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Kanye West - Wolves (ft. Vic Mensa & Sia)

Kanye West - Wolves (feat. Frank Ocean, Vic Mensa, Sia)

Vic Mizzy - The Addams Family

Onyx - Rob And Vic

Coheed and Cambria - Key Entity Extraction III: Vic the Butcher

Vic Chesnutt - Glossolalia

Vic Reeves - Life's A Treat

Iron Maiden - Roll Over Vic Vella

周渝民 (Vic Chou) - 我在想你的时候睡着了

Vic Dana - Red Roses For A Blue Lady

Vic Damone - Almost Like Being In Love

Vic Chesnutt - Coward

Vic Anselmo - Who?

Vic Anselmo - Put Your Spell On Me

Vic Anselmo - World From Here

Vic Chesnutt - Everything I Say

Vic Mignogna - Brothers

Vic Mignogna - We Are

Vic De Leon - All I Need

Kanye West feat. Vic Mensa & Sia - Wolves [2015] (Tony Cliftone Rework)

Vic Mensa - U Mad ft. Kanye West

Vic Mensa feat. Kanye West - U Mad

Kanye West feat. Vic Mensa & Sia - Wolves [2015]

Vic Mignogna - Nothing I Wont Give

Vic Mensa - Danger

All Time Low - A Love Like War (ft Vic Fuentes)

Chiodos - Love Is A Cat From Hell (feat. Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil)


Mayday Parade - Somebody That I Used To Know (Ft. Vic Fuentes)

Kanye West - Wolves (feat. Vic Mensa, Sia)

Kanye West - Wolves (feat. Sia, Vic Mensa & Frank Ocean)

Vic Zhou Yu Min & Barbie Xu Xi Yuan - Rang Wo Ai Ni (Let Me Love You)

Vic Damone - Cincinnati Dancing Pig

Vic Zhou - 愛你一萬年(Ai ni yi wan nian)

Vic Mignogna - Brothers (FMA OST)

Vic Mignogna - Nothing I Wont Give (FMA)

Vic Dana - I Will Wait For You

Samsas Traum feat.Liv Kristine and Vic Anselmo - Im Ursprung der Schatten

Vic Zhou - Ai Zai Ai Ni

Vic Damone - On the Streets Where You Live

Vic Mignogna - Pot Bellied Buddah

Vic Mignogna - We Are! (One Piece Opening ost)

Vic Mignogna - Brothers (OST Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Vic Anselmo - I Cried (Tribute To Dimebag Darrell)

Vic Anselmo - The Flight

Vic Mignogna - Italian Boys

Vic Mensa - Suitcase (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

Vic Mensa - Magic (Ft. Jesse Boykins III)

Vic Mignogna - Hello Beautiful

Vic Mignogna - Guilty Beauty Love (english)

Vic Anselmo - Before I Could Breathe

Vic Chesnutt - Flirted With You All My Life

Vic Chesnutt - Chain

Vic Zhou - Pieces of tears

Vic Mignogna - Chance

Vic Ruggiero - Taking Care Of Business

Vic Mignogna - Out of the Rain

Vic - Дневник жизни

Vic Zhou - Lonely winter

Vic - Freak the Freak out

Vic Chesnutt - Come Into My World (Kylie Minogue Cover)

Vic Damone - Little Girl

Vic Chesnutt - Fodder On Her Wings

Vic Chesnutt - Splendid

Vic Damone - Deck The Halls

Vic Chesnutt - Wallace Stevens

Vic Chesnutt - Supernatural

Vic Anselmo - Wellspring

Vic Anselmo - Open Wide

Vic Anselmo - Ashes

Vic & Snezha - Take a Hint

Vic Chesnutt - Marathon

Vic Chesnutt - Warm

Vic Chesnutt - You Are Never Alone

Vic Damone - Let`s Fall In Love

Vic Anselmo - Leaving Eden (Acoustic Live) (Antimatter cover)

VIC'S MC ft. Круглый - Doomsday (PARLIAMENT MUSIC Instr.)

R1CO [DamageR'S] п.у [Vic Dee] - 4 шага до победы [GBr5]

VIC - NERadio X'mas Music Festival [7th Year] 2014

Vic Chesnutt - Chinaberry Tree

Vic Sabrosura - Historia De Amor -{Bachata 2014 by vk.com/club_sdm}-

VIC - Past Against The Future 013 [01.03.2015] [Revolution Radio]

VIC - Past Against The Future 007 [01.09.2014] [Revolution Radio]

VIC - Past Against The Future 012 (Progressive Special) [17.02.2015]


Kanye West ft. Vic Mensa & Sia - Wolves (Produced By Farooq)

VIC - Past Against The Future 014 [06.04.2015] [Revolution Radio]

Kanye West Wolves ft Sia & Vic Mensa - Wolves (Tony Cliftone Rework)

Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters Vic Shoen - Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin WWII 1943

Vic Mensa - Codeine Crazy (Future Cover)

VIC - Past Against The Future 018 (august 2015) [03.08.2015] [Revolution Radio]

Kanye West feat. Vic Mensa & Sia - Wolves (Tony Cliftone Rework)

VIC - After Summer Dj Mix @ Hell Broke Loose

VIC - After Summer Dj Mix @ Rising

Vic Damone - Angela Mia / My Angel (1957; муз.: Erno Rapee - ст.: Lew Pollack)

VIC - Past Against The Future 22 (December 2015)

VIC - Past Against The Future 21 (November 2015)

Vic Damone - It Had To Be You (муз. Айшема Джонса - ст.: Gus Kahn)

Vic Damone - Change Partners (автор песни - Ирвинг Берлин)

VIC - Past Against The Future 23 New Year Edition (January 2016)