrestling :3)

We Are One(WWE Nexus Theme)

We are one (Nexus)


12 Stones (Anthem For The Underdog, 2007) - 7. This Dark Day

Evanescense & Paul Mc Coy (12 Stones) - Bring Me To Life

We Are One(Nexus Theme)

Infected (single 2012)

Lie To Me (Солги мне)

Evanescence ft. 12 Stones - Wake Me Up Inside


Под игру 5

That Changes Everything [2012 Beneath The Scars]

12 Stones feat. Amy Lee - Broken

We Are One (Remix)

Killswitch Engage & 12 Stones - NexSES




Blind (2012)

Lie to me минус

The Last Song (2004 Potter's Field)

We Are One (FCW Mason Ryan)

лай ту ми(асоустис)

12 Stone Toddler - Drowning A Witch

You say you know just who I am

12 Stone Toddler - Precious Cargo

12 Stone Toddler - It (Was Such A Beautiful Thing)

[ZT] 12 Stones - Crash

we r one ✖

Games You Play [ν-metal, Post-grunge]

[R] 12 Stones - Games You Play

12 Stone Toddler - Kick Me A Little Bit

Anthem For The Underdog(http://vk.com/c_m_g)

Arms Of A Stranger [2007 Anthem For The Underdog]

Broken Road [2007 Anthem For The Underdog]

This Dark Day [2007 Anthem For The Underdog]

Adrenaline [2007 Anthem For The Underdog]

Games You Play [2007 Anthem For The Underdog]

12 Stones (Anthem For The Underdog, 2007) - 3. Lie To Me

12 Stones ("Anthem For The Underdog", 2007) - 1. Lie To Me (Acoustic)

Под игру 8

12 Stones (Anthem For The Underdog, 2007) - 8. World So Cold