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Never going back alone

Going back alone

No one's left, lost my home

Living, ...

Native New Yorker

New York girl, ooh, ooh, ooh

Runnin' pretty, New York City girl

Twenty-five, ...

Going Back To My Roots

Zippin' up my boots
goin' back to my roots

To the place of my ...

Enigma - Odyssey Of The Mind

Things are changing
But nothing changes
And still there are changes
Le roi est mort, ...

Midnight Odyssey - Those Who Linger At Night

"I am the forest, the keeper of fate
I have awakened to die
These trees are old, my ...

Midnight Odyssey - When Death Comes Crawling

As you leave me
I feel such loneliness sweep over me
I sense the world getting darker

Midnight Odyssey - An Ode To Dying Spirits

O' hear me spirit
It will be over before we know it's begun
O' see me spirit
I ...

Midnight Odyssey - Starlight Oblivion

A celestial path that worlds cling to
Over the blackened horizon they go
To leave the ...

Diorama - Odyssey Into The Vacuum

integraded landslide
paler state of mind
exhausted by rebellion
that isn't one

a ...

Midnight Odyssey - Tears Of Starfire

The death of an ancient being
Deserves more than a mortal's tear
Its existence is much ...

Midnight Odyssey - Journey Across the Sea

From afar these strangers came
With fire in their eyes
Their swords were jewelled, their ...

Midnight Odyssey - Funerals From The Astral Sphere

Above me rises the blanket of night
A canvas lit by a million fires
But whose flames are small ...

Midnight Odyssey - Journey Across The Stars

I'm gonna fight 'em all
A nation army couldn't hold me back
They're gonna rip ...

Kirlian Camera - Odyssey Europa

I couldn’t say
what happened there
couldnt forget
that lost surface
And crystal rain ...

Adestria - The Odyssey

The shadows will lead us back
The Silhouttes point to the west

I will not be kept from the ...

Eurobeat Brony - Batty (Extended) ft. Odyssey

I'm going to drain you of your colors
You are the apple of my eye
I'm going to stalk you ...

Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey - Luna (Assertive Fluttershy Remix)

For a thousand years
I've waited here for you
Waiting every night
For I thought you ...

Midnight Odyssey - Hunter Of The Celestial Sea

Forever poised
He rides the darkened skies
An eternal cycle
A chase of endless ...

Midnight Odyssey - Darker Skies Once Radiant

Take, but a moment to be
In this reverie
In a lifeless state
Of serenity

Falling far ...

Midnight Odyssey - Asleep Is The Fire

In colder dreams
An eon away
Darker be the night
And never be the day
The ever fainting ...

Diary Of Dreams - Odyssey Asylum

The pride of the moment
lost now in memories
The truth of this beauty
in vague ...

Symphony X - The Odyssey

To the one that I love, my journey has begun
When our eyes meet once more there will be ...

Solitary Experiments - Odyssey Of Mind

Look in the mirror and tell me what you see
Is there something you remember or anything you ...

Kyuss - Odyssey

Take one to the mountain
Take one to the sea
Take one to the belly of the beast
And then ...

Novembre - Sound Odyssey

Hoist the sails of the night
Sail your ships towards the horizon of the sound
Where are your ...


Hear me speak I am the nameless one
Seek the silence and you'll be blessed
All you meek ...

Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey - Luna (DREAM MODE)

For a thousand years
I've waited here for you
Waiting every night
For I thought you ...

In the Heat of the Night (Sandra cover)

Talk to me - want my love.
Talk to me - but not that stuff
You ain't get enough using my ...

Moonbeam pres. Space Odyssey - Venus (CD 2)

01. Andrew Salsano & JF Sebastian featuring Jayn Hanna - Walking On Fire (Original Mix)
02. ...

Eyes of the World (Rainbow cover)

I see the innocent victims
Fighting to get to his door
No chain of events
Can settle him ...

Midnight Odyssey - Secrets and Solitude

In the silence of the astral realm
There are whispers of an unknown tongue
The more I listen, ...

Midnight Odyssey - The Forest Mourners

Under the moonlight, in winter's realm
The trees are silent, the wolves as well
Only ...

Space odyssey - Embrace the galaxy

When the ends is over I will bring the pieces left
And the saints of sadness watching over my ...