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Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

When routine bites hard
and ambitions are low.
And resentment rides high
but emotions ...

Joy Division - Transmission

Radio, live transmission
Radio, live transmission
Listen to the silence, let it ring ...

Joy Division - Shadowplay

To the centre of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you
To the depths of the ocean where ...

Joy Division - She`s Lost Control

Confusion in her eyes that says it all --
She's lost control
And she's clinging to the ...

Joy Division - She's Lost Control

She's Lost Control
Confusion in her eyes that says it all.
She's lost control.
And ...

Touch By Touch

When I feel the time is right
And you're staying by my side
And a love you give to me ...

Joy Division - New Dawn Fades

change of speed, a change of style.
A change of scene, with no regrets,
A chance to watch, ...

Joy Division - Insight

Guess the dream always end
They don't rise up just descend
But I don't care anymore ...

Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours

So this is permanence, loves shattered pride.
What once was innocence, turned on its side.
A ...

Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition

The silence when doors open wide
Where people could pay to see inside
For entertainment they ...

Joy Division - Dead Souls

Someone take these dreams away,
That point me to another day,
A duel of personalities,
That ...

Joy Division - Day of the Lords

This is the room
The start of it all
No portrait so fine, only sheets on the wall
I’ve seen ...

Joy Division - Interzone

I walked through the city limits
(Someone talked me in to do it )
Attracted by some force ...

Joy Division - Disorder

I've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand.
Kill these sensations, make me ...

Joy Division - No love lost

So long sitting here, didn't hear the warning
Waiting for the tape to run
We've been ...

Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy

I've been thinking 'bout all things I'm searching for
Twenty years from now, boy we ...

Joy Division - Atmosphere

Walk in silence,
Dont walk away, in silence.
See the danger,
Always danger,
Endless ...

Joy Division - The Eternal

Procession moves on, the shouting is over,
Praise to the glory of loved ones now gone.
Talking ...

Joy Division - Isolation

Be clear every day, every evening
It calls here aloud from above
Carefully watched for a ...

H.I.M - In Joy And Sorrow

О девочка, мы все те же
Мы молоды и потеряны и так испуганы
Hет лечения этой боли
Hегде ...

Joy Division - Warsaw

3, 5, 0, 1, 2, 5, Go!
I was there in the back stage
When first light came around.
I ...

Joy Division - Leaders Of Men

Born from some mothers womb,
Just like any other room.
Made a promise for a new life.
Made ...

Joy Division - Decades

Here are the young men, the weight on their shoulders
Here are the young men, well where have ...


I'm sitting on a step somewhere downtown
Looking for a queen of my heart
People call me a ...

Joy Division - Digital

Feel it closing in,
Feel it closing in,
The fear of whom I call,
Every time I call,
I ...

Joy Division - A Means To An End

A legacy so far removed,
One day will be improved.
Eternal rights we left behind,
We were ...

Joy Division - Heart and Soul

Instincts that can still betray us
A journey that leads to the sun
Soulless and bent on ...

Joy Division - Wilderness

I traveled far and wide through many
different times
What did you see there?
I saw all ...

The Best Fashion Radio - MIMI JOY

I'm the obsessor
Holding your hand
It seems you have forgotten
About your man
Alone in ...

Joy Division - Candidate

Forced by the pressure,
The territories marked,
No longer the pleasure,
Oh, I’ve ...

Joy Division - Walked in line

All dressed in uniforms so fine,
They drank and killed to pass the time,
Wearing the shame of ...

Joy Division - 24 Hours

So this is permanence - love's shattered pride
What once was innocence, turned on its ...

Joy Division - I Remember Nothing

We were strangers.
We were strangers, for way too long, for way too long,
We were strangers, ...

Joy Division - Ice Age

I've seen the real atrocities,
Buried in the sand,
Stockpiled safety for a few,
While ...

Joy Division - Colony


A cry for help, a hint of anaesthesia
The sound from broken homes, we used to ...

Joy Division - These Days

Morning seems strange, almost out of place.
Searched hard for you and your special ways.
These ...

Joy Division - The Sound of Music

See my true reflection
put out my own connections
I can see it's getting
harder, so sad ...

Joy Division - Ceremony

This is why events unnerve me,
They find it all, a different story,
Notice whom for wheels are ...

Joy Division - Exercise One

When you're looking at life,
In a strange new room,
Maybe drowning soon,
Is this the ...

The Wombats - Lets dance to Joy Division

I'm back in Liverpool,
And everything seems the same,
But I worked something out last ...

Joy Division - The Kill

Moved in a hired car
and I find no way to run
Adds every moment longer
had no time for ...

Joy Division - The Only Mistake

Made the fatal mistake,
Like I did once before,
A tendency just to take,
Til the purpose ...

Joy Division - Failures

Don't speak of safe Messiahs,
A failure of the Modern Man,
To the centre of all life's ...

Ludwig van Beethoven - Ode to Joy

Лю́двиг ван Бетхо́вен (нем. Ludwig van Beethoven [ˈluːt.vɪç fan ...

Joy Division - Novelty

When the people listen to you don't you
know it means a lot 'cos you've got ...

IAMX - Your Joy is my Low

He takes your face and positions it to take your mouth
You bite, you bite to excite ...

Joy Division - Passover

This is a crisis I knew had to come
Destroying the balance I'd kept
Doubting, unsettling ...

Choo-Joy - Реквием по войне

Странный блеск
Я не хочу
Всю жизнь искать себя в тебе
Не смотри
Не закричу
И ...

Joy Division - In a lonely place

Caressing the marble and stone,
Love that was special for one,
The waste in the fever I ...

Three Dog Night - Joy To The World

Jeremiah was a bullfrog
Was a good friend of mine
I never understood a single word he said ...

The Joy Formidable - Whirring

This much delight
Fills columns to new heights

All these things about me you never can ...

Moby - New Dawn Fades (Joy Division cover)

A change of scene, a change of style.
A change of hopes, with no regrets,
A chance to watch, ...


When I saw you at the party
you were talking to a girlfriend

I just walked across the room ...

Joy Division - Glass

Hearts fail, young hearts fail,
Anytime, pressurised,
Overheat, overtired,
Take it quick, ...

Joy Division - Something Must Break

Two ways to choose
On a razors edge
Remain behind
Go straight ahead
Room full of ...

Joy Division - Komakino

This is the hour when the mysteries emerge.
A strangeness so hard to reflect.
A moment so ...

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy

Well you've heard about love givin' sight to the blind
My baby's lovin' cause the ...

Joy Division - They Walked In Line

All dressed in uniforms so fine,
They drank and killed to pass the time,
Wearing the shame of ...

Joy Williams - Speaking A Dead Language

We built a tall, tall tower
Towards the sun, towards the sun
Took some words and built a ...

The Joy Formidable - Austere

See the mad or reverse,
this hope is not lost,
is this cheap to turn,
your cheap to send ...

HIM - In Joy And Sorrow (acoustic version)

Oh girl, we are the same
We are young and lost and so afraid
There's no cure for the ...

Joy Division - At a Later Date

Why must we be put down when we try to get away ?

Why must we all grow up when we could just ...

Vance Joy - Mess is Mine

Talking like we used to do
It was always me and you
Shakin up and shippin out
Check me in ...

Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy (2012)

I've been thinking 'bout all things I'm searching for
Twenty years from now, boy we ...

Diary of Dreams - Tears of Joy

I dared to believe what you said in your sleep
but a master at this even lies under tears
I ...

H.I.M - In Joy And Sorrow (String Version)

Oh girl we are the same
we are young and lost and so afraid
there's no cure for the pain ...