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Inkubus sukkubus / Тексты песен

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Heart Of Lilith

She has come from the shadows of the dream world
A dark angel from the darker side of ...


From the west comes old Death
A-riding on the storm
With hungry eyes for funeral fires
To ...

I Am The One

I am the One
From the dark side of your dreams
I am the One
The one who hears your ...

Church of Madness

Here come the Christian knights
Dressed in red and white
To bring the Holy Word and set the ...


Come join with us in our rune tonight
And feel the circle spin
Let your spirit soar in the ...

Burning Times

(Времена Инквизиции)

Не забывайте дни давно ушедшие
Вспоминайте истории, расказанные
О ...


We have found her in Supernature
In the Earth below an in the skies above
We have found her in ...

[ Pagan Born ]

A rhythm stirs within the earth
That tells all nature of a birth
A return to light, return to ...



Под неолитическим небом
Где звери так гордятся умереть
Через море миллионов ...

All Along The Crooked Way

All Along The Crooked Way
Underneath the darkened sky
All along the crooked way
The same ...


The bloom of youth
Shone from her lovely face
A rose against her skin
Would not seem out of ...

Paint It Black

I see a red door and I want it painted black
no colors anymore, I want them to turn black
I ...


Mother Diana, Queen of Wytches
Stars in the Heaven obey your calling
Mother Diana, ...

Dark Mother

(Тёмная Мать)

Так высока кукуруза в лунном свете
Идёт Зима, кажется уже скоро
Время не ...


I saw the light on the night that I passed by her window
I saw the flickering shadows of love on ...

Sweet Morpheus

Falling downward, your face I see
Falling downward, you can see me
In this madness I reach out ...

Bright Star

Brightest of souls shining through
Dearest of boys, I love you
Wrapped in my arms I would stay ...

Prince Of Shadows

Your life, so much sorrow
Let me take one moment of your pain
You have died a million times ...

The Goat

In the hot night as the moon rises higher
He has come to quench your desire.
Here comes an ...


Lifeless life, sleepless sleep
Under the stony sky of day my flesh shall keep
Summer`s heat ...

Hail the Holy King

Приветствие Короля Падуба)

Все через чистые снега
Все через обнажённые деревья
В этой ...

Corn King

It's that time of year once more and again
When the green turns golden brown
And the ...

Hedonistic Gene

Ген гедонизма

Плавно скользя от ступней до колен,
Я не доставлю удовольствие никому кроме ...

Tha Rape Of Maude Bowen

Lying in the brook she's naked
Cold and dead, raped and broken
Sweet Maude Bowen victim of ...

Vampyre Erotica

Inkubus Sukkubus - Vampyre Erotica

My heart burns for love
My soul burns for ...

We Belong With The Dead

It's too late to turn back now
For we have slain the Sacred Cow
For paradise we are ...

Midnight Queen

In the forest, in the night
Underneath the full moonlight
She's always there
Nature's child ...


Underneath a harvest moon
Come and hear a wytches rune
Air and water, earth and fire
Give ...


Oh, mysterious ladies, hear unto my pray
And grant me to live and to love as you do
May your ...

Living Death

You left my senses calling, I’m empty without you
You left my soul, mourning,
There’s nothing ...

Belladonna And Aconite

Belladonna and aconite
Give to me the gift of flight
Take me up, airborne in the night
In a ...

Witch Hunt (Fly, Sister, Fly)

Through bleary eyes I see the touch light
Beyond the panes I sense a danger
There's ...

Fiesta De Amor

Fiesta De Amor (оригинал Inkubus Sukkubus)
Праздник любви
You are the colour of sky in ...


Concubine (оригинал Inkubus Sukkubus)
You call my name and I will come
Ты ...

Wild Hunt

Herne, Herne, Herne, Herne!
Come with bright eyes a-flashing
Come with your dark hounds ...

Intercourse with the Vampyre

Come inside my love and join me
I'm your worst nightmare
Thrill my cool and flesh with ...


Inkubus Sukkubus

One of the fey
- within the dark and gloom we'II find our ...


How I've loved you
And will always love you
You were the one to light
The stars in my ...

Sabrina (louder volume by SlavyanophiL)

So deep, deep as the sky is high
In my sleep your song has spun my dreams
Darker than the ...

Dia De Los Muertos

Here in this dream world
Await for the real world
I wait with the living
I know you'll ...

Come To Me (Song Of The Water Nymph)

A summer night, and a long-forgotten dream
She is here, in the moonlit stream
She's so ...

Song To Pan

Can you hear the forest sing?
On a breath of damiana it calls his name
Seduced by his spirit ...

Craft Of The Wise

Across a thousand nations
And forty-thousand years
The teachers and the healers
We are the ...

Call Out My Name

You're laying on your bed on a hot summer night
Underneath the lunar light
I am a dream I ...



Лёжа под деревьями ты обнимаешь меня
Такое сладкое волшебство
Ты держишь ...

Belladonna & Aconite

Belladonna and aconite
Give to me the gift of flight
Take me up, airborne in the night ...

Lucifer Rising

Misguided Messiah

Pariah of twisted beauty

Spirit of fire climb higher

And ...

Queen Of The May

All across the barren land
Still cold from winter's hand
It has been a time for ...

Vampyre Kiss

Fall into my arms my love
And dream sweet sinful dreams
Where no-one is ever who they ...



Hold my heart in your cold clenched fist and squeeze until you bleed me dry
Take ...

Lammas Song

Sun-kissed and god-blessed and caressed by glorious honeyed fire
Undressed and cherished I care ...


Eyes of Love and Eyes of Fire
Hearts of Lust and Desire
Dancing, jumping, laughing, ...

Young Lovers

Let's have you show some grief
For the fools let your hearts bleed
For those who are lost in ...

Heartbeat of the Earth (heavier sound by SlavyanophiL)

Can you hear the Heartbeat of the Earth?
Can you hear the Heartbeat of the Earth?
The rhythm ...

Kiss Of Hades

The night is cold and filled with pain
And a cruel wind drives home the blissful rain
But ...

Song Of The Siren

Draw near, closer now
Into my painted wings
What man can resist
When the Siren sings
Let ...

Wytches I

Come join with us in our rune tonight
And feel the circle spin
Let your spirit soar in the ...


He comes as a darkened knight
Upon the raging storm
And as an angel of love he reaps the ...

Preacher Man

He's the one who the people trust,
But his evil heart is filled with lust.
From the pulpit he ...

We Walk Again

Newborn limbs, carry us back home
Take us with hope where we need to go
Each creaking step ...

Love Spell

With a kiss of pure steel I pierce the skin
With a wish it sinks within
With the red of your ...

Lie With Me

All the riches count for nothing
when I'm holding you
All the dreams of greatness leave ...