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Roy orbison / Тексты песен

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Oh, Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

Oh My Love, My Darling

Only The Lonely

In Dreams

You Got It

All I Have To Do Is Dream

I Drove All Night

Unchained Melody


Blue Angel

Pretty Women

Running Scared

Blue Bayou


The Only One

Ooby Dooby

Only you

California Blue

A Love So Beautiful

In the Real World

Love Hurts

In Dreams (OST "Blue Velvet")

Oh, Pretty Woman (OST Красотка)


Our love song

In Dreams (Alan Wake OST)

It's Over

Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)

So Young

Van Halen - Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison Cover)

Oh, Pretty Woman (1964) ()

Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison - Hit The Road Jack

Elvis Presley,Chuk Berry,Roy Orbison... - Let's Twist Again

Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison - Tutti Frutti

Candy Man

Very Woman



You're My Baby

Elvis Presley,Chuk Berry,Roy Orbison... - Lets Twist again

Oh my love

Working For The Man

Oh, Pretty Women

Dream (OST "Вам письмо")

Austra - Crying (Roy Orbison Cover)

Stig - Roy Orbison

I Drove All Night --1987 © Virgin Records--

Unchained melody (Песня из к/ф «Привидение»)

Preety Woman(Песня из Красотки)

Beautiful Lana

The Great Pretender

Oh Preety woman

Pretty Woman (минус вокал) original-minus.ru

Pretty Woman минус

Crawling Back

Pretty One

O, my love

Roy Orbison & Joe Melson - Llorando (Crying)


After The Love Has Gone

Oh, Pretty Wo)

Unchained Melody (Oh, my love)

Crying (with K.D. Lang)

Oh, Pretty Woman (минус)

312) Roy Orbison - In Dreams

Unchained melody (OST Привидение)

Roy Kelton Orbison - Pretty woman

Roy Kelton Orbison - Only The Lonely

Село i люди - Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison cover)

TRAVELING WILBURYS - End of the Line (George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne)

teen suicide - Crying (Roy Orbison cover)

Roy Orbison (Music - Roy Orbison,Tom Petty,Jeff Lynne) - You Got It

Oh, Pretty Woman, 1964 (песня из фильма "Красотка", 1990)

Oh, Pretty Woman(из фильма "Красотка")

Lady in Red

Mean Woman Blues

Oh My Love My Darling (ost Приведение)

Heartbreak Radio

Roy Orbison & k.d. lang - Crying

Bye-Bye Love

Love In Time

Pretty Paper

Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman - Минусовка

☜♡☞ Roy Orbison☜♡☞ - Pritty Woman

Careless Heart

Mystery Girl

She Wears My Ring

Best Friend

"Life Fades Away"

All I Have To Do Is Dream (минус)


QL | КС » Roy Orbison - Ooby Dooby

Only You (OST Клон)

Coming Home

Oh, my love, my darling (Sw)

Pretty wooman

Communication Breakdown

Beautiful Dreamer

What'd I Say

Dream Baby

Only With You

Walk On

You may feel me crying


Medicine Man

Hound Dog Man




Too Soon To Know

I Never Knew

The Morning After

I Drove All Night (1987/92)

Roy Orbison (Рой Орбисон) - Ride Away

Roy Orbison (Рой Орбисон) - Lana

Running Scared (1961)

Oh, Pretty Woman (OST Dumb And Dumber )

Penny Arcade

Go Go Go (Down The Line)

All I Have To Do Is Dream (1958)

Oh, Pretty Woman (Тепло наших тел)

Oh, Pretty Woman (OST Мисс Бабуля)

Shahdaroba (1963)

Pretty Woman (фильм Красотка)

Oh, Pretty Woman (угадайте фильм)

*All I Have To Do Is Dream(ахах слова прям про меня) )))

Oh, Pretty Woman (Elvis Presley cover)

You Got It 1988

A Love So Beautiful Brian ( Для свадебного клипа)

