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V A S I L O K - B U T T E R F L Y

Picture `s on the phone
When you call me.
I `m so happy but
I don `t show it ...

E/m/i/n/e/m// - L//ov/e/ /t/h/e/ /W/a/y/ /Yo/u/ /L/i//e/ /(f/e/a/t/.// R/i/h/a/n/n/a/)/

Текст песни Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
Just gonna stand there and ...

H.o.o.ba..s.t.an.k. - I.n.si.d.e .O.f .Y.o.u.

It seems so obvious
There’s something up with us
I swear I feel it
From across the ...

C//hild///re//n O//f B//od//o//m - Re//be//l Y//e//ll (B//illy// I//do//l c//ov/e//r)

Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel came pumping on ...

F.l.i.p.s.y.d.e - Someday [OST 'Never Back Down']

Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know
Someday we gonna dance with those ...

F.l.o. R.i.d.a. feat. W.y.n.t.e.r. G.o.r.d.o.n. - Sugar

Da double dee double di (x7)
My lips like sugar (x2)
This candy got you sprung ...

L/e/n/a K/a/t/i/n/a - N/e/v/e/r F/o/r/g/e/t y/o/u

We said that we were meant to be
That we were each other's destiny
And now we faded away ...

E.m.i.n.e.m. f.t. D.r.a.k.e. & T.y.g.a. - No Return

My heart is telling me to be different
its about time for me to move on
swallow everything, ...

L I F E S K Y - https://vk.com/life_sk_y

Куплет 1:

На переднем кресле Mercedes Benz(а)
Сидит моя принцесса напевая мои песни
Не ...

M.a.r.t.i.n. .K..e.s.i.c.i. .&. .T.a.r.j.a. ..Tu.r.u.n.e.n. - L.e.a.v.i.n.g. .Y.o.u. .f.o.r. .M.e.......

I'm Sitting Here Alone, What Else Could I Have Done?
I Can't Regret ...

T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. .f.e.a.t... .K.e.t.t.y. .P.e.r.r.y. - If We Ever Meet Again

What's somebody like you doin in a place like this?
Say did you come alone or did you bring ...

J a y - Z f e a t . A l i c i a K e y s - E m p i r e S t a t e o f M i n d


[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Yea I\'m out that Brooklyn, now I\'m down in TriBeCa
right next ...

E v e f e a t G v e n S t e f а n i - L e t m e b l o w y a m i n d

Let Me Blow Your Mind (оригинал Gwen Stefani ) Позволь мне удивить тебя (перевод ) i ...

T h e N e i g h b o u r h o o d - F e m a l e R o b b e r y

i think i found hell.
i think i found something.
i think i found something in my TV ...

D/.J/. ./A./l./e/x/e./y/ / .R/o./m/e/.o - I./f/. /.y/.ou./ w./a./n./n./a b./e/. ./r/.i/.ch

If you gonna ride
Don`t ride a white horse
If you gonna ride
Don`t ride a white ...

W i l d C h e r r y - P l a y T h a t F u n k y M u s i c

Hey do it now yeah hey

Yeah, There was a funky singer Playin' in a rock & Roll ...

H o l l y w o o d U n d e a d - C a l i f o r n i a


На-на-напьемся, давайте
На-на-напьемся, давайте
На-на-напьемся, ...

50cent - F-I-F-T-Y C-E-N-T and S-N double O-P

[Snoop Dogg]
Shit ya did it again my nigga
For shizzle dizzle
[Hook: 50 Cent]
F-I-F-T-Y ...

S.pice G.irls - I.f y.ou w.anna b.e m.y l.ove

[Verse 1:]
Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you ...

[LOUND SOUND] E v e f e a t G v e n S t e f а n i - L e t m e b l o w y a m i n d

Let Me Blow Your Mind (оригинал Gwen Stefani ) Позволь мне удивить тебя (перевод ) i ...