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Hallowed Be Thy Name

I'm waiting in my cold cell when the bell begins to chime
Reflecting on my past life and it ...

Wasting Love

Maybe one day I'll be an honest man.
Up till now I'm doing the best I can.
Long roads, ...

The Trooper

Iron Maisen - Piece Of Mind (1983)
You'll take my life but I'll take yours ...

No More Lies

There's a darkened sky before me
There's no time to prepare
Salvage a last ...

Aces High

There goes the siren that warns of the air raid,
Then comes the sound of the guns sending ...


Walking through the city, looking oh so pretty,
I've just got to find my way.
See the ...

The Number Of The Beast

I left alone my mind was blank
I needed time to get the memories from my mind

What did I ...

Run To The Hills

White man came across the sea
He brought us pain and misery
He killed our tribes, he killed ...

Blood brothers

And if you're taking a walk through the garden of life,
What do you think you'd ...

Be Quick or Be Dead

Covered in sinners and dripping with gilt
Making you money from slime and from filth
Parading ...

The Evil That Men Do

The Evil That Men Do
(Dickinson, Harris, Smith)

Love is a razor and I walked the line on ...

Wasted Years

From the coast of gold, across the seven seas
I'm travelling on, far and wide
But now it ...

When The Wild Wind Blows

Have you heard what they said on the news today
Have you heard what is coming to us all?
That ...



When I was wandering in the desert
And was searching for the truth
I heard ...

For the Greater Good of God

Are you a man of peace

Or man of holy war

Too many sides to you

Don't know ...

Afraid to Shoot Strangers

Lying awake at night
I wipe the sweat from my brow...
But it's not the fear...
'Cos ...

Brave New World

Brave New World
(Murray, Harris, Dickinson)

Dying swans
Twisted wings
Beauty not ...

Como Estais Amigos

Como estais amigo
For the death of those we don't know
Shall we kneel and say a ...

Children Of The Damned

He's walking like a small child
But watch his eyes burn you away
Black holes in his golden ...

Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Hear the rime of the ancient mariner
See his eye as he stops one of three
Mesmerises one of ...

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Here they stand, brothers them all
All the sons, divided they'd fall
Here await the birth ...

Fortunes Of War

After the war
And now that they've sent us homeward
I can't help but feel that ...

The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

Let me tell you 'bout my life,

Let me tell you 'bout my dreams,

Let me tell ...

Ghost of the Navigator

I have sailed to many lands now I make my final journey
On the bow I stand, west is where I ...

Caught Somewhere In Time

If you had the time to lose,
An open mind and time to choose,
Would you care to take a ...

2 Minutes To Midnight

Kill for gain or shoot to maim,
But we don't need a reason.
The Golden Goose is on the ...

Die With Your Boots On

Another Prophet of Disaster
Who says the ship is lost,
Another Prophet of Disaster
Leaving ...

Strange World

The only place where you can dream, living here is not what it seems.
Ship of white light in the ...

The Wicker Man

Hand of fate is moving and the finger points to you
He knocks you to your feet and so what are ...

Phantom Of The Opera

I've been looking so long for you now you won't get away from my grasp.
You've been ...

Still Life

Take a look in the pool and what do you see
In the dark depths there faces beckoning ...

Machine Head - Hallowed be thy name (Iron Maiden cover)

I'm waiting in my cold cell when the bell
begins to chime
Reflecting on my past life and ...



Seven deadly sins
Seven ways to win
Seven holy paths to hell
And ...



I was born into a scene of angriness and greed, and dominance and ...

Van Canto - Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden cover)

I am a man who walks alone
And when I'm walking a dark road
At night or strolling through ...

Can I Play With Madness

[Smith / Dickinson / Harris]

Can I play with madness?

Give me the sense to ...

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

[(Harris) 6:31]

The tough of the track
With the wind
And the rain that's beating ...

Out of the Silent Planet

Out Of The Silent Planet
(Gers, Dickinson, Harris)

Withered hands, withered ...




From the red sky of the east
To the sunset in ...

Sign of the Cross

Eleven saintly shrouded men
Silhouettes stand against the sky
One in front with a cross held ...

The Clairvoyant

Чувствую испарину на лбу –
Это я иль это моя тень,
Перекочевавшая на стену?
Это явь ...


Thinking of an age old dream, places I have never seen,
Fantasies lived times before.
I split ...

The Nomad

The Nomad
(Murray, Harris)

Like a mirage riding on the desert sand
Like a vision ...


Into the Abyss I'll fall -- the eye of Horus
Into the eyes of the night -- watching me ...

Stranger in a Strange Land

Was many years ago that I left home and came this way,

I was a young man full of hopes and ...

Only the Good Die Young

The demon in your mind will rape you in your bed at night
The wisdom of ages, the lies and ...


O God of Earth and Altar,
Bow down and hear our cry,
Our earthly rulers falter,
Our people ...

The Thin Line Between Love And Hate

When a person turns to wrong
Is it a want to be, belong?
Part of things at any cost
At what ...

2 A.M.

I get in from work at 2 a.m.
And sit down with a beer
turn on late night TV
And then wonder ...


You walk through the subway, his eyes burn a hole in your back,
A footstep behind you, he lunges ...

The Prisoner

On the run kill to eat
You're starving now you're dead on your feet
Going all the way ...

Flight Of Icarus

As the sun breaks above the ground
An old man stands on the hill
As the ground warms to the ...

The Legacy

Tell you a thing
That you ought to know
Two minutes of your time
Then on you go

Tell ...

Doctor, Doctor (UFO cover)

Artist : Iron Maiden
Title : Doctor Doctor

Doctor doctor, ...

Heaven can wait

Can't understand what is happening to me
This isn't real this is only a dream
But I ...

Flash Of The Blade

As a young boy chasing dragons with your wooden sword so mighty,
You're St. George or ...

Sun And Steel

You killed your first man at 13
Killer instinct, animal supreme
By 16 you had learned to ...

Children of Bodom - Aces High - Iron Maiden Cover

There goes the siren that warns of the air raid,
Then comes the sound of the guns sending ...

Dream Of Mirrors

Dream Of Mirrors
(Gers, Harris)

Have you ever felt
The future is the past
But you ...

Infinite Dreams

Infinite dreams I can't deny them
Infinity is hard to comprehend
I couldn't hear those ...

To Tame a Land

He is the king of all the land
In the Kingdom of the sands
Of a time tomorrow.

He rules ...

Total Eclipse

Cold as steel the darkness waits its hour will come.
A cry of fear from our children worshipping ...

Quest For Fire

In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth
When the land was swamp and caves were home
In an ...

Alexander The Great

’my son ask for thyself another
Kingdom for that wich I leave
Is too small for thee’
(King ...

Out Of The Shadows

Hold a halo round the world
Golden is the day
Princes of the Universe,
your burden is ...

Murders In The Rue Morgue

[Steve Harris]

I remember it as plain as day
Although it happened in the dark of the ...


Trace your way back 50 years
To the glow of Dresden - blood and tears
In the black above by ...

Look for the Truth

Look For The Truth
(Bayley, Gers, Harris)

All my dark dreams drift like smoke in the ...

Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter

Honey its getting close to midnight
And all the myths are in town
True love and lipstick on ...