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Metallica - Fade To Black

Joy Division - New Dawn Fades

Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

Alan Walker - Faded

Visage - Fade To Grey

Zhu - Faded

Metallika - Fade to Black

Decyfer Down - Fading

Breaking Benjamin - Fade Away

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fortune Faded

DWB feat. fade - One Reason

Dire Straits - Fade To Black

Metalica - Fade To Black

Moby - New Dawn Fades (Joy Division cover)

Staind - Fade

The Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away

Disturbed - Fade to Black (Metallica Cover)

Lamb Of God - The Faded Line

Moby - New Dawn Fades

The Avener & Phoebe Killdeer - Fade Out Lines

Avicii - Fade Into Darkness

Blood Red Shoes - Colours Fade

Gaelle - Fade Away

Rihanna - Fading

Jay Sean - Fade Away

Mark Knopfler - True Love Will Never Fade

Dead Can Dance - Dont Fade Away

Sonata Arctica - Fade to Black

:of the wand and the moon: - my devotion will never fade

Polina - Fade to Love

Metalliсa - Fade to Black

Fade - One Reason

Faded Paper Figures - North by North

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You (OST Дом солнца)

Avicii - Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Club Mix)

In Flames - Sounds Of A Playground Fading

Imagine Dragons - Fade

Seba - Blaze and Fade Out (Maxi Version)

Bolt Thrower - When Cannons Fade

Craig Gray - Fade Away

The Black Heart Procession - Fade Away

The Avener feat Phoebe Killdeer - Fade Out Lines

Roxette - Fading like a flower

Apocalyptica - Fade To Black

PLAZMA - Fading Like A Rose

Seether - Fade away

Queens of the Stone Age - In The Fade

Funeral Suits - Colour Fade

Agathodaimon - Faded Years

Abandon All Ships - Faded

Yuna - Fading Flower

Jakwob ft. Maiday - Fade (Sane Beats Remix)

Fight The Fade - Set Fire To The Rain (Adele Cover)

Fight The Fade - House of Cards

Sonata Arctica - Fade To Black [Metallica Cover]

Jenny Wilson - Like A Fading Rainbow

Archive - I Will Fade

Metalika - Fade to black

Taking Back Sunday - Flicker, Fade

The Qemists - Fading Halo (feat. Chantal of Invasion)

Tristam - Before We Fade

Fight The Fade - Tomorrow

Fade - One Reason [OST Deadman Wonderland]

Fade - One Reason (Deadman Wonderland OP)

Poets of the Fall - Everything Fades

Oasis - Fade In-Out

Junkie XL feat. Saffron - Beauty Never Fades (Animatrix Edit)

Dead Can Dance - Don't Fade Away

Tears For Fears - Memories Fade

Pillar - I Fade Away

Noctura - Fade

Apoptygma Berzerk - Fade To Black

Ne-Yo - Fade Into The Background

Love Amongst Ruin - So Sad (Fade)

Seba - Blaze and fade out (Album Version)

► Mohombi - Fade Away

Rekevin - Stop Fading Out


The Qemists feat. Chantal Of Invasion - Fading Halo

Sonata Arctica - Everything Fades To Gray (Full Version)

Catamenia - The Day When The Sun Faded Away

Lost Witness - Fade Away (Full Vocal Mix)

Seba feat. Krister Linder - Blaze And Fade Out

Mettalica - Fade To Black

Teen Titans Go! - Beast Boy sings Fade Away

Metallicа - Fade to black

As The World Fades - One More Game, Please Mom!

DWB feat. fade - One Reason (Deadman Wonderland OST)

Fight The Fade - Cool Kids (Echosmith Cover)

Fight The Fade - Seasons

Roxette - Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)

Evereve - Fade To Grey

Gregorian - Fade To Grey

Cosmic Gate feat. Roxanne Emery - A Day That Fades

Autopilot Off - Chromatic Fades

Celldweller - Fade Away

Casting Crowns - Slow Fade

Celine Dion - Fade Away

Nancial - Let The World Just Fade Away

Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Acoustic]

Setu Firestorm - The Fade

Visage - Fade to Gray

Elton John - Blues Never Fade Away

Quorthon - Fade Away

Solu Music Feat. KimBlee - - Fade (Eric Kupper Remix)

Velvet Acid Christ - Fade Away

Jamal - Fades 'Em All

Whitesnake - Dont Fade Away

I Will Never Be The Same - Fade Down

The Seeds - A Faded Picture

Mazzy Star - Fade into you (OST Cruel Intentions)

Day of Fire - Fade Away

Soul Decision - Faded

Junior Byles - Fade Away

Metallica - [1984 Ride The Lightning] - Fade to Black

Metallica - Fade To Black Ride (The Lightning, 1984)

Illidiance - Fading Away

Zhu - Faded (Lido Remix)

John O'Callaghan Feat Lo-Fi Sugar - Never Fade Away (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

:Of The Wand & The Moon: - My Devotion Will Never Fade

Yuna - Fading Flower [Les twins Speed up version]

Sonata Arctica - It Won't Fade

The Avener ft. Phoebe Killdeer - Fade Out Lines

Alan Walker - Faded (Osias Trap Remix)

Built To Fade - Willie Sutton

Built To Fade - Where Are You Now?

Faded Paper Figures - Small Talk

Faded Paper Figures - Metropolis

The Fading - The Sin Collector

As The World Fades - World 6 With No Warp Flute

Fight The Fade - Falling

Another Animal - Fade Away

Metallica - Fade To Black (Instrumental)

Saturnus - Softly On The Path You Fade

Oasis - Fade Away

Sarah McLachlan - Plenty (Fade Mix)

Black Veil Brides - F.E.A.R. Transmission 3: As War Fades

Triplane feat. Juli - Fade Away (Original Mix)

Matt Redman - When The Music Fades

Zack Hemsey - Fade Away

Ме.т.а.л.ика - Fade To Black

10 Years - Fade Into (The Ocean)

Pain - Fade Away

12 Stones - Fade Away

МеталликА - Fade To Black

William Fitzsimmons - Fade and then Return

The Tunics - Fade Out

Phoebe Killdeer and The Short Straws - The Fade Out Line

Buddy Holly And The Crickets - Not Fade Away

Рольова Модель - Fade Away

Jeremy Camp - Let It Fade

Metallica - Fade To Black (live)

Before The Dawn - Fade Away

Stumbleine - Fade Into You (feat. Steffaloo)

Cryhavoc - I Fade Away

Poeme Electronique - The Echoes Fade

Demon Hunter - Fading Away

Jamal - Fades Em All (Pete Rock Remix)

Emery - As Your Voice Fades

Tiger Army - Forever Fades Away

Enigma - Mea Culpa (Fading Shades)

Eclipse Hunter - Fading

Cosmic Gate Feat. Roxanne Emery - A Day That Fades (Inpetto Remix)

Faber Drive - Summer Fades To Fall