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1D - One Way Or Another

1D - What Makes You Beautiful

1D - Over Again

1D - Night Changes

1D - No Control

1D - Moments

1D - You And I

1D - Midnight Memories

1d - 18

1d - drag me down

1d - Torn

1D - I Would

1D - Half A Heart

1d - steal my girl

1D - Forever Young

1D - Kiss you

1D! - Back For You

1D - Right Now

1D - Through The Dark

1D - Better Than Words

1d - perfect (◕‿◕)♡

1d - history

1D - rock me.

1D - Diana

1D - Heart Attack

1D - Stole My Heart

1d - last first kiss

1d - happily (acoustic)

1D - Clouds

1D - Story of my life

1D - I Should Have Kissed You

1D - Magic

1D - Change My Mind

1D - Up All Night

1d - same mistakes

1d - Little White Lies

1D - Little Black Dress

1D - Something Great

1D - Once In A Lifetime

Гера Стрейзанд - Песня про 1D

One Direction - That's What Makes Us 1D

1D - Stand Up

1D - They Don't Know About Us

1D - Gotta Be You

1D - Strong

1D - Truly, Madly, Deeply

1D - Only Girl In The World

1D - More than this

1D - Tell me a lie

1D - Happily

1D - Teenage Dirtbag

1D - .

1D - Chasing Cars

1d - the story of my life

1D - Cmon Cmon

1D - Fireproof

1D - Heart Atack

1D - Home

1d - love you goodbye

Instalok - Best Lane Ever (1D - Best Song Ever PARODY)

Julia Sheer - One Thing (1d cover)

#1D - #1D

1D - Na Na Na

Anna Princess feat. Zayn Malik (1D) - One Love

Anechka Princess feat. Zayn Malik (1D) - Friends, Sexy Love,You

1D *_* - Rock me минус

1D - Wonderwall

1D - Little Thing

1D - BSE

1D - I want минус

Zayn Malik 1D - Adore you

1D - I Gotta Feeling

Zayn Malik 1D - Take Me Home solos

1D - C'mon C'mon

1D.e.a.L - Мораль всех баттлов такова...(Just Ice Battle2_r1)

1D - Loved You First

1D (Alexi Blue Piano Cover) - Story of My Life

1D - Why We Don't Go There

1D *_* - Does He Know?

1D *_* - Kids In America

1D - Teenage Dirtbag cover

1d - rap Fresh Prince of Bel Air' on Nova fm (Australia 2012)

1D - I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth

1D - I’m Yours

1D - Little Susie


1D - Story of my life (piano cover)

1d - wmyb

1D - The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

1D - Grenade

1D - Another World

1D - I left you all alone

One direction(1D) - little things (instrumental) минус

One Direction(1D) - You And I (piano)

[1D♥]One Direction - Rock Me

1D - Alive

1D (Harry Styles) - Little Things

1d four - Where Do Broken Hearts Go

1D - Don't Forget Where You Belong

One Direction(1D) - Happily

1D - You And I (Acapella)

1D News - One Direction Song

Imagine Dragon (1d) - Rock Me

1D - Story of My Life(voice)

1d - u and i

1D - Irresistible (piano version)

1d Janis Joplin - Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)

1D - moment

1D - Nobody Compares

1D - Just Can't Let Her Go

1D - one direction

1d - i want to write you a song

1D - Infinity [Made in the A.M.]

1D - A.M. [Made in the A. M.]

1d - end of the day

1D - What a Feeling [Made in the A. M.]

1D - Long Way Down [Made in the A. M.]

Run for the cube - Kiss You (One Direction 1D Cover Song Parody)

Carly Rose Sonenclar - Stole My Heart (1D cover)

One Direction - Still The One (1D|Crazy Mofos)

Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz - Talk dirty (1D Day)

One Direction - Loved You First (1D|Crazy Mofos)

One Direction - Back For You (1D|Crazy Mofos)

One Direction - Over again (1D|Crazy Mofos)

One Direction - Only Girl In The World (1D|Crazy Mofos)

Ebony Day - Fireproof (1D Cover)

One Direction - One Thing (1D Drum Cover [FOR THE LULZ])

One Direction - 1D Day

Koners & Curls - Знакомство с 1D

One Direction - That's What Makes Us 1D (What Makes You Beautiful Remix

1D moments . - 1D moments .

Баста & 1D.e.a.L - любовь (ft Guf)

1D - comon

1D - She's Not Afraid

1D - One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) [Instrumental]

[1D♥]One Direction - Irresistible

1D - One Thing (Acoustic)

1d - Your Song

Anechka Princess feat. Louis Tomlinson (1D) - I Love You! (full version)

1d - owoa (brit 2013 live)

One Direction 1D - (one direction - stole my heart )

1D - gotta be you (vocals only)

1D - Everything about you

1D - Little Things (rain),перевод

1D *_* - Best Song Ever (минус)

1D *_* - Just Can't Let Her Go

1D - One Thing (Reidiculous Remix)

1d-1a-Aventura ft usher - Promise

Anechka Princess feat. Harry Styles (1D) - You Just Space

1D - This Is Us

1D - One Thing (Full)

1D - Your face, your style, your kiss, your smile ♥

1D - Щито Поделать

1D - Вы прекрасны, спору нет!

1D - Gotta Be You минус

1D Harry Styles - What makes u beautiful

1D.e.a.L_kzbattle_r1 - Свободная

1D - Don't Forget Where You Belong

1D - One Thing Instrumental (минус)

1D *_* - Live While We're Young

1D - I Gotta Feeling, Stereo Hearts, Valerie, Torn (Up All Night The Live Tour)

1d - Don't Let Me Go

1D. - Love Sex Magic

1D-Bosh - Ай, зай! (Grin Danilov remix)

Louis Tomlinson /1D - Valerie/Torn

1d - live while we're young (acoustic)

1d - i'm yours

1d - Stereo Hearts (vocals only)

1D *_* - Total Eclipse of the Heart

1D *_* - Little Things МИНУС

(1D cover) Martina Stoessel & Jorge Blanco - Live While We're Young (spanish version)

[1D♥]Sam McCarthy ft Harry Styles - Don't Let Me Go