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Dope stars inc / Тексты песен

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Just The Same For You

Morning Star

Generation Plastic


Lies Irae

Emilie Autumn - Dead Is The New Alive (Manipulator Mix By Dope Stars INC.)

Make a Star

Bang Your Head

Can You Imagine

When I See You Smile


Defcon 5

Technologic Age

Rebel Riot

Its Today


Digital Warriors

Pwning The Network


Self Destructive Corp.

Platinum Girl

Vyperpunk (Deathstars Remix)

Infection 13

Take It

Better not to joke

10.000 Watts

Criminal Intents

We are the new ones

Kiss (London After Midnight Cover)

Many Thanks

It's going to rain for you

Get Young

Chase the light

Fast And Beautiful

Lost (Remixed By Kmfdm)

Emilie Autumn - Liar (Machine Mix by Dope Stars INC.)

make a star (after party mix by the birthday massacre)

Right Here In My Arms

Theta Titanium


Thru the never


Nuclear Decay


Die Motherfucker Die

It's Today

Omega Drones

Citizen XT 99


Citizen XT99

21st Century Slave

Play 'N' Kill

No life belongs to you


Shock To The System

Dressed Inside Your Fear

Spider Claw

The Believer

You spin me right round

Kiss (Exclusive Cover Version)

I'm Overdriven

Liar (Emilie Autumn by Dope Stars INC.)


Run motherfucker run

Two dimensional world

I'm Overdriven

Theta Titanium (Samsas Traum Remix)

10000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures

Brain Damage

Vyperpunk (Latexxx Teens Remix)

Dope Stars Inc. - [Neuromance] - Platinum Girl

Can You Imagine (Spiritual Front Cover Version)

Nothing Is Left

can you imagine (remixed by gothminister)

When I see your Smile

Jasmine And Rose (Cover Version)

The World Machine

Beatcrusher (OST Saw IV)

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)


Make A Star (Saw Edit.)

make a star (panzer edit by sundealers)

Dope Stars Inc. - [Neuromance] - Make A Star

Dope Stars Inc. (Industrial Rock / EBM / 2011) - Save The Clock Tower

Right Here In My Arms(HIM Cover)

People Are People

Dead Is The New Alive (OST Пила 4)

Dope Stars Inc. - [Neuromance] - Rebel Riot

Multiplatform Paradise


Critical World

Digital Freedom

It's for You

Im Overdriven (Exclusive Track)

Outlaw Thrones

Dope Stars Inc. - [Gigahearts] - Bang Your Head

vyperpunk (spiritual front version)

Call Me (Blondie Cover, Demo)

Electric Barbarella (Duran Duran cover version demo)


Slipping Away

Dope Stars Inc. - [Gigahearts] - Play 'n' Kill

Electric Barbarella (cover version demo)

10000 Watts Of Artificial Plea

Dope Stars Inc. - [Gigahearts] - Beatcrusher

Everything Sucks

Platinum girl (Endraum remix)

Ace Of Spades (cover version)

Dope Star Inc - When I See You Smile

Latexxx Teens Feat. Victor Love [Dope Stars Inc.] - Long Way To Ruin

Dope Stars Inc. feat Emilie Autum - Dead Is The New Alive

Dope Stars Inc. - [Neuromance] - 10.000 Watts

Dope Stars Inc. - [Neuromance] - Theta Titanium

Dope Stars Inc. - [Neuromance] - Self Destructive Corp.

Dope Stars Inc. - [Neuromance] - Defcon 5

Right Here In My Arms (H.I.M cover)

Right Here In My Arms (Exclusive Cover Version)

Отрыв по полной #6

Emilie Autumn feat. Dope Stars Inc - Dead Is The New Alive

Музыка для Csgo

Emily Autumn mix Dope Stars inc - Dead Is The New Alive (OST Пила 4)

(в спорт зал)Dope Stars Inc. - It's Today

Dope Star Inc - You spin me right round

B A N G your h e a d

Right Here In My Arms (Exclusive Cover Version - HIM)

Self Destruction Corp.

