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Scooter - One (Always hardcore)

Pulp - This Is Hardcore

Hardcore Superstar - Moonshine

Dj Paul Elstak - ACAB vs Hardcore Hooligans

Bring Me the Horizon - Happy Song (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Scooter - Jadore Hardcore

Feet Of Clay - Cookie Jar Hardcore Cover

Neophyte - Army of hardcore

Hardcore Superstar - Honeymoon

Scooter - J'adore hardcore

La Coka Nostra - Hardcore Chemical

Zdob Si Zdub - Hardcore moldovenesc

Our Last Night - Reason To Love (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Our Last Night - Blank Space (Taylor Swift cover) (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Hardcore Superstar - Last Call For Alcohol

Hardcore Superstar - Shame

Hardcore Superstar - Hope For A Normal Life

Hardcore Superstar - We Dont Celebrate Sundays

Happy Hardcore - Для Тебя

Hardcore Superstar - Nervous Breakdown

Scooter - Jadore Hardcore (Extended Mix)

7 Seconds - Your Parents Hardcore

Here Comes The Kraken - The Legend Of The Rent Is Way Hardcore

DJ Paul - Acab Vs Hardcore Hooligans

Zdob şi Zdub - Hardcore Moldovenesc

Hardcore Superstar - Run To Your Mama

Hardcore Superstar - Someone Special

Hardcore Superstar - Need No Company

Hardcore Superstar - We Dont Need A Cure

Hardcore Superstar - Here Comes That Sick Bitch

The Amity Affliction - Too Legit To Quit (Lana Del Rey Cover) (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Paul Elstak - ACAB vs hardcore hooligans

Our Last Night - Skyfall (Adele cover)(Post-Hardcore.RU)

Farewell, Dreamer - Hope (Feat. Matt Wentworth of Our Last Night) (Post-Hardcore.RU)

オーディオCover Me - Baby ( Justin Bieber Pop Punk Hardcore Cover)

Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Happy Hardcore remix)

Uncle Outrage - Hardcore

PMD - Steppin' Thru Hardcore

Ice Nine Kills - What I Never Learned In Study Hall (Acoustic) (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Our Last Night - Sunrise (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Hands Like Houses - I Am (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Our Last Night - Same Old War (Acoustic) (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Hardcore Superstar - Rock 'N' Roll Star

Hardcore Superstar - Sadistic Girls

Hardcore Superstar - Illegal Fun

Hardcore Superstar - "My Good Reputation"

Happy Hardcore - Like A Shooting Star

Hardcore Superstar - Shades Of Grey

Hardcore Superstar - Honey Tongue

Hardcore Superstar - Sophisticated Ladies

Hardcore Superstar - Guestlist

Hardcore Superstar - Don`t Care 'Bout Your Bad Behaviour

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Captain Straight Edge

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Fashion Show

Hardcore Superstar - Still I'm Glad

For All I Am - In The End (Linkin Park Cover) (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Good Clean Fun - A Little Bit Emo, A Little Bit Hardcore

Scooter - J'adore Hardcore (Extended Mix)

What We Feel - Hardcore Семья

Dune - Forever Young (Happy Hardcore Mix)

Atari Teenage Riot - Digital Hardcore

Rave Allstars - Hardcore Vibes

Mando Diao - Mexican Hardcore

Our Last Night - Oak Island (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Neko-koneko - Still alive (Portal happy-hardcore cover)

Gemini Five - Hardcore

now i see - so hardcore though mum was against it

¡MAYDAY! - Hardcore Bitches (Feat. Murs)

Crown The Empire - Breaking Point (Reissue) (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Designs - Carpe Diem (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Идеал Свободы - Hardcore-девочка

Masters of Ceremony - Hardcore to Da Bone

Our Last Night - Same Old War (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Scooter - One (Always Hardcore) (Radio Edit)

Paul Elstak - Blood Sweat and Hardcore (OST New Kids Turbo)

Scooter - Army Of Hardcore

GTA IV - L.C.H.C. (Liberty City Hardcore)

The Animal in Me - Rap God (Eminem cover) (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Pika Girl - S3RL [Hardcore]

Ice Nine Kills - Me, Myself & Hyde (Post-Hardcore.COM)

VA - Army Of Hardcore 2014 CD2 Mixed by Andy The Core

Of Mice & Men - Feels Like Forever (Acoustic) (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Hands Like Houses - *Revive (Introduced Species) (Post-Hardcore.COM)

DJ Paul Elstak - You're A Hardcore Hooligan

I Am King - Impossible (Shontelle cover) (Post-Hardcore.COM)


Crown The Empire - Machines (Post-Hardcore.COM)

A Skylit Drive - Fallen (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Eskimo Callboy - Cookie Jar Hardcore Cover

Before You Fall - The Last of Our Kind (feat. Fronz) (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Our Last Night - Home (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Дети Олимпиады - Hardcore

Scooter - One (Always Hardcore) (Club Mix)

Scooter - One (Always Hardcore) (Extended)

Our Last Night - Stressed Out (Twenty One Pilots cover) (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Bad Omens - Glass Houses (Post-Hardcore.COM)

Lil Jon- Post Hardcore Cover - Get Low

Hardcore Superstar - We Don't Celebrate Sundays

Hardcore Superstar - Into Debauchery

Masters of Hardcore - Pray for me

Hardcore Superstar - Liberation

Hardcore Italia - 001 | AniMe

Hardcore Superstar - What Did I Do

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - ISHC Theme Song

Hardcore Superstar - Have You Been Around

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Screamo Screamo Gotta Go

Hardcore Superstar - Dear Old Fame

Hardcore Superstar - Here Comes That Sick Bitch Again

Hardcore Superstar - Significant Other

Hardcore Superstar - Medicate Me

Hardcore Superstar - Kick On The Upperclass

Hardcore Superstar - Right Here, Right Now

Hardcore Superstar - Split Your Lip

Hardcore Superstar - Innocent Boy

Hardcore Superstar - Remove My Brain

Hardcore Italia - Podcast #1 - AniMe

Joshiraku Hardcore ED - The girls break down

Hardcore Superstar - Won't Go To Heaven

Scooter - 05 - Our Happy Hardcore (1996 - "Our Happy Hardcore")

The Rival Mob - Hardcore for Hardcore

Scooter - 20 Years Of Hardcore (Remastered)

Bless The Fall - Times Like These [ Post-Hardcore / Emocore / Metalcore / Screamo ]

Tropkillaz - Hardcore

Italobrothers - Radio Hardcore

Angerfist - The Depths of Despair (Official Masters of Hardcore Anthem)

Adept - The Lost Boys (Post- Hardcore.RU)

Mixed by Frazzbass - Hardcore Inferno Vol 1 (part2)

The Business - Hardcore Hooligan

Mushroomhead - Never Let It Go(industrial/hardcore)

7seconds - Your Parents Hardcore

DJ Paul Elstak - You're a hardcore hooligan

Dyprax Ft MC Tha Watcher - The Statement of Disorder (Official Masters of Hardcore Anthem)

Nosferatu feat Mc Alee - Leave Me Forever in the Dark (Project Hardcore Anthem 2010)

Nate57 - Hardcore

SycAmour - Set Fire To The Rain (Adele cover) (Post-Hardcore.RU)

Slapshot - Old Tyme Hardcore

Chiodos - No Hardcore Dancing in the Living Room

The Devil Wears Prada - This Song Is Called (Post-HardCore.RU)

Our Last Night - Reason To Love (acoustic) (Post-Hardcore.RU)