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Bad boys blue / Тексты песен

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Youre a woman

Pretty young girl

Come back and stay

I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat

You're A Woman

Kiss You All Over, Baby

I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl)

Show Me The Way

You Are A Woman

L.O.V.E. In My Car

How I Need You

Lady in Black

A world without you

People Of The Night

You are woman

A Train To Nowhere

You're a woman, im your man.♥

I totally miss you

Hot Girls, Bad Boys

Dont walk away Suzanne

Bad Boy's Blue - You're A Woman I'm A Man

Gimme, Gimme Your Lovin'

Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady)

Hungry for love

Love is no Crime

House Of Silence

From heart to heart

Jungle In My Heart

Love me or leave me

You're A Woman, I'm A Man

Be my lady of the night

bad reputation

Blue Moon

Queen Of Hearts

Kisses And Tears

Kisses And Tears (My One And Only)

You're A Woman (Original Remix 1998)

A World Without You (Michelle)

Lovers in the sand

The Power Of The Night

You`re woman

Baby I Love You

Lady Blue

Baby Blue

Gimme, Gimme Your Lovin' (80-е)

Only One Breath Away

You Are A Women

Don t Walk Away, Suzanne

In His Heart, In His Soul

a World without You (Michelle) (Radio Edit)

Where Are You Now

Somewhere In My Heart

Lady In Black '98

I Am Your Believer

I Wanna Hear Your Heart Beat

Till The End Of Time

Little Russia

Pretty Young Girl (80-е)

Come Back And Stay (80-е)

Heavenside - Come back and stay (Bad boys blue cover)

For Your Love (1985 Hot girls, Bad boys)

Pretty Young Girl '98

Дискотека 80-90х.Bad Boys Blue - I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat

House Of Silence '99

Save Your Love

From Heaven To Heartaches

Go Go (Club MIX)

Don`t Be So Shy

You are women

You're a women]

Luv 4 U

Pretty Young Girl (Sk Ural 2010 Remix)

Come Back and Stay (remix)

Love Really Hurts Without You

Mon Amie

Victim Of Your Love

i wanna fly

People In The Night

Pretty Young Girl (Re-Recorded 2010)

For Your Love

Heavenly (Snippet) [vkontakte.ru/club7692302]

You're A Woman Дискотека 80-х

Come Back And Stay (Dance Mix)

Дуэт "TWO VOICES" - Come Back And Stay (Bad Boys Blue cover)

Михаил Мухтар - Дева с Небес (by Bad Boys Blue-Lady in Black

Eric Sardinas & Big Motor - Bad Boy Blues


Join The Bad Boys Blue

Pretty Young Girl (Hot Girls,Bad Boys 1985)

Hot Girls, Bad Boys(хиты 80-90)

People Of The Night /Hot Girls - Bad Boys '1985/

Hot Girls - Bad Boys (Reloaded)

Bed Boys Blye - Come back and stay

Lady Blue ("Heartbeat", 1986)

Bad Boys Blue(Hot Girls-Bad Boys 1985) - You're A Woman

BAD BOYS BLUE,Lady Blue - O.L.D.S.C.H.O.O.L.

I Totally Miss You (1992 Totally)

I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Диско 80-х)

Pretty Young Girl (Диско 80-х)

Bad Boys Blue(Дискотека Авторадио) - Pretty Young Girl

80-е Bad Boys Blue - Little Russia

Dance The Night Away (Восьмидесятые)

A World Without You (Michelle) '98

Come Back And Stay '98

You Are A Woman '98

Kisses & Tears (My One And Only)

The Turbo Megamix


Mon Amie (1986)

You are a woman, I am a man

Bad Boys Blue ft. Lyane Leigh - The Power Of The Night

You And I

Lover on the Line (Extended Version) (2003)

Bad Boys Blue (1986) - I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl)

I wanna hear your heartbeat (Sunday girl) (минус)

All About You

I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Long Version)

You are my woman

Queen Of Hearts '99

Sooner Or Later

Remember When Our Love Was Young (1991 House of silense)

Kisse And Tears

If You Call On Me

Jungle in My Heart '99

You are the woman

Kiss You All Over, Baby (Instrumental)

I Am Your Beliver

Bad Boys Blue Feat. Lyane Leigh - Come Back And Stay

House Of Silence (version 2009)

U 'n' I (1996 Bang! Bang! Bang!)

Anywhere ("Bang! Bang! Bang!", 1996)

Jungle In My Heart (1994-1 Completely remixed)

Come Back And Stay (1987)

I'll Be Good (Level 2 Remix)

(80-e) Bad Boys Blue - You're a woman

I'm Not A Fool

Bad Boys Blue vs DJ SkyDreamer - Cold As Ice (Eurodance Mix)

Go Go Go

Be my lady on the night

Rhythm Of Rain

Cold As Ice

Lonely Weekend

Lover On The Line (Extended Mix)

How I Need You '99

Little Russian

No Regrets

Someone To Love

Have you ever had a love like this

The Woman I Love

Show Me (The Way To Your Heart)

Kisses And Tears (Remix 94)

Baby Come Home

Come Back And Stay ( Instrumental)

Listen To Your Heart

You are women (OST Pulp Fiction)

Bad Boy Blue - Come Back And Stay [80-е, 90-е]

Bad Boys Blue feat. Lyane Leigh - From Heaven To Heartaches

DFM RADIO - Bad Boys Blue(D-скач) - A World Without You (Remix)(1998 Back)

Дискотека 80-х.Bad Boys Blue - I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat

Дискотека 80-х.

Дискотека 80-90 Х BAD BOYS BLUE - From heart to heart

I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Remix)

Come back and stay P I C k U P

Walk in the rain

Follow The Light (Tony Catania Remix)

[80-е, 90-е] Bad Boys Blue - The Turbo Megamix

You'r a Woman

You're A Woman (Long Version)

Bad Boys Blue [C] - Lover On The Line

Come Back And Stay (OST Восьмидесятые 3 сезон)