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Darkseed / Тексты песен

Найдено 343 текстов

The Fall

The Dark One

Sleep Sleep Sweetheart


I Deny You

Echoes Of Tomorrow

The Fall Last Days Of Gaia

Save Me

The Fall (Last Days Of Gaya)

Ultimate Darkness

Forever Darkness


Cosmic Shining

Seeds Of Sorrow

Follow me

Souls unite


The Fall. Last Day of Gaia

Winter noon

Flying Together

Endless Night


Biting Cold

Cold Under Water

A Dual Pact

Echoes Of Tomorrow (acoustic version)

My Burden

Fly Into The Night

Can`t Find You

Poison Awaits

Above The Edge Of Doom

Next To Nothing

Dying Land

All is vanity

Chariot Wheels

Timeless Skies


Lacrimosa - Darkseed

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - Black Throne

The Bolt Of Cupid Fell

Speak Silence

Craft Her Spell

In Broken Images

Watchful Spirit`s Care

Hear Me

Frozen Tears

Spiral Of Mystery

Folow me

I Turn To You (Mel C. cover)

The Fall (OST for Game "The Fall: Last days of Gaia")

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - Torn To Shatters

Rain Of Revival

Torn to Shatters

You Will Come

Last Dream

Like To A Silver Bow

Darkseed (black metal) - Forever Darkness

Paint It Black [Cover of ROLLING STONES, Rec-d in 1996]

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - No Promise In The Heavens

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - King In The Sun

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - A Dual Pact

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - All Is Vanity

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - Striving For Fire

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - Timeless Skies

Biting Cold (Doom/Gothic Metal)

The Fall (doom metal, electro-gothic metal)

Wisdom And Magic

Echoes Of Tomorrow (acoustic)

The Fall(instrumental)

A Charm For Sound Sleeping

Lifetime Alone [unreleased]

Hopelessness (Diving Into Darkness)

Night Mislead

Darkseed (Ultimate Darkness) - Biting cold

Darkseed (Ultimate Darkness) - Save Me

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - The Dark One

Darkseed[Doom Gothic Metal] - Hear me

Incinerate (Gothic Metal, Death/Doom Metal)

Love's Heavy Burden

The Fall - Last Days of Gaya OST

Darkseed - Next to nothing

Black Throne (doom metal, electro-gothic metal)

Darkseed (Ger, Bavaria, Munich, Gothic/Heavy Metal) - Forever Darkness

Darkseed (The Fall: Last Days of Gaya OST) - The Fall (Main Theme)

I Turn To You (Melanie C cover'2005)

I Turn To You (Cover of Melanie C)

Paint It Black (Rolling Stones cover)

MW Darkseed - Sleep Sleep Sweetheart

Paint It Black

Paint It Black(stones cover)

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - Roads

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - Seeds Of Sorrow

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - Incinerate

Darkseed (Ultimate Darkness) - The Fall

Journey To The Spirit Wo

I Turn To You (Hard covers of fucking POP)

Love's Heavy Burden

Forever Darkness in my soul

Many Wills [2000, Diving Into Darkness]

Forever Darkness [2000, Diving Into Darkness]

08 - Rain Of Revival (Astral Adventures - 2003)

It Shall End [Astral Adventures]

07 - Souls Unite (Astral Adventures - 2003)

02 - Fly into the night (Astral Adventures - 2003)

05 - Life (Astral Adventures - 2003)

I Turn To You

I Turn To You (Hard covers of fucking POPs)

I Turn To You (Melani C cover)

Lifetime Alone(Прикольная песня)

Senca [1997, Spellcraft]

That Kills My Heart [Spellcraft]

Desire [1999, Give Me Light]

FALL (game ost)

Darkseed (Ultimate Darkness) - Speak Silence

The Fall [OST The Fall: Last Days Of Gaia]

Darkseed (Heroes Of Might & Magic 4) - Rain Of Revival

Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones cover)

Endless Night(Прикольная песня)

- Black Throne (Прикольная песня)

Souls unite(Прикольная песня)

Save Me(Прикольная песня)

Every Day(Прикольная песня)

I Deny You(Прикольная песня)

Watchful Spirit's Care

Hold Me [unreleased]

Walk In Me [Unreleased, Recorded 2002]

Counrting Moments

Unreal (dvp 07.01.07)

Night Mislead(Прикольная песня)

Forever Darkness (Вечная тьма)

Like To A Silver Blow [fun recordings, re-recorded in 2000]

Eyes Wide Open

Desire [Ending]

Follow Me (Следуй за мной)

The Fall(традиционный дум-метал)

11 - Endless Night [2005 - Ultimate Darkness]

Cold Under Water 9999999999999999999999999

Next To Nothing(Прикольная песня)

Hopelessness(Прикольная песня)

04 - Can't Find You [2000 - Diving Into Darkness]

02 - I Deny You [2000 - Diving Into Darkness]

A Dual Pact (Двойной союз)

[only mid] Darkseed - Downwards

[only mid] Darkseed - The Fall

Where Will I Go (Куда мне идти?)

Sleep sleep sweetheart(Хорошая песня)

MW Darkseed - Follow me

MW Darkseed - Forever Darkness

MW Darkseed - My Burden

MW Darkseed - Lifetime Alone [unreleased]

MW Darkseed - Hear me

MW Darkseed - Rain

MW Darkseed - Disbeliever

[2010 - Poison Awaits] - 3 - Poison Awaits

Ky (forever darkness)

02 - Fly Into The Night [2003 - Astral Adventures]

[2005 - Ultimate Darkness] - I Turn To You (Melanie C. cover)

Darkseed (Ultimate Darkness) - My Burden

Darkseed (Ultimate Darkness) - Disbeliever

Watchful Spirit's Care (1996 - Midnight Solemnly Dance)

01 - Dancing With The Lion [1999 - Give Me Light]

05 - Journey To The Spirit World [1999 - Give Me Light]

Downwards (dvp-19.05.06)

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - Rain Of Revival

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - I Turn To You

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - Winter noon

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - King In The Sun

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - Save Me

Souls unite (Единение душ)

Every Day (Изо дня в день)

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - Life

Ultimate Darkness(Gothic/Death/Doom metal)

Many Wills (Gothic Metal)

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - Incinerate

Counting Moments Gothic Metal / Doom Metal

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - Lifetime Alone

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - Torn To Shatters

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - All Is Vanity

Darkseed [Doom Gothic Metal] - Every Day

Downwards(Gothic\Doom Metal

{death metal} Darkseed - Rain Of Revival

The Fall (The last days of Gaya)

Darkseed (Ultimate Darkness) - Endless Night

08 - Next To Nothing [2005 - Ultimate Darkness]

05 - The Dark One [2005 - Ultimate Darkness]

06 - Save Me [2005 - Ultimate Darkness]

04 - Biting Cold [2005 - Ultimate Darkness]

10 - The Fall [2005 - Ultimate Darkness]

10 - Cold Under Water [2000 - Diving Into Darkness]

06 - Rain [2000 - Diving Into Darkness]

05 - Autumn [2000 - Diving Into Darkness]

08 - Left Alone [2000 - Diving Into Darkness]

Darkseed (Stefan Hertrich) (Germany) - Forever Darkness