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Hinder / Тексты песен

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Lips of an Angel

Heaven Sent

One Night Stand

Hey Ho


Better Than Me

Get Stoned

Up All Night

How Long

Loaded And Alone

Use Me

By The Way

Far From Home

Without You

The Best Is Yet To Come

Homecoming Queen

Loaded And Alone (Acoustic)

Thunderstruck (AC/DC Cover)

Lips Of An Angel (Acoustic)

Lost In The Sun


Last Kiss Goodbye

Take Me Home Tonight (Eddie Money Cover)

Nothin' Good About Goodbye

Take It To The Limit (Feat. Mick Mars From Motley Crue)

Red Tail Lights

One Nightstand

Put That Record On

Get Stoned (Piano Version)

Room 21

Good Life

Thing For You

Live For Today

Strip Tease

I Don`t Wanna Believe

Lips Of An Angel (Acoustic Version)


If Only For Tonight

Foolish Eyes


Bed of Roses (Bon Jovi Cover)

What Ya Gonna Do

Bad mutha fucka

Take Me Home Tonight

Born To Be Wild [Steppenwolf Cover]

Stay The Same

End Of Me


Heaven Sent (Live)

Hinder (Feat. Crispin Earl And Eric Schraeder) - Up All Night

Running In The Rain


Take It To The Limit

Bed of Roses

By The Way (Acoustic)

The Love I Live For

She Said

Better Then Me

Wasted Life

One Nightstand (Музыка для тренировок vk.com/vk_sports)

One Nightstand [►] Музыка для тренировок // BrikDi

Lips Of An Ange

Thunderstruck (OST Морской бой)

Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)

Hinder - Far From Close (2003) - 01 - Paste

Homecoming Queen (Acoustic)

My Asylum

Soul creation

Red Tail Lights [Album Version]

Lips Of The Angel (acoustic)

Hinder/Mick Mars - Take It To The Limit

3. Last Kiss Goodbye ©2008

Wakin' Up The Devil

Sooners Don't Back Down

Use Me (Live) (Bonus Track)

Hinder - Extreme Behavior - (2005) - 04 - Nothing Good About Goodbye

The best is vet to come / Живи без сожалений

neurosis to names

Better Than Me (Radio Edit)

One Nightstand (Be my biggest fan, scream as loud as you can)

*** Hinder / Хиндер - Lips of an angel / Губы ангела

One Nightstand (Пост-гранж)

Hinder - Extreme Behavior - (2005) - 08 - Lips Of An Angel

The Life [vk.com/sport_druzhina]

Thunderstruck (OST Отец-молодец)

Up All Night (Лёгкая альтернатива)))

Waking Up The Devil ( Пила 3D OST )

One Nightstand | Rock: Medium

Two Sides Of Me

One Nightstand Музыка на мп3 плеер

Thunder struck (AC/DC Cover)

Lips of a angel

Bliss (Acoustic)

Without You(Альтернативный рок)

Sooners Don't Back Down


Nightcore (Hinder) - Lost In The Sun

Heaven Sent rock

Nothing Left To Lose

Bad mutha fucka (Bonus Track)

Dead to me (Faktion cover)


Lips Of An Angel [x-minus_org]

Daath - The Hinderers

Daath - The Hinderers - The Hinderers

Far From Home...911

Hey ho (NS B E)

Thunderstruck (AC/DC Cover) (Hard-rock, Alternative)

Born To Be Wild (Bonus)

What Ya Gonna Do [All American Nightmare (2010)]

Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know) (Acoustic Version)


2. All American Nightmare ©2010 [#6 US Main, #22 US Rock]

► 1. 2 Sides of Me ©2010

Better Than Me (One Tree Hill)

See You In Hell [2012 - Welcome To The Freakshow [B.B.E.E.]]

► 9. Everybody's Wrong ©2010

10. Shoulda ©2005

The Best Is Yet To Come (Acoustic Version)

1. Get Stoned ©2005 [#4 US Main, #37 US Alt]

Better Than Me (Album Version)

Heaven Sent You (Live)

Lost In The Sun (Live)

Up All Night [Live]

The Best is Yet to Come (Acoustic)

What Ya Gonna Do (закос под Nickelback - Rockstar)

How Long « http://vk.com/mi_zs »

Born To Be Wil

Waking Up The Devil [All American Nightmare (2010)]

Red Tail Lights[All American Nightmare (2010)]

Everybody's Wrong [All American Nightmare (2010)]

Striptease [All American Nightmare (2010)]

Hey ho[All American Nightmare (2010)]

Hinder - All American Nightmare (2010) - /Hey Ho/

08. Strip Tease [All American Nightmare (2010)]

10. Put That Record On [All American Nightmare (2010)]

Hinder - Extreme Behavior - (2005) - 06 - Better Than Me

Hinder - Extreme Behavior - (2005) - 09 - Homecoming Queen

Nothin' Good About Goodbye (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

Thing For You 05 (Beautiful Disaster OST)

Better Than Me 03 (Beautiful Disaster OST)

► 5. Without You ©2008 [#24 US Adult, #32 US Main]

► 7. Red Tail Lights ©2010

Hinder - All American Nightmare (2010) - 7.Red Tail Lights

Hinder feat. Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe - 6. Take It to the Limit ©2008

Hinder - Take It To The Limit (2008) - 6.Take It To The Limit (Feat. Mick Mars From Motley Crue)

Better Than Me (301-308)

Bed of Roses (Bon Joni acoustic cover)

Hinder - Take It To The Limit (2008) - 7.The Best Is Yet To Come

7. The Best Is Yet to Come ©2008

Hinder - Take It To The Limit (2008) - 3.Last Kiss Goodbye

F - Hinder - One Nightstand 2

бо нема шо робити

Up All Night [>d

HINDER`℠ audio - Lips Of An Angel

Without You (I am FINE Without You)

Waking Up The Devil (OST "Пила 7")

Hinder - Without You - жж

Lips Of An Ngel

Hinder - Take It To The Limit (2008) - 2.Loaded And Alone

HINDER "Take It To The Limit" (p)2008 - Use Me

Hinder - All American Nightmare (2010) - 6.Waking Up The Devil

The Lips Of An Angel

Hinder - All American Nightmare (2010) - 5.The Life

One Nightstand (Подпишись http://vk.com/v.detstve !!!)

Thunderstruck (AC/DC Cover) [Hard rock]

The Life (New Song 2010)