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Immolation / Тексты песен

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Fear Factory - Self Immolation

Your scars
Surface is
Rusty blades

Self immolation crying out
Self ...

The Purge

More and more, growing and growing
Spreading and spreading, taking and ruining
The cancer is ...

The Rapture Of Ghosts

Trudging forward, across the barrens
A life long lost, where has it gone
Right through my ...

Dawn Of Possession

Awaiting messiah
To save us from sin
A second hope
His reign begins
Born of ...


I will become your world
All you see and all you feel
So follow………..

I am the way ...

In Human Form

Evolve from beasts, yet beasts we are**
A Trial of will, to force restrain
All the rage, ...

A Glorious Epoch

Hear millions cry
The darkness falls
Echoing the past
Bleed the world dry

Our ...

Bring Them Down

Looking down from on top of it all
Looking down on everyone else
So high above, it all looks ...

World Agony

War on our hands, war on our minds
Beat on the drums, beaten our hopes
Nothing is left, ...


Watch the skies blacken,
Can you hear their thunder
On majestic wings of death
The swarm ...

Despondent Souls

Slaughtering the innocent,
Massacring the weak
Intimidate their fearful minds
Corrupt their ...

Unpardonable Sin

Take your heaven
And your hell
And leave them for the children
I refuse to believe these ...

Divine Code

Like venom it surges through heart and soul
Driven and guided by the fears of men
A product ...

Sinful Nature

Our course is our own, I know we're to blame
We're born into shame, to live in despair ...

Our Savior Sleeps

Child of promise
Where are you now
Our savior sleeps
Awake for us

Your miracles are ...

The Comfort of Cowards

The words of fools
Echo in your head
Beliefs are thicker than ...

Lost Passion

Lay your hands...Your healing hands
Upon my flesh...My sinful flesh
And heal this soul...My ...

A Token of Malice

Rank with hubris, scar the world
Watch the helpless weep and run in fear

Cast the fire, ...

Close To A World Below

Silent is the storm that awaits
As our crumbling world starts to give way
Falling around us ...

Crown The Liar

Believe in the liar
His words will convey
Profound and charismatic
Influence all to his ...

After My Prayers

I pray that I can see
Beyond this life tormenting me
Tempting from inside
Come hysteric ...

What They Bring

The terror moves
Night closing in
Hearing whispers
Of what they bring

This day ...

Nailed To Gold

As if they were tearing through my flesh
It was embedded in my mind
That Jesus died for ...

Fall From A High Place

Messiah or man
To me you gave this bloodied crown
And with it came such tragic folly ...

Higher Coward

Cowards, with your empty hearts
And narrow minds...so bitter
Our confusion is overwhelming ...

Swallow the Fear

Stare and watch this tempest grow, fed with complacent denial
Keep us safe, keep the peace and ...


Feasts on the flesh of innocents killed
A sacrifice to our Lord
A sign from below to slaughter ...

Unholy Cult

It feels like we're blind...It feels like we're dead
We'll never find our ...

Burial Ground

War has evolved, in a world bound for death
Trails of blood
Lead to our corpses
Liquids ...

Swarm Of Terror

Call us the devil
But it's you who holds the darkest heart
Call the weak to arms ...

Harnessing Ruin

Forward moving, never slowing
A soulles machine that hungers for victory
Tear through the ...

Dead To Me

You've left me in the filth
You've left me here to die... why

Look at how ...

Christ's Cage

Captives of faith,
His image never fading from their eyes
Imprisoned by their own creation ...

Internal Decadence

Digression to an unknown fear, mortified
Soul embraced in a darkened grasp, path to hell

Fall In Disease

Miles away the dead are left
Quarantined contain the death
Brought to man a gift from ...

The Weight Of Devotion

Dragging me down, there's nothing left of this broken man
Bearing this weight, it weakens me ...

Passion Kill

Warm your souls, burn your hearts
Speak the word, speak the lies
Repeat the prayers, repent ...

No Jesus, No Beast

No Christ...no cross
No pain....no loss
No wanton guilt for us to bear
No body...no ...

Father,You're Not A Father

Bless me father
For you've sinned against me
It's been one week
Since you've ...

The Condemned

Bound to this hallowed earth, where no life tastes the sun
Amongst the ruins of mankind, the ...

Reluctant Messiah

Reluctant messiah, show us the way
Don't let us down, we have no one left
Your ...

Burn With Jesus

Behind the walls of Christ the hypocrites recite
Songs to glorify their king who's died in ...

Into Everlasting Fire

Will the love of God shed it's grace
Upon the evil side of man
Symbolic throne begins to ...

Towards Earth

Death He Lied!

To the most high, above all
They cower in his might
But now, in his ...

Away From God

Many times I\'ve keeled before the lord
Not knowing he was at my feet
Why my pain, why my ...

Under The Supreme

Martyrs of the cross, bear the flames of hate
The madness in their eyes is blind to their ...

Of Martyrs And Men

Burdened by the world, too weak to deal with life
Bow to show your love, bow to show ...

Lying With Demons

You thought, you knew me, i proved you wrong
Never saw, it coming, now feel my scorn
My ...

A Thunderous Consequence

A massive force cuts through the land
Hopes of victory as failure looms
The pressure is ...

Deliverer Of Evil


Take down the master
Take down the throne ...

Father, You`re Not A Father

Bless me father
For you've sinned against me
It's been one week
since you've raped ...

Sinister - Spiritual Immolation

Surrounded by darkness
The unholy house deceit
Keeper of the pylons
With dimensions to ...

Becoming The Archetype - Immolation

Oh, the misery of my people.
I've heard them crying out.
Their lamentation.
The deafening ...

A Kingdom Divided

The kingdom falls and with it goes the darkness of the world
It's malignant soul had burned so ...

Wolf Among The Flock

I am the one...leader of promise
Stalking lost souls
Rabid for the taste of faith ...

Rival The Eminent

Not all of us choose to believe
Some of us choose to live
Not all of us follow so blindly ...

My Own Enemy

I can feel the weakness in you
It's just a matter of time
Once i have control ...

Here In After

Without warmth
Without light
But how do i see in this darkness
Death feeds ...

Your Angel Died

Angel of beauty
Angel of the spirit
Come down and walk among us
Let the spirit die within ...

Stench Of High Heaven

Father in Heaven, a desolate kingdom
His paradise, his promise, a faded flame extinguished by the ...