RLX - Beautiful Lana

In Dreams (OST "Blue Velvet" by David Lynch)

Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers cover)

Things Go Better With Coke

Let The Good Times Roll

Running Scared (ost Legend / Легенда 2015) трейлер / trailer

Dream [OST You've got a mail]

All I Have To Do Is Dream (OST You've Got The Mail)

Running Scared (1961), (OST "Легенда / Legend, 2015)

Roy Orbison & Joe Melson - Llorando (Crying)

In Dreams ( OST Blue Velvet / Синий бархат )

There Won't Be Many Coming Home (The Hateful Eight OST)

In Drea

In Dreams (OST Alan Wake)

Roy Orbison (OST Приведение) - Oh, my love

Roy Orbison & KD Lang - Crying

In Dreams ("Alan Wake" OST Episode 1) [1963]

Pretty Woman (OST "Красотка")

Pretty woman (Из фильма "Красотка")

Elvis Presley,Chuck Berry,Roy Orbison... - Let's Twist Again

Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison (single; 1964; Roy Orbison, Bill Dees; AGP)

музыка из фильмов - Roy Orbison, " Красотка".

True Jazz Band - Oh, Pretty woman (Roy Orbison cover)

John Fogerty - Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison Cover)

Van Halen (Эдди Ван Хален) - Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison Cover)

kd lang live - crying(roy orbison)

Rooney - You Got It (Roy Orbison cover)

Don McLean - Crying (Roy Orbison cover)

John Frusciante - In Dreams (Roy Orbison cover)

Rolling Stone Bar - Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman

Teen Suicide - Crying (Roy Orbison)

Devil Doll (1961-Roy Orbison at the Rock House)

04-Trying To Get To You (1961-Roy Orbison at the Rock House)

09-Sweet And Easy To Love (1961-Roy Orbison at the Rock House)

05-It's Too Late (1961-Roy Orbison at the Rock House)

Only The Lonely (Joe Melson / Roy Orbison), 1961

Roy Orbison - 1965 - ( Orbisongs ) - Oh, Pretty Woman - 1 - ( Roy Orbison , Bill Dees )

03 Jambalaya (On the Bayou) - Hank Williams The Roy Orbison Way 1970

02-Devil Doll (1961-Roy Orbison at the Rock House)

Oh, Pretty Woman(ча-ча-ча)

OST - Мафия 2 - Roy Orbison - All I Have To Do Is Dream

Fancy & Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman (Из к/ф.Красотка,США,1990г)

BS Roy Orbison - All I Have To Do Is Dream

Oh, Pretty Woman (Саундтрэк к фильму "Красотка")

Oh, Pretti Woman (OST_Pretty Woman)

Oh Pretty Woman (PartyфонЪ Project Club Mix)

Very Women [ретро]

Oh, my love, my darling...murajki po telu...

Oh, Pretty Woman (OST K-911)

Roy Orbison & Jeff Lynne - A Love So Beautiful

311 - In Dreams

Oh, Pretty Woman ( fil'm KRASOTKA)

It wasn't very long ago (Ceasar K Remix)

Happy birthday, Valeriya!

[Alan Wake OST] Roy Orbison - In Dreams

roy orbison (CR-2) - oh my love, my darling

Oh, Pretty Woman (60s)

Love Hurts (The Everly Brothers)

Oh, Pretty Woman (Ally McBeal theme)

In Dreams (Красотка)

Oh My Love, My Darling (Красотка)

Roy Orbison (Music - Bono, Edge) - She's A Mystery To Me

Everything you want you got it

Ride Away

Go Away


Oh, My love (Из кинофильма "Приведение")



Land Of 1000 Dances

Roy Orbison feat K.D. Lang - Crying

She's A Mystery To My

Drift Away

Blue Velvet

"My love" из к/ф "Приведение"

Oh, my love, my darling (О, моя любовь, моя дорогая)