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Warriors Of The World United

Return of the warlord

Swords in the Wind

Warriors of the world

Hail and Kill

Master Of The Wind

Heart Of Steel

Call To Arms

Black Wind, Fire And Steel

Die for Metal

The Gods Made Heavy Metal

Kings Of Metal



Battle Hymn

Loki God of Fire

El gringo

The Sons Of Odin

Blood Of The Kings

Hand Of Doom


Gods of War

Fighting the World

Carry On

Fight Until We Die

Blood of my Enemies


The Crown and The Ring

The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)

Fast Taker

Brothers Of Metal

The Power

Shell Shock

Kingdom Come

Gloves Of Metal

Number 1

Going To The Run

Wheels Of Fire

Kill With Power

The Lord Of Steel

Nessun Dorma

Metal Warriors

Brothers Of Metal Pt1

Мельница - Master Of The Wind (Manowar Cover)

Let The Gods Decide

Hail, Kill And Die

Bridge of Death


Righteous Glory

Metal Daze

Dark Avenger

The Oath

Blood Brothers


Therion - Thor (Manowar cover)

God Or Man

Today Is A Good Day To Die


Touch The Sky

Guyana (Cult of the Damned)

Valhalla - Swords In The Wind

I Believe

Born In A Grave


Pleasure Slave

The Power Of Thy Sword

Sons Of Odin

Herz Aus Stahl

Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee

Army Of The Immortals

Warrior Of The World

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Master Of The Wind (Manowar cover)


House Of Death




Gates Of Valhalla

Secret of Steel

The Demon`s Whip

Thor (The Powerhead)

Black List

The Fight For Freedom

Hymn of the Immortal Warriors


Ride the Dragon


Sign of the hammer

Violence And Bloodshed

The Warriors Prayer

Blow Your Speakers


March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)

Return of the Warlords

Die With Honor

The Crown and The Ring (Metal Version)

Sword in the wind

Thunder In The Sky

Hymn Of The Immortal Warrior

Battle Hymns

Die for Metall

Manowar (Battle Hymns [1982])

Hail To England

Heaven And Hell (Magic - A tribute to Ronnie James DIO)

Heart Of Steel (Kings Of Metal [1988])



Number One

Achilles agony and ecstasy in eight parts

Glory Majesty Unity

Master of the Wind ("The Triumph of Steel", 1992)

Metal Warriors` live

The Power Of The Sword

Warrors Of The World

All Men Play On 10

Manowar - Warriors Of The World (2002) - !! Fight Until We Die

Wariors of the world

Death Tone (Battle Hymns [1982])

Warrior of the World United

Return of the Warlord (1996)

Manowar "Fighting The World" (1987) - Black Wind, Fire And Steel

2012 - The Lord Of Steel - 10 - hail kill and die (Corak-16-22k-Norm-Lyrics)

Ария - Пробил час (Cover of Manowar — Return of the Warlord)

Thunderstone - Heart Of Steel (Manowar Cover)

Arch Enemy - Kill With Power (Manowar cover)

Therion - Thor The Powerhead (Manowar Cover)

Manowar (Battle Hymns 2011)

Each Dawn I die

For heavy metal We will die!

Warriors Of The World United (Gods Of War Live 2007)

Violence and Bloodshed (Fighting the World [1987])

Defender (Fighting the World [1987])

The Dawn Of Battle

Kingdom Come (Kings Of Metal [1988])

Die With Honor (Edit Version)

Wariors Of The World United

Manowar "The Lord Of Steel" (2012) - Annihilation

The Power Of Thy Sword (The Triumph of Steel [1992])

Silent Night

Die With Honor (Thunder in the Sky [2009])

Fight for Freedom

Metal Warrior

Fast Taker (Battle Hymns [1982])

Stille Nacht

Thor (The Powerhead) (Sign Of The Hammer [1984])

Touch The Sky (2012)

Brothers every where

The Sons Of Odin (Immortal Version)

