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The beach boys / Тексты песен

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Wouldnt it be nice

California Dreamin'

Good Vibrations

God Only Knows


California dreaming

I Get Around

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Surfin' USA

Sloop John B


You Still Believe In Me

Barbara Ann

Lonely Sea

Heroes And Villains

California Dreamin' (The Mamas And The Papas cover)

Here Today

Merry Christmas, Baby

Fun, Fun, Fun


Good vibration

Surfing USA

Little Saint Nick

Surfin' Safari

California Girls


Surfer Girl

California Dreamin' (The Mamas & the Papas cover)

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

San Francisco

Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)

In My Room

I Can Hear Music

Feel Flows

Be True to Your School

Surfin' Safari (1962)

Little Deuce Coupe

Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

I know there's an answer

Beach Boys - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Warmth Of The Sun

California Dreamin' (The Mamas & The Papas cover)

A Day In The Life Of A Tree

The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Bob Dilan, The Doors - California Dreamin'


Sail On, Sailor

Dance, Dance, Dance

Help Me, Rhonda

Caroline, No

I Get Around (1963)

Student Demonstration Time



When I Grow Up (to Be A Man)

Kokomo [OST How I Met Your Mother]

I Get Around (1964)

Our Sweet Love

Good Vibrations (OST Vanilla Sky)

I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

Girls on the Beach

Tears In The Morning

I Get Around (Fantastic Mr. Fox OST)

God Only Knows (OST Love Actually)

All Summer Long

Then I Kissed Her

Don't Worry Baby

Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

Do You Wanna Dance

All I Wanna Do


Little Honda

Christmas Day

Please Let Me Wonder


Auld Lang Syne

Kiss Me Baby

spring vacation

Cotton Fields


California Dream

Roller Skating Child

California Dreaming (OST Форест Гамп)

Good To My Baby

God Only Knows 1966

Catch A Wave

Dont worry, baby

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Surf's Up

Pet Sounds [1966]

Darlin' (2012 Stereo Mix)

Oh! Darling

Status Quo - Fun Fun Fun (feat. The Beach Boys)

Psychic TV - Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys cover)

Thats Why God Made The Radio

Here Comes The Night

Frosty The Snowman

Darlin' (OST The Big Bang Theory)

'Til I Die

I Wanna Pick You Up

Heroes And Villains (OST Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Caroline, No (600 раз)

California Girls (1965)

Summertime Blues

Your Summer Dream

Lookin' At Tomorrow

Surfer Moon

Car Crazy Cutie

Custom Machine

Cherry, Cherry Coupe

You're So Good To Me

Long Promised Road

Hang On To Your Ego

Do You Remember?


!!!!!The Beach Boys( 1988) - 06. Kokomo(Aruba,Jamaica,Bermuda..after Florida Keys..)

Heroes And Villians

Break Away

Wouldn`t It Be Nice (OST Безбрачная неделя / Hall Pass)

'Cassius' Love vs. 'Sonny' Wilson

Crack At Your Love

Noble Surfer

Come Go With Me

Be With Me

Good Time

Good Timin'

Wild Honey

I get around (OST Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Pet Sounds (Full Album 1966)

Barbara Ann (1965)

Girl Don't Tell Me

Never Learn Not To Love

Little Saint Nick (1963)

Wouldn't It Be Nice 1966

Wouldn't It Be Nice (OST Boat That Rocked)

That's Not Me

Isn't It Time

David Bowie - God Only Knows ( The Beach boys cover)

California dreaming (the Mamas and the Papas cover)

I'm Waiting For The Day

Heroes And Villains ( The Smile Sessions )

Bad To The Bone

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations - OST Lost. Throught the Looking Glass. Part 1

The Wanderer

I'm Waiting For The Day ("Pet Sounds", 1966)

Darlin(The Big Bang Theory)

Wouldn't It Be Nice (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix)

California Dreamin (OST Блудливая Калифорния)

The Beach Boys (Love Actually OST) - God Only Knows

War (из фильма Час -Пик)

California Dreaming (Реклама Opel и Citroen)

Surfin USA (OST Teen Wolf) 1985

Slip On Through

She's Goin' Bald

Disney Girls

Wouldn`t It Be Nice (OST 50 первых поцелуев)


Good Vibrations (OST Ванильное небо)

Problem Child (OST Трудный ребенок)

006 - The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations

Little Girl (You're My Miss America)

Surfing U.S.A. (плагиат Chuck Berry Sweet Little Sixteen )

Kokomo(как я встретил вашу маму)

Do It Again

Caroline No (Pet Sounds)

Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Catch A Wave (1963)

That's Not Me

You Still Believe In Me (Pet Sounds)

Santa's Beard

Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring

Shut Down


who need a war?

Monster Mash

Christmas Time Is Here Again

Child Of Winter (Christmas Song)

Heroes And Villains ( Smiley Smile )

In My Room(Friends 2/8)


Mountain Of Love

She Knows Me Too Well


Our Car Club

The Beach Boys (Smile Sessions version) - Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)

Little Pad

Hawaii (OST Just Go With It )

I'll Bet He's Nice

Well to Whom Needs War

Shake, Rattle and Roll (Big Joe Turner cover)


Looking At Tommorow (A Welfare Song)

Match Point Of Our Love

I Can Hear Music, 1969

Problem Child

Don't Back Down

Good Vibrations (OST "Каникулы в Вегасе")

Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran Cover)

God Only Knows (Pet Sounds)

The Beach Boys (Pet Sounds) - God only knows

Barbara Ann-(банана-миньоны)

Surfin' USA (1963)

Pom Pom Play Girl

Sloop John B (OST Forrest Gump)

At My Window

Wind Chimes

Good Vibrations ( From Smiley Smile )

Add Some Music To Your Day

Little Saint Nick (OST Рок-волна)

War (OST Час Пик 3)

Take A Load Off Your Feet

War (OST Rush Hour)

Cool, Cool Water

Well to Whom Who Needs War

Sloop John B ("Pet Sounds", 1966)

1985-07-04-Ben Franklin Parkway Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Do It Again (OST Делай ноги | Happy Feet)

Wouldn't It Be Nice (OST Ищу друга на конец света)

We Three Kings Of Orient Are

Hushabye (acapella)


Edwin Starr (feat. The Beach Boys) - War

Sweet Sunday Kinda Love

San Francisco (OST Forrest Gump)

farmer's daughter