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Running wild / Тексты песен

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The Crew - Wild Run

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Sunshine feelin\' ...

Scorpions - Bad Boys Running Wild

Out in the streets
The dogs are on the run
The cats are all in heart
Out in the ...

Marilyn Monroe - Running Wild

Running wild,
Lost control.
Running wild,
Might bold.

Feeling gay,
Reckless ...


Exploring the seas to conquer new lands
Troops arrayed by the church
Sanctified and blessed ...

Under Jolly Roger

Weigh anchor, hoist the sails
Cruisin' for booty on watery trails
No exploiter we see can ...

Pirate Song

Rising the flag on the masthead
The sails and the ropes' holding tight
The gunners are ...

Bad To The Bone

Bad to the Bone
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Iain Finlay, Rolf Kasparek

Fifty years ago ...

Treasure Island

"Остров сокровищ"

Сквайр Трелонни и доктор Ливси
Просят меня, Джима ...

Ballad Of William Kidd

Ballad of William Kidd
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Rolf Kasparek

Dedicated to the ...

WASP - Running Wild In The Streets

I'm running to beat hell, looks like
I've got to run to be the leader
As my forces ...

Mads Langer - The River Has Run Wild

Lyrics to The River Has Run Wild :
The river has run wild tonight
The birds have stopped ...

Little Big Horn

Hey Mr. Custer, why d'you dare the hand of fate
The claw of death waits to grab
A golden ...

Blazon Stone

Like an hawk-eyed eagle,
we're cruising on our raid
Our dogged pride will never fade ...

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Rolf Kasparek


Cold and ...

Jules Larson - Running Wild

One day we\'re gonna look back on this and laugh, baby (uh hu)
One day we\'re gonna say we grew ...

Remark - Wild Run

At least the first step is made
There is no turning back
There is no more suspense
That ...

Riding the Storm

Альбом: Death or Glory (1989)

Breaking the waves, a ride on the wild raging sea
Playing ...


There's power in your blood, there's thunder in your veins
Staunchness is the way to keep ...

Port Royal

Hundred masts, thirty flags
An island in the gulf of Darien
Sandglas, bloody heart
Flying ...

Return Of The Dragon

Only when the last dragonslayer has been layed by the heels
And his demonic soul is melting in ...

The rivalry

Since all the time began the holy council guards the light
They saw dawn of man, made by gods to ...


Getting loaded.
The heat is on.
A bomb exploded.
I'm getting fun.
The body's ...

Diabolic Force

Diabolic Force
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Rolf Kasparek

Scared up raven ...

Airbourne - Running Wild

've got the wind at my back and my foot to the floor
I ain't comin' back to you no ...

Black Hand Inn

A scarred and rakish seadog, mysterious opacity
Walks the grove, the phantom's home
Cuts down ...

Rebel at Heart

They want you to live on their rule,
To walk just straight in the line
Big brother, so mean ...

Welcome To Hell

Welcome to Hell
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Rolf Kasparek

I... I bid you welcome
on ...

Tortuga Bay

Man or boy - we'll fight all as one
Bending the rules - it's the call of the wild
Last ...

Soldiers Of Hell

Black shadows and black horses
Dark warriors out of hell
Mighty and evil
Reflection of an ...

Mr. Deadhead

Brainless and narrow-minded, a blockhead all the way.
Prejudice\'s your religion, your maxim\'s ...

The Hussar

Mordant wall of smoke.
Barrels glow, shot their load.
Gunfire takes your breath.
Balls of ...

BTR - Run Wild

Run wild and never look back

Break out, get a little loud
Shout it from the rooftops ...

for KING & COUNTRY - Run Wild. (feat. Andy Mineo)

Are the walls to lock you in or to keep others away
And if the doors were to be opened would you ...

Hardwell feat. Jake Reese - Run Wild

I remember how we used to be free
Listen to nothing but our feelings
Walked to the sound of ...

Victim of States Power


See the danger of armament.
Each single minute can be your last.
World is full ...

Chains and Leather

As the day has gone and the heat has come
Head banger's war tonight
Screaming metal ...

Iron Heads

One night they see light,
horizon is filled up with flames
Destroying all the towns
they ...

Black Wings Of Death

The churchbell of doom is tolling
The angel of death is near
The ghost with cowl and the ...

Heads Or Tails

Орел или решка
Музыка: Рольф Kasparek
Текст: Рольф Kasparek

Лжецы и обманщики.
Мы ...

Van Canto - Bad To The Bone (Running Wild cover)

Fifty years ago with the world at war.
Hands bloodied, devastated.
Better believe they're ...

Tindersticks - Running Wild

Running wild through my mind that I can't sleep tonight
Running wild through my mind that I ...

Merlin Monro - Running wild

Runnin' Wild

Running wild,
Lost control.
Running wild,
Might bold. ...

Marilyn Monroe - Running Wild (OST Some Like It Hot)

Runnin' Wild

Running wild,
Lost control.
Running wild,
Might bold. ...

Airbourn - Running Wild

The battle ain\'t over
The fight goes on
We\'ll never surrender
We\'re still standing ...

Running Blood

The holy sword of life
Is burning through the lands
Wizards and witches
Their torture never ...

Chains And Leather (Branded and Exiled-1985)

Chains and Leather
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Rolf Kasparek

As the day ...

Raw Ride

Raw Ride
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Rolf Kasparek

Oh, ...


In the centre of the empire of darkness
Black fortress stands might and proud
The shelter ...


The gods of past and future, returning from the sky
Defenders of the holy, they are soaring on ...

Genesis (The Making And The Fall Of Man)

Genesis (The Making And The Fall Of Man)

The question that on man's mind science the ...


At the day of his coronation
He sank down in deepest dispair
Hundreds of russians were ...

Tortuga Bay (1989 - Death Or Glory)

Tortuga Bay
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Iain Finlay, Rolf Kasparek

Man or boy - ...

Black Demon

Ancient warriors, troops of hell
Demon commands, parsons to fell
Ironbound horse, twinkling ...

Born Bad, Dying Worse

Born Bad, Dying Worse
Музыка: Rolf Kasparek
Текст: Rolf Kasparek



Thundering cannon fire is roaring through the air
Fighting courageous, driven by ...