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I Want To Know What Love Is

I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the ...

Cold As Ice

You’re as cold as ice, you’re willing to sacrifice our love
You never take advice, someday you’ll ...

Blinded by science

Blinded by science, I'm on the run
Blinded by science, where do I belong?
What's in ...

Double Vision

Feeling down n’ dirty, feeling kinda mean
I’ve been from one to another extreme
This time I ...

Long, Long Way From Home

It was a Monday, a day like any other day
I left the small town for the apple in decay
It was ...

Foreign Islands - We know you Know it

In Observation, You know Im never gonna go with the plan A situation, You'll rebidify all that ...

Until The End Of Time

When I was young and the world belonged to me
I thought that love meant pain and jealousy
It ...

Johnny Foreigner - Salt, Peppa And Spinderella

We walked out like lions shot our prey and move noisily toward the gate
Our prey had widened my ...

Flight Facilities Feat. Jess - Foreign Language

You know I used to be alright,
When you woke me in the morning, waiting for the sun to ...


You're not shy, you get around
You wanna fly, don't want your feet on the ground
You ...

Feels Like The First Time

I would climb any mountain
Sail across a stormy sea
If that's what it takes me, baby
To ...

Heart Turns To Stone

The days and nights you sit around
wondering where can she be
You're hoping that she ...

Hot Blooded

Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see
I got a fever of a hundred and three
Come on baby, ...

Say You Will

Say you will, say you won't
Make up your mind tonight
Say you do, say you ...

Juke Box Hero

Standing in the rain
with his head hung low

Couldn't get a ticket
it was a sold ...

Jukebox Hero

Standing In The Rain, With His Head Hung Low
Couldn't Get A Ticket, It Was A Sold Out ...

Foreign Slippers - What Are You Waiting For?

Not like you think you know
can you feel it ? Killing you
You want to learn it so
I'll be ...

That Was Yesterday

I thought I knew you well, but all this time I could never tell
I let you get away, haunts me ...

Fool For You Anyway

Well I miss you honey

A little more every day

And I know if I kissed you

Youd ...

I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

Я просто умер в твоих объятиях
От твоих рук, твоих слов…
Я просто умер в твоих ...

Disfigured Elegance - The Foreigner

All eyes of this world shall witness this moment
As i point my finger up this race
As I ...

Girl On The Moon

It's night, again
Time for my mind to go wandering
Off on a journey, through space and ...

When It Comes To Love

I remember the day
Seems so far away
When I walked into your life

And the look in your ...

Head Games

Dayllight, alright
I don't know, I don't know if it's real
Been a long night and ...

Noisia - Shellshock ft Foreign Beggars

Deep in the conflict,
Whole body braced for the impact,
Liquid melody soaked me,
Forced ...

Team Sleep - Ever (Foreign Flag)

You make that dance look so new
And I\'m on a face like you\'ve never seen
I\'m yours ...

Foreign Beggars feat. Noisia - Contact

Yeah x8

Yeah we run that, drug raw on the track for the comeback get it ...

Blue Morning, Blue Day

Out in the street it's 6 am, another sleepless night
Three cups of coffee, but I can't ...

Long, Long Way From Home (OST Supernatural)

It was a Monday
A day like any other day
I left a small town
For the apple in ...

Johnny Foreigner - Salt, Pepper And Spinderella

We walked out like lions shot our prey and move noisily toward the gate
Our prey had widened my ...


Brother, always reaching far too high
But I can see the tragic side, and it ain't easy
And ...

Blinded By Science (1979)

Blinded by science, I`m on the run
Blinded by science, where do I belong?
What`s in the ...

I Don't Want To Live Without You

I find myself in a strange situation
And I don't know how
What seemed to be an ...

DeVision - Foreigner

Coming from the stars
Into that space
No healing
When a lonely heart's ...

Brazzaville - Foreign Disaster Days

Fades like a super 8
Shot from above the parade
My mother the sad young Jew
Glimpsed in a ...

Lake Of Tears - A Foreign Road

A road into shadows ,on through haunted meadows
A road so old ,so dark ,the trail where the ...

Bring Me The Horizon - Don't Look Down (feat. Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars)

Let\'s Go

[Oli\'s verse]
You\'ll never take me, you\'ll never win
It\'s all going down, ...