Kiss [electronic / industrial metal / gothic]

Dope Stars Inc. Ultrawired (Premaster 24bit) - 08-No Life Belongs To You

Dope Stars Inc. Ultrawired (Premaster 24bit) - 01-Better Not To Joke

It's for You

Chase The Light (New Breed Of Digital Fuckers)

ASP - Ich bin ein wahrer Satan (Dope Stars Inc. Remix)

Siva Six - See the Six (remixed by Victor Love - Dope Stars inc.)

Spiritual Front - Vyperpunk (Dope Stars Inc. Cover)

Make A Star (L'Ame Immortelle remix)

Make A Star (Sidearctica Version)

Make A Star (WWF Uprising Theme)

2005 - Neuromance - 04 - Make A Star.mp3

Make a Star (OST Saw II)

Theta Titanium (Make A Star,2006)

Make a Star (Single Edit)

(OST SG2: Spectre) Dope Stars Inc. - Make a Star

Morning Star (зачетный трек!!!)

Make A Star (Mix By The Birthday Massacre)

Make a Star [Industrial Rock]

1 из/Dope Stars Inc. - Morning Star

Make A Star (Extended Version)

[id9591222]Dope Stars Inc. - Make a Star

Make A Star (L'Ame Immortelle Vs FR!EK Remix)

Bang Your Head (жесткач)

Dope Stars Inc. (Industrial Rock / EBM / 2011) - We are the new ones

KISS_LAM cover

We are the new ones ( APB main theme )

Lies Irae(APB Reloaded)

Call Me (Blondie cover)



lost (mixed KMFDM)

Dope Stars Inc (Deathstars) - Braindamage

I'm Back

Vyperpunk [Supersnipers by krzywy]

Can You Imagine (2006 - Gigahearts)

Multiplatform Paradise ((Remixed by Latexxx Teens)

Platinim Girl


Dope Stars Inc. (with Grace Khold) - Infection 13

I'm Overdriven (аоу-оу)

generation plastic (decaydance remix by pilori)

With or Without You

Dope Stars Inc. - [Gigahearts] - Citizen Xt99


Let's Fuck

People Are People (Depeche Mode cover)

09-Two Dimensional World

lost (remixed lovecrave)


Now or Never

Latexxx Teens feat. Dope Stars Inc. - Long Way To Ruin

01-Better Not To Joke

Stay On Your Track

08-No Life Belongs To You

14-Thru The Never

10000 Watts (Machinery Mix by Novakill)


Generation Plastic (10000 watts ver)

You Make Me Upset (Previously Unreleased Demo)

21st Century Slave (Remixed by Baal)

Nothing For Me Here

Lost (WWF Royal Rumble 2012 PPV Theme)

Generation Plastic (Поколение пластика)

Shark! Shark! Shark!

Right Here In My Arms (Exclusive HIM Cover Version)

Braindamage (Scumsucker Remix by Mortiis)

Dope Stars, Inc.1 - Kiss (London After Midnight Cover)

Just The Same For You <3

Dope Star Inc. - Die Motherfucker Die

Музыка для доты 2

2)Dope Stars Inc - Brain damage

Banksters [Goth Industrial, Industrial]

it's today [industrial]

Theta Titanium (industrial cyber)

Lost [Industrial Metal]

Can You Imagin уставший от сплетней

Can You Imagine (Cover by Violent Diva)

Emilie Autumn feat. Dope Stars Inc - Dead Is The New Alive (OST Saw4)

You Spin Me Round

Banksters [ROCK]

I'm Overdriven (Exclusive Track)

Right Here In My Arms trancecore

Neuromantics trancecore

We are the new ones trancecore

|can u imagine|

Can You Imagine (Доктор)

Bang Your Head (Remixed by Reverend Hellbastard)

Lost (Remixed By Lovecrave)

[T.R.][Dope Stars Inc. - Two Dimensional World



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