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Laura branigan / Тексты песен

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Self Control


Never In A Million Years

You take my self control

Ti Amo


Self control (OST GTA Vice City)

Maybe I Love You

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Sunday Girl - Self Control (Laura Branigan cover)

The Power Of Love

Дискотека 80х - Laura Branigan - Self Control песня суперская!!

With Every Beat Of My Heart

Forever Young


Gloria (GTA Vice City Stories)

The Sweet Hello,The Sad Goodbye

Breaking Out

Living A Lie (1982)

Self Control (remix)

Meaning Of The Word

The Lucky One

Foolish Lullaby (Hold Me, 1985)


Self Control (OST GTA VC)

Self Control (GTA Vice City Flash FM OST)

Shattered glass

Self Control (OST "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City")

Laura Branigan(Дискотека 80-х) - Self Control

Forever young (cover Alphaville)

Self Control disco 80-е, 90-е

Self Control (Dyagilev mix by DJ Korean)

Self Control (Dyagilev Remix)

I Found Someone (Hold Me, 1985)

8. Laura Branigan - No Promise, No Guarantee

Self Control (1984)

Gloria (OST Flashdance, 1983)

Let me in

1. Laura Branigan - Moonlight On Water

6. Laura Branigan - Turn The Beat Around

7. Laura Branigan - Unison

Bad Attitude

Spanish Eddie

If You Loved Me


10. Laura Branigan - The Best Was Yet To Come

No Promise, No Guarantee


Gloria (1982)

How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

Is There Anybody Here But Me?

Self Control (Extended Version)


I Need a Hero

How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye

When I`m With You

Self Control (Оh-oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh) (1984)

Self Control (GTA VICE CITY OST)

Self Control (Lounge)

ГТА :* Laura Branigan - Self Control (ost GTA VICE SITY)

Toto Cutugno and Laura Branigan - Ti Amo

I Found Someone

Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)

Shattered Glass (12'' Vocal Mix)

Self Control (80-e)

The Power Of Love (Touch 1987)

OST Miami Vice - Laura Branigan - Self Control

Self control (OST Scarface)

(OST GTA Vice City) LAURA BRANIGAN - Self Control

Gloria (MGS V OST)

Self control (GTA: Vice City - Flash FM)

Self Control (12'' Version)

More Than Just A Memory

Self Control OST GTA Vice City Made in USSR

Caramelle feat.Nitro - You Take My Self Control (Laura Branigan - cover)

Chevi Eye - Self Control (Laura Branigan Cover)

Lounge acoustic - You take myself (Laura Branigan)

Infernal - Self Control( LAURA BRANIGAN COVER)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Flash FM) - Self Control (Laura Branigan)

GTA VC - Flash FM - Laura Branigan — «Self Control»

Acoustic guitar - You Take Myself Control (ориг. Laura Branigan)

GTA Vice City OST - Laura Branigan - Self Control

WEArt - Self Control [Laura Branigan]

Дискотека 80-х- Laura Branigan - You take my self control

Self Control (Italo Disco 80)(M.Studio)

Self Control (GTA 5)

Self control Дискотека 80х

Spirit of Love (1987)

Self Control (GTA Vice City - 10 Years)

Laura Branigan (GTA Vice City) - Self Control

Laura Branigan & Joe Esposito - Come Into My Life

You Take Myself Control (acoustic)

The Winner Takes It All (Main Mix)

9. Laura Branigan - Reverse Psychology

Lovin' You Baby

4. Laura Branigan - Smoke Screen

Self-Control (azari and iii remix)

3. Laura Branigan - Never In A Million Years

2. Laura Branigan - Bad Attitude

Self Control (Lounge) [ ra² ]

May Be I Love You

Thomas Anders & Roxette & Laura Branigan - The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye

Cause you are young

The Winner Takes it All (cover ABBA)

David Hasselhoff & Laura Branigan - I Believe_из т/c. Baywatch (Спасатели Малибу)

Self Control (Royal gigolos remix)

Didn't We Almost Win It All

I'll Wait For You

Hold Me


Deep in the Dark

Foolish Lullaby

Looking Out For Number One (Midnight Mix)


Angels Calling

I am Without You Is

Show Me Heaven

Cry Wolf

Spanish Eddie (Hold Me, 1985)

Infernal vs. Laura Branigan - Self control

Statue In The Rain

Laura Branigan LP Version - Self Control Happy Birthday Mum

Self Сontrol (OST GTAVC)

Alphaville feat. Laura Branigan - Forever Young (OST QAF Dance remix)

Laura Branigan GTA VC 1980's - Self Control

[80x]Laura Branigan - Self Control

- Self Control ' 84

Self Control (1234)

453/Laura Branigan - Self Control

Laura Branigan(b) - Self Control

..ιlιlι. Laura Branigan - Self Control

Sometimes I am frightened But I'm ready to learn

Power Of Love(1987)

Self Control (acoustic cover)

332 Laura Branigan - Self control (1984)

80- ые Laura Branigan - Self Control

Self Control (Vice City's)

Self Control (80's)

♫ RETRO 80'S TAPE ~ Laura Branigan - Self Control

The Sweet Hello The Sad Goodby

Self Control(.ДД)

Self Control (New OST GTA Vice City) 2012

Self Control Rocco Siffredi, Lucie - Roccos World, Scene 4 [RoccoSiffredi]

Self control (OST GTA Vice City) попса танцевальная

Self Control (OST Knight Rider - K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.)

Self Control (GTA Vice City OST - Flash FM)

Self Control 90x

1d-Laura Branigan - With Every Beat Of My Heart

Ti Amo (U. Tozzi cover)

Gloria flash fm.

777-Laura Branigan - The Power Of Love

Lana Banana

Hollywood Wives

Self Control (BHF live rmx)

Over You

Imagination (Ost Flash Dance)

Looking Out For Number One

Spirit of Love

Self Control ( Дискотека 80х - 90х )

Self Control (Дискотека 80-х)

80-e Laura Branigan - Self Control

Gloria (Flashdance OST, Automan OST 1983)

Self control / MafMusic by club61140735

Power of Love

Self Control (вариант 1)

Self control (OST GTA Vice City) (1984)

Living A Lie (1982)


музыка из GTA Vice City

Self Control 1985 год

Self Control 1984 год

8. Laura Branigan - Self Control

Gloria (Лихие 80-е)

Self Control (remix) ретро

Gloria ( "Flashdance", 1983) ( comp. Umberto Tozzi & Giancarlo Bigazzi )

Sunday Girl (Laura Branigan cover) - Self Control (Azari & III Remix)

Self Control [GTA VICE CITY]

Gloria (OST GTA Vice City Stories)

ТХМ | Laura Branigan - You' re my Love, You're my Life http://vk.com/txm.musik

Self Control (7)

Self Control (GTA3 Vice City)

Roxette & Laura Branigan & Thomas Anders - The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye

Never In A Million Years - Даже через миллионы лет


Gloria (Single Mix)

Moonlight On Water


OMN - 80's - Laura Branigan - Self Control


Laura Branigan l (Azari & III Remix) - Self-Contro

Self Control --- ЖИ ТИ АА ФОРЕВА!!!!!!

Self Controt

San Marino - Laura Branigan - Self Control

001.Laura Branigan - Self Control

Shattered Glass (12'' Mix)

Laura Branigan 80-e - Self Control

Gloria (OST MGS 5: TPP)

The Power Of Love - Сила любви

Gloria (MGS V: TPP OST)

Laura Branigan l (Azari & III Remix) - Self-Control

Looking Out For Number One (7'' Midnight Mix)

Forever young... I want to be!

Self Control (80-X)