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She is not scared to die..
The best things in life drive her to cry.

Crucify then ...

Tangerine Kitty - Dumb Ways To Die

Set fire to your hair
Poke a stick at a grizzly bear
Eat medicines that's out of ...

Mr.Kitty - Insects

Inactive veins
From cells of red

Fragile hands
The ...

Placebo - Kitty Litter

The way you're dancing
Makes me come alive
Makes me shiver and perspire
Your ...

Katzenjammer - Demon Kitty Rag

Here kitty, kitty
There's too much demon blood
in these self appointed angels
Acting ...


So, I'm nothing
You took something from me
Now you disappeared
You're right where I ...

Mr.Kitty - After Dark

I see you
You see me
How pleasant
This feeling

The moment
You hold me
I ...

Ради Славы feat Kitty - Радость и Печаль

Солнце улыбается за окном
Только мне без тебя, тепло это кажется холодом
Ты давно стал ...

Mr.Kitty - Sacrifice

With eager hands
I feel my way
A single Word
You will not say

Do not resist ...

S3RL feat Sara - Techno Kitty

Up in the sky
flying way up high
I can\'t believe my eyes
A techno feline
so fly
Up ...

Mr.Kitty - Detach

Remember that night
Remember I lost my mind
I had no name
My face was pale

I did ...

Mr.Kitty - Unstable

You hold my hand
The hour's dark
From where I stand
I'll make my mark

Don't hold ...

Mr.Kitty - In Your Blood

The hatred filled our hearts
As we were torn apart
I promise I will leave
Maybe you'll ...

Steve Ibsen - Kitty Cat Dance Song

Cat! I'm a kitty cat.
And I dance, dance, dance and I dance, dance, dance.

Cat? ...

❋Nightcore - Hello Kitty❋

Min'na saikō arigatō,
K-k-k-kawaii, k-k-k-kawaii.

[Verse 1]
Mom's not home ...


Free from the sun
In the dark I am none
But oh, my heart sinks like that one
I am ...



Spit I think I'll spit

For all those girls, who speak ...


In this darkness
Troubled waters
Lies a flicker
Of hopes fire

Come to your ...


И вот мы снова здесь.
Я пытаюсь поговорить,
Попросить прощения.
Вернется к жизни любовь или ...


I Look At her In That Paper Dress.
I Wonder Why She Won't Burn.
She's Just A Paper ...

Mr.Kitty - Neverending Nights

From my sun drenched window
I look down at this frozen city
I've given everything I can give ...

Mr.Kitty - Years

From hearts of blue
I dream of you
To isolate
And decimate

I'll clear my head ...


I feel your pain
Almost lost it all
You are all the same
The wounded bleed to ...

Nada Surf - Kitty Cat Song

Meow-meow meow-meow meow meow (x4)

I am just a kitten,
Hardly fit my mittens
Much too ...

Supermercado - Ditch Kitty

Ditch Kitty
Words and Music
Matt Mercado

Damn I Think Too much when I’m around ...

Sido feat. Kitty Kat - Strip Fuer Mich

Ich liebe mein Beruf
Ich muss nichts anderes tun
Als mich zu winden und zu schlängeln wie ...


You're hidden by
Your good looks, your fake smile
I loved you, but it took me a long ...

What I Always Wanted

Opened up it's revealed!
Savour this
Dont get lost in a lie!
Hit or ...

Serj Tankian feat. Kitty - Lie lie lie

Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie ...

Mr.Kitty - Destroy Me

Take me alive
Leave me to die
Bound to the earth
This isn't goodbye

Cut ...

Mr.Kitty - Heaven

Dark skies will call me
Closer, so softly
Angels are falling
Your voice is ...

Mr.Kitty - Mother Mary

What have they done
You've done no harm
Red water runs
Through Fragile arms ...

Mr.Kitty - Neglect

Tell me
Of your
Frail dreams
My dear girl

Your heart
Won't ...

Mr.Kitty - It is all true

Finding out
is not the same
As holding out
your hand
For a stranger
to take ...

Mr.Kitty - Hold Me Down

Pressure, pressure
On my veins
Pleasure, pleasure
Turns to pain
Look what you have ...

Mr.Kitty - Entwine

Your hands of thorns
Embrace my neck
Crimson adorns
My shortened breaths

A ...

Mr.Kitty - 44 Days

I was alone
On my way home
My footsteps slow
Someone walks close behind me

I ...

Kitty kat feat. Cassandra Steen - ￾Du bist Vergangenheit

[Part 1]

Kitty Kat:

Es wird Zeit das wir was klärn'.
Du & Ich, von ...

Into the darkness

I feel helpless waiting.
Could this all be the end?
It's all coming down all at ...

Paper Doll

I Look At her In That Paper Dress.
I Wonder Why She Won't Burn.
She's Just A Paper ...

Run Like Hell

You better run like hell
You better make your face up in
Your favourite disguise
With your ...

Mr.Kitty - Lost Children

A child dies at birth
Window of life is shut
For what my time was worth
Time ticks another ...

Mr.Kitty - Dearlove

A special part, a different world
A fresher start from truer words
My fickle mind fractures ...

Mr.Kitty - Inhale, Exhale

Rub the salt in my wounds
This is what I've done to you
You left because you were not ...

Mr.Kitty - Mirror Casket

Nine portraits painted
Nearly complete
These hands are tainted
Echoes repeat

Our ...

Mr.Kitty - White Tiger

I've fallen from the sky
Only to protect
Notice my third eye
The vision is direct ...

Mr.Kitty - Disintegrate

our tears
our laughter
time passes
hearts die
we drown
our sorrows
in ...

Mr.Kitty - Haunts

one two three four

It haunts me
when you taunt me
into darkness

it haunts me ...

Mr.Kitty - London

Hi, how are you
I'm doing alright
When will we meet
Soon, precious petal

In ...

Mr.Kitty - Someday

I know what types of sounds you like
cause i watched you from the street last night
and i ...

Mr.Kitty - Rats

Little notes that I write
Contemplate suicide
Every day is a lie
Should I live or should I ...

The Smashing Pumpkins - Hello Kitty Kat

Say hello before you say goodbye
I should go before you make me cry
She wants to bleed every ...