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Freedom call / Тексты песен

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Warriors of Light

We are warriors, born from the light
An army for freedom, defenders of life

At night, high ...

Freedom Call

An Island lies in the sea of stars
So far from time
The wisemen came foretelling my ...

Flame in the night

I call your name
I wonder why
Should I die to be free

Will I ever get a chance to ...


We are warriors,
born from the light
An army for freedom,
defenders of life

At ...

Turn Back Time

This is a song of sadness, rhymes of pain
The sounds of my tragedy out in the rain
I made my ...

Land Of Light

I'm diving through an empty space
Where shadows flashing around
An angels voice, so close so ...

Metal Invasion

Oh spiritus, oh sanctus
Adoramus domine
Te deum laudamus
In memoriam, ...


Stand tall and believe in the light of the day
When shadows appear and ghosts walk the ...

A Perfect Day

I'm the biggest, I'm the best
I'm better than the rest
I'm bad, I'm worst, ...

The Circle Of Life

I'm born into this world of
Joy and misery
Where all the things go round in circles
The ...

We Are One

We Are One

We search a golden land
So far away from home
We ride until the end
Into ...

Mr. Evil

I don’t wanna play this game once more
How could I ever think his game is fair ?
I lost my ...

Hymn to the Brave

The battle is over - silence reigns the land
Darkness surrounds us - death is what remains
A ...

Blackened sun

Like a dream that fades away
My memories of sunshine days
When all the skies are turning ...


Alone in the dark
Flashing the shadow surround us all
Spread our wings in the dust
When ...


Сл. и муз. Бай/Циммерман

The time / has come
And the spell / has broken forever
It's ...

Island Of Dreams

Life on the line
I'm searching for answers my friend
I can't define
The pain I feel within ...

Killer Gear

Mindful and hones the young boy, there is nothing to complain
Sheltered and cared for in his ...


Together we march in time
Forever for the kingdom
Farewell to everyone
Brothers we are wild ...

Bleeding Heart

Here I'm standing
in the pouring rain
All alone I feel a silent pain
The dust of love it ...


I, I'm on my way back, there's no regret
There's no appreciation
I, I lost all my faith, it's ...

Call of Fame

We' re lost on the run
Without any tears we are gliding
Into the sun
Ready to follow ...


Ramses - Pharao
Wiseman - Giant in the sky
Ramses - Pharao
God of Wisdom - King of ...

Hero Nation

Remember the times
When we were young and wild
The beautiful times
Under blue blue ...

Flying High

When the moon is rising
With a silver shining light
He's waking up the angels
of the ...

The Eyes of the World

At the end of all creation
The world is standing still
Eternal damnation
For all who have ...

Hero On Video

The hero on video

It smells like revolution
But you've never gone astray
Through an ...

Ages Of Power

When life begins
We are young and free from sins
Under skies of love
We are thriving on and ...

Resurrection Day

Died in the past, swore to return
His spirit is free
He received what he earned
Survived ...

Dark Obsession

My secret dreamworld, it falls apart
A silent sorrow gets hold, is touching my heart
My ...

The Quest

My world around me
Lies down so cold and bare
I'm a stranger in this emptiness
Close to ...

The Darkness

I’m crawling through the shadows of the underworld
I’m creeping like a creature through the dark ...

The Wanderer

Here I 'm a wandering man
I'm walking through a barren land
I lost my way, I lost my ...


Hear - the queen of the universe
Real - can you feel the breeze of life, tonight

Have you ...

Sun In The Dark

Sometimes it seems you're invisible
What's right, what's wrong, not a discriminable
You act ...

Age Of The Phoenix

Once it begins
creatures arise
Whispering your name

A foreign power
New age of ...


I wanna be a rock star
I put my black leather tights on
Up for a motorbike ride
Motor, ...

Palace of Fantasy

Lost in the shadows
The claws of evil are waiting
In shades of treason
A land of coldness ...

Crimson Dawn

Time has come, we'll never rest
At the end of the battle we fight
No more tears, no more ...


There's a shadow of man at Hiroshima
Where he passed the moon
In a wonderland at ...

66 Warriors

Warrior oh warrior
Warrior oh warrior
Warrior oh warrior, 66 are warriors
Warrior oh ...

Follow Your Heart (2014)

In the name of Power and Glory
A circle of the strong
We're writing a new story
We are ...

Union Of The Strong (Beyond-2014)

Jump and carry on
Ride on, for the union of the strong
Raise your hands
Hail for ...

The Eternal Flame

On the road to victory
Is it real or fantasy
(The call of fame)
It's for all the world to ...


We are done and our hope is gone
We can hear the madman’s laughter
Now we run, it cannot be ...

Thunder God

I can feel the fever rising
I can feel it in my veins
The time has come – welcome to the ...

Under The Spell Of The Moon

[ar:Freedom Call]
[ti:Under the spell of the Moon]
[al:Legend of the ...

Hunting High And Low

I`m a player; I`m a winner
I`m a saint but I`m a sinner
Oh - the bright side of life
I`m a ...

Innocent world

They tell me things that I don’t understand
So many things that twist my mind
I learned to ...

Tears of Taragon

There's dust in the air
On a winter morning
I hear the call of the wild.
There's wind in my ...

High Enough

Alone I walk the road to nowhere land
I lost my dreams and hope for better days
I'll be there ...

Back Into The Land Of Light

We are back
We are back
Into the glorious land of light

In the distance there's a ...

Words of endeavour

I’m the one caught in a moment
The moment I have changed my destiny
If yesterday could be ...

Space Legends

A contest of our lost illusions,
troopers side by side
recruited for the cyber war craft
A ...

Terra Liberty

Another night another unholy breed
Another soul is twisting in agony
A widow's praying to the ...

Beyond Eternity

In a Land and a time where angels fly
In a Land of our destiny
Where the rainbow leads through ...


Where is the hand that leads us
Passing the darkness by
Who is the one who shows
The dragon ...

Heart Of A Warrior

When you fight out there alone,
For a king upon his throne
And the realm is drowned in ...

Knights Of Taragon

We are the Knights of Taragon
We are the riders of the storm
We are fighting for our ...

Pharao (Crystal Empire)

Ramses - Pharao
Wiseman - Giant in the sky
Ramses - Pharao
God of widom - King of ...

Kissin Dynamite - Warriors (Freedom Call cover)

At night, high up in the heavens we fight
Faster than lightning we strike
Like fires that rip ...

Colours of Freedom

Keep the faith, keep the flame
Although dark horizons come to bring us pain
Feel the air, feel ...

Out of the Ruins

Noone’s got the power to defy the tyranny
One by one they all were gone
Far too many heroes ...


Where do we go from here?
Where is our home, what’s our destiny?
When do we learn to see ...