Black List [The Lord Of Steel, 2012]

Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath cover; Magic - The Tribute to DIO)


Manowar "The Lord Of Steel" (2012) - El gringo

Sleipnir /Gods Of War '2007/

Manowar "The Lord Of Steel" (2012) - The Lord Of Steel

Righteous Glory [The Lord Of Steel, 2012]

Brothers Of Metal, Part 1

Warriors Of The World United (минус)

Die for Metal (Brutal Legend OST)

Hand Of Doom (Warriors of the World [2002])

Manowar (Warriors Of The World 2002) - Nessun Dorma

Manowar (Louder Than Hell 1996) - King

The Ascension

Отец (Father - Russian Version)

Return to Warlord

Manowar - Gods Of War (2007) - Loki God Of Fire #

Manowar - 1988 - Kings Of Metal - Blood Of The Kings

Manowar - Warriors Of The World (2002) - Warriors Of The World United #

The Blood of the Kings MMXIV

Ария(Manowar) - Пробил час(Return of Warlord)

Manowar (Louder Than Hell 1996) - The Gods Made Heavy Metal

Number I

Revelation (Death's Angel)

Manowar - Gods Of War (2007) - Gods of War

The Crown & The Ring (Metal Version)

Paragon - The Gods Made Heavy Metal (ManOwaR Cover)

Anal Cunt - Gloves Of Metal (Manowar Cover)

Edge Of Sanity - Blood of My Enemies (Manowar)

Хелависа - Master Of The Wind (Manowar cover)

Van Canto - Master Of The Wind (Manowar cover)

Ragnarok - Heart Of Steel (Manowar cover)

Мельница - Master of the wind (Manowar)

ЛБЗ (Wargaming.FM) - World of Tanks (Manowar, Ария, Пробил час, 320 кб\с)

Ария - Пробил час (cover of Manowar - Return of Warlord)

Edge Of Sanity - Blood Of My Enemies (Manowar cover)

Bridge Of Death (Душевная песня про смерть)

Black Wind, Fire And Steel (Fighting the World [1987])

Manowar - Fighting The World 1987 - Fighting The World

Hail And Kill (live in Pahilhao, Portugal — «Hell On Wheels», 1997)

Manowar (Hail To England 1984) - Blood Of My Enemies

Death Tone (1982)

1.Death Tone (Battle Hymns MMXI 2010)

MANOWAR / 2002 / single-The Dawn Of Battle / 01 - The Dawn Of Battle

The Crown And The Ring (Kings Of Metal [1988])

Kings Of \m/etal (Kings Of \m/etal / 1988)


Metal daze (2010)

Fast Taker (2010)

Father (Russian version)

Return of the warlord (Ария - Пробил час!)

Silent Night (Тиха ніч)


Brothers Of Metal Pt. 1

Let The God Decide (Thunder in the Sky [2009])

Shell Shock (2010)

Blood Of The King

Heart Of Steel (Live) 1999

Mountains (Live 2007)

Battle Hymn - Гимн Битвы

Achilles,Agony And Ecstasy(Hector Storms The Wall)

The Demon's Whip (The Triumph of Steel [1992])

お父さん (Father - Japanese Version)

Defender (original version, narration by Orson Welles)

Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part 2)

The Heart of Steel MMXIV (Acoustic Intro)

Revelation (death's angel)

Kings Of Metal (Live)

Call To Arms (Gods Of War Live 2007)

Manowar "The Triumph Of Steel" 1992 - 1-Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts

Ария & Manowar - Пробил час of the Warlord

07 March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)

Manowar (Battle Hymns [1982]) - 08. Battle Hymn


The Sons Of Odin (live Gos of War 2007)

03 Gloves Of Metal

Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy: I. "Hector Storms the Wall"

Manowar /1992 /The Triumph Of Steel/ 04 - Spirit Horse of the Cherokee

Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy: VIII. "The Glory of Achilles"

Blood Brother

The power of the thy sword