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Blue system / Тексты песен

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My bed is too big

Romeo And Juliet

Sorry Little Sarah

Under My Skin

Dr. Mabuse

My Bad Is Too Big

System Of A Down - Blue

Love Me On The Rocks


Magic Symphony

Two Hearts Beat As One

[Romeo & Juliet]

She's a Lady

System Of A Down - Goodbye Blue Sky



Silent Water

System of a Down - Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd Cover)

Systems In Blue - Dr. No

Only With You

Deja Vu

Do You Wanna Be My Girlfriend

Romeo & Juliet

Systems In Blue - Magic Mystery


Gangster Love

You Are Lyin'

Dieter Bohlen (Blue System) - My bed is too big

is it love?!

Magic simphony

Does your mother really know?

Patty Ryan feat. Systems in Blue - Should I stay, should I go

I Love The Way You Are

Praying To The Aliens

Blue System // Diter Bolen - Every Day, Every Night

Crying Game

Blue System // Diter Bolen - 6 Years - 6 Nights

Love Suite

Taxi girl

My Bed Is To Big [No Longer Too Big Bad Mix]

I Wanna Smile

Little Jeannie

Lisa Said

When Sarah Smiles

Every Day, Every Night

Love Me On The Rock

Under My Skin (Radio Version)

Goodnight Marielin

If There Is a God in Heaven

Dirty money

This Old Town

Is She Really Going Out With Him

Magic Mystery

6 Years - 6 Nights

Blue System // Dieter Bohlen - Love Suite

Blue System & Dieter Bohlen - Under My Skin

Blue System & Dieter Bohlen - 6 Years - 6 Nights

Blue System // Dieter Bohlen - Emanuelle

Mrs. Jones


System Of A Down - Goodbye, blue sky (Pink Floyd Live Cover)

systems in blue - le vent m_a dit

"Systems In Blue" - Sexy Ann

Dieter Bohlen - Under My Skin (Blue System)

Михаил Мухтар - Крошка Джинни by Blue System-Little Jeannie

Михаил Мухтар - Люблю твоё я тело by Blue System-I Like Your Sexy Body

Михаил Мухтар - Вхожу в твоё тело by Blue System-Under My Skin

Dressed In Blue

Blue System // Diter Bolen - Oh, I Miss You

My bed is too big (Восьмидесятые)

Blue System // Diter Bolen - 48 Hours

Don't Stop To Dance

Blue System // Diter Bolen - Emanuelle

Blue System // Diter Bolen - Love suite

Only With You [Radio Version]

Voodoo Nights

Testamente D'Amelia

Sorry Little Sarah [Video Version]

I Believe You Are An Angel

Here I Go Again

Sorry little Sarah (Instrumental)

Is It A Shame? (1991 Seeds of heaven)

Magic Symphony (Instrumental)

When You Are Lonely

I Like Your Sexy Body...

Michael Has Gone For A Soldier

Blue System (Backstreet Dreams ,1993) - You Are An Angel

Blue System (Hello America ,1992) - Satellite To Satellite

New York - Berlin - Paris

Blue System (Backstreet Dreams ,1993) - Operator


Love Is Such A Lonely Sword

All What I Need

Too Young

Titanic 650604 (2010)

My Bed Is Too Big (Instrumental)

When Bogart Talks To You

Oh, I Miss You

For The Children



Sorry Little Sarah [New York Dance Mix]

Sexy Thing

Blue System // DIETER BOHLEN - Laila

Sorry Little Sarah (80-e)

Don't kiss the vampire

Дитер Болен и "Blue System" - Sorry little Sara

Blue System/Дитер Болен - Under My Skin

Romeo And Juliet Blue System - РЕТРО FM ТУЛЬСКАЯ ВОЛНА

Blue System // Diter Bolen - Sorry Little Sarah

Blue System // Diter Bolen - Under My Skin

Blue System// Diter Bolen - "Vampire

My bеd is too big

Nobody Makes Me Crazy

♥ Don't You Want My Foolish Heart ♥

Diter_Bolen and "Blue System" - Sorry little Sara

Blue System / Diter Bolen - Magic Symphony


If I Will Rule The World [1994]

Sorry Little Sarah (Instrumental Piano)

Dieter Bohlen & Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big (Sea Side Edit)

C'Est la vie

Blue System(Дитер Болен) - Ромэо и Джульетта

Sorry Little Sarah / 1987

My baby stupid

'' She's A Lady '' [Maxi Version]

Magic Sym Phony

My Bed is Too Big (My Baby Stupid)

The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean)

Sad Girl In The Sunset (1991)

Blue System - ДИТЕР БОЛЕН. - Sorry Little Sarah

"Systems In Blue" - Systems In Blue

System In Blue - Dr. No

Systems In Blue - Two Faces

Mark Ashley feat. Systems In Blue - Back To The Summer '97

Systems In Blue feat. Judith B. - Only 4 U

Systems In Blue - Heaven & Hell


Systems In Blue - Calling Lady Loraine

System in Blue - Winner

Systems In Blue - Only 4 U

Systems In Blue - Summer '97

Systems In Blue - Should I Stay, Should I Go (feat. Patty Ryan)

System In Blue - Magic mystery

Михаил Мухтар - Симфония любви by Blue System-Magic Symphony

Михаил Мухтар - О Дева Матерь Божия by Blue System-Lady Unforgettable

Михаил Мухтар - Моя постель большая by Blue System-My Bed Is Too Big

Михаил Мухтар - Телесный жар by Blue System-Body Heat

Михаил Мухтар - Внезапная любовь by Systems in Blue-Out of the Blue

Михаил Мухтар - Дева Марьям (By Systems in Blue-Lady Loraine)

Михаил Мухтар - О Натали by Systems in Blue-Le Vent M a Dit

Михаил Мухтар - Рай и ад by Systems in Blue-Heaven & Hell

Михаил Мухтар - Les Yeux De L Amour by Systems in Blue-Les Yeux De L Amour

Михаил Мухтар - Душа моя ищет любви by Systems in Blue-Give A Little Sweet Love

Михаил Мухтар - Королева Вуду by Systems in Blue-Voodoo Queen

Михаил Мухтар - Нам дана Надежда с Неба by Systems in Blue-Key To Freedom

Blue System(Forever Blue) - Love Is Not A Tragedy

I Miss You

Modern Talking & Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big

Modern Talking & Blue System - Magic Symphony

Modern Talking, Blue System - We can Win The Race

I'm not your Romeo & you're not Juliet

Romeo & Juliet (Maxi Version)

Romeo And Juliet (Single Version)

Romeo & Juliet (extended version)


Sorry Little Sarah Blue System - РЕТРО FM ТУЛЬСКАЯ ВОЛНА

Дискотека 80х Blue System - Love Me On The Rocks

дискотека 80х Blue System - G.T.O.

Love Suite /88 год, а как будто вчера было/

Blue System & Dieter Bohlen (320 kB/s) - My Bed Is Too Big

Blue System & Dieter Bohlen (320 kB/s) - My Bed Is Too Big (No Longer Too Big Bed Mix)

Under My Skin (Long Version)

I'm not your juliet, and you're not romeo...

Blue System (Seeds Of Heaven,1991) - The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean)

Sad Girl In The Sunset (Seeds Of Heaven, 1991)

Magic Symphony [1989]

Laila (Extended Version)ORIGINAL

Blue System (Dieter Bohlen) - Big Boys Don't Cry