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A Skylit Drive - City on the Edge of Forever (Wires and the concept of the Breathing 2008)

School Of Seven Bells - Wired For Light

Machinae Supremacy - Origin - The Wired

Astpai - Wastable Wires

The Neighbourhood - Wires (New Monkey Studio 06-21-2012)

(Ao no Exorcist - Синий Экзорцист)Kuroki Meisa - Wired Life (2 ендинг)

Kuroki Meisa - Wired Life(OST Ao no Exorcist)-ending 2

A Skylit Drive - Balance (Wires and the concept of Breathing 2008)

A Skylit Drive - Eris and Dysnomia (Wires and the concept of Breathing 2008)

A Skylit Drive - Knights of the Round (Wires and the concept of Breathing 2008)

No Class - Crossed Wires

Charli XCX - Wires (Athlete Cover)

Athlete - Wires (OTH - 2.22)

Лимонадный Рот (Lemonade Mouth) - Livin' On a High Wire (Жизнь под напряжением)

Riff Raff - Bird On A Wire (Feat. Action Bronson)

Nika Lenina - Wired Life - Провод жизни (instrumental) минус

DJ Hyper - Wired (Disc 2) (2004)

Garbage - Trip My Wire (1996 Queer single)

Kuroki Meisa - Wired life (ost Blue Exorcist)

Kasabian - Re-Wired (Instrumental)

Meisa Kuroki - Wired Life

Chris Rea - Shine, Shine, Shine (Wired To The Moon (1984)

DJ Hyper - Wired (Disc 1) (2004)

Modaji - Live Wire (Senza Voce Mix) [club47976767]

The Vampire Diaries - 2x06 - Athlete - Wires

Kassabian - Re-wired

Vargas Blues Band - Hot Wires

Garbage [Not your kind of people 2012] - 10. Man On A Wire

Garbage - 10 Man On A Wire

Kuroki Meisa - Wired Life (OST Синий Экзорцист, Ending 2, Full Version)

Kendrick Lamar - Barbed Wire (feat. Ash Riser)

Kanye West - Through The Wire [The College Dropout]

Kuroki Meisa - Wired Life (Ao no Exorcist ED2)

Allure feat. Christian Burns - On The Wire

Radiant Records - [Misato] Wired Life {Meisa Kuroki RUS cover by RR} / Ao no Exorcist

Red Flag - Barbed Wire Cuts

DoMaJe - Way Down in the Hole (OST The Wire, Season 4)

Katey Sagal & The Forest Rangers - Bird On A Wire (Leonard Cohen cover)

The Bogside Volunteers - The Men Behind The Wire

Baltimora - Pull The Wires

The Neighbourhood - Wires(Acoustic)

Options - The Wire

Strogova - Friends For Wire Fish Podcast # O29

Cyanotic - Two Wires Thin (16volt cover)

Steam Powered Giraffe - Wired Wrong

AC/DC - Live Wire (Live At The Eissporthalle, Berlin 1979)

The Dublin City Ramblers - The Men Behind the Wire

[ Velvet Acid Christ - Barbed Wired Garden ]

Radiant Records - [Misato] Провода / Wired Life

Nightcore - Wired Life

Biosphere - Rachel's Dance (soundtrack , Rachel´s Wire (N), 1994)

Kasabian - Re-wired (vk.com/player_2014)

5.9 Athlete - Wires [OST Дневники вампира (2x06)]

The Neighbourhood - Wires (Endsession)

Meisa Kuroki - Wired Life (Синий Экзорцист эндинг 2)

va - Wired (2015)

Blue Exorcist/Cиний Экзорцист OST - Wired Life

Kuroki Meisa - Wired Life [Blue Exorcist ED 2]

the nbhd - wires(acoustic)

Michael Malarkey - Wires

Deadlines - The Wire

Meisa Kuroki - Wired Life (Ao no Exorcist End 2)

ESL Podcast 626 - Wiring Money to Another Country

Nika Lenina - Wired Life/Провод жизни (rus) (OST "Ao no Exorcist" ED 2)

Лимонадный рот (Lemonade Mouth) - Жизнь под напряженьем(Livin' On A High Wire)

Неизвестен - Livin' On A High Wire

Johnny Cash - Bird On A Wire (Leonard Cohen cover)

Earth, Wind & Fire - Love Across The Wire

Shakey Graves - Hard Wired

Regina Spector - Two birds on a wire

Kasabian - Re-wired (OST Sleeping Dogs)

Nina Hagen - Barbed Wire

Oh Wonder - Live wire

Аthlete - wires

Sonic Youth - Hot Wire My Heart (Crime cover)

The Fratellis - Bird on the Wire (Leonard Cohen cover)

Ludovico Technique - Wired For Destruction 2012

Thievery Corporation - Wires and Watchtowers

the neigbourhood - wires

Excision - Live Wire (►) AP_M music [#AP_M][vk.com/ap_music][#DubStep]

Brent Simon - World Wired West (the Bittorrent Song)

The Silence Broken - Blankets and Wires

Athlete - Wires (ДВ)

♪Athlete - Wires♪(Д.В. 2\6)

Deftones - Hearts / Wires

The Twenty Three - Wire

B-Wire - Границы контракта [Sound by Wire](BelBattle r2)

Red Wire Black Wire - Locked Out

Red Wire Black Wire - Breathing Fire

The Wire - 01 - I Should Have Known Better

The Wire - 13 - 106 Beats That