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Lobotomy For Dummies

You can lie to me and say it's you I adore
You can poison me and drown me on the shore
You ...

Now or Never

You got to go loco, this ain't no joke yo
Too much hype on the television and radio
What ...

Playmate of the Year

There's this girl I don't know
Comes by every year or so
And if I get the mail before ...

Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah! Woooooo

Punk rock, trippin' with the flavour of hip hop
Spittin' ...

His World

Come on and light the fuse
He's a rocket and he's ready to go
Cuz now the countdown's started ...

Rescue Me

Rescue Me
Another tragedy in the news
Someone shooting down the right to choose
It ...

Rated "U" For Ugly

Hit me, Hit me, Hit me
With all you got
Just a superficial girl who cares a lot
About ...

Wannabe (Spice girls cover)

Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you ...

Hello Tomorrow

Hello tomorrow and good-bye to yesterday
We've been waiting for this moment

And we ...

Falling Apart

Stutter step through another trap set by deception
Mention rejection rejection
Always lies in ...


Yo, I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want
So tell me what ya what, what ya really ...

Over the Edge

She wants to know where I've been
She's got the gloves on again
She thinks she's ...

Let It Ride

Let it ride
How did everything get messed up?
Let it go
Now I got myself all stressed ...

The Walking Dead

I'd rather be dead than to live like this
Than to just exist a hand and no fist
See the ...


I broke down on a Japanese street
Words unsaid they scar so deep
Bullshit, Palanuik both make ...

Galileo Was Wrong

You're always running and you're gunning
For a piece of the pie
A super spy so conniving with ...

Into You

For a minute, she's stuck spinning in it
Still it's better to lose hope than dying in it
Off ...

All For None And None For All

And a crooked hook in his stride
Walking wonderland
Are you taking me for a ride?
I know ...

Wake Me Up

I want a wrecking ball
I want to break it all
I want to jump the track
Fade the day to ...

Be Careful What You Wish For

This is me
I've got a nasty sense of humour and a case of high anxiety
If you please
I ...


Now that you're out of my life I'm so much better
You thought that I'd be weak ...

Broadcast To The World

Brace yourself kid for the final collapse
Cuz the world is spinning fast
coming off its ...


I got a girlfriend
Only she don't know it yet
I got a six string best friend
Who sleeps ...


Drop in
Call us degenerate, heads in a purple haze
Breaking our necks with crime that ...

Are You For Real?

Are you for real?
Are you for real?

Hey you, are you feeling like me too?
I need to get ...

Mike Dexter Is A God, Mike Dexter Is A Role Model, Mike Dexter Is An Asshole

No matter how hard I try
I always find a reason why
To waste my day with you

I got a ...

Back To Normal

I'm feeling lost,
I'm feeling like my heart's
been carved out with a spoon
put on display ...


She wakes up in the morning
In the same room that she's been in her whole life
And everything ...


Gotta get up.
I try to open my eyes.
I'm swimmin through this haze.
That's been around me ...

Veils And Visions

I crash so hard
Fall so low
Just when things look right
That's when you know that I'm ...

Let Me Go

Well some wear their feelings right on their sleeve
And some want to feel what's inside of ...

Down In Flames

Lick my wounds and I feel pain
Watch my future go down the drain
Made my ruin now I'm ...


Did you ever get the feeling that you were all alone
And no one ever knew you and you never had ...

Death By Disco

We got lit, just a bit, right outside the show
The tease stripped, then your manners flew right ...

Morse Code For Suckers

I heard opposites attract, so you're stuck with me
I'm like Jack Kerouac, on the road for ...

Dear You

Dear you
What's your name?
When did we start this crazy game?
Pull up a chair
Grab a ...

Just The Tip

We got bruised wrists
Kick flips and an ill invasion
They say loose lips sink ships but ...

Call Your Friends

Lets go all night hangin' from the ceiling, tied up, pants down, just
another ...

Get Nice!

A cheap thrill, new pill, take a ride (background vocal)
It’s a fresh kill, keep still ...


Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the show
We want it all, we want it now, we wanted you to ...

A Freak Gasoline Fight Accident

The world's gone to war we're facing devastation
All the ships have come to ...


Hey man, are you doing alright?
Is that noose around your neck tied on too tight?
Ha ha, told ...

Type A

Помните? 8D
Shut up
I'm not like you
Back off
Don't smother me
Fuck this ...

I Am

What the fuck, what the fuck is going on?
Let me set it straight on the topics that I`m flowing ...

Deck The Halls (I Hate Christmas)

Its time for everybody to have a christmas party.
Everyone but me I'll step ...

Your New Boyfriend Wears Girl Pants

And so I'm bruised and beaten
Wake up from the floor that I've
been sleeping
Next ...


Late out the door, grab my clothes off the floor,
backpack and books cause school is a ...

Lightning Rod

So you say you like the way I look
So you say you like the way I look
When I fall and no one's ...

Your New Boyfriends Wears Girl Pants

And so I'm bruised and beaten
Wake up from the floor that I've
been sleeping
Next ...

Blue Light Special

Take it all don't wanna waste a fucking thing
Read about it in a magazine
Lies are cheap, but ...

Subtract You

Another day
Another Clean Break
Another Cigarette and I think I\'m gonna be okay
Some other ...

Lobotomy For Dummies (OST FlatOut 2)

You can lie to me and say it's you I adore
You can poison me and drown me on the shore
You ...

Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne cover)

Hey, hey, you, you
I don't like your girlfriend
No way, no way
I think you need a new ...

Light Up The Sky

Light Up The Sky

This is disconnected
I got infected
No way out so then I wrecked ...

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I dont want a lot for Christmas
Theres just one thing I need
I dont care about the ...

One Shot

Look and start to stare into a new point of view
Trip between the lines of what they say that you ...

Wanna Be (Spice Girls cover)

[Verse 1:]
Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you ...

The Fear

I think that time has got the
Best of me, best of me
I wish the worship was mine
Apathy, ...


Another reckless holiday

Another brain cell floats away

I've had enough, please wake ...

The Juggernauts

Watching anvils falling all around
And they break our bones when they hit the ground
The siren ...

Nudist Priest

So you got a little time to waste
Well come on I'd like a little bit of pain to taste
So roll ...

The Set-Up

Lie to me
Tell me that everything will be all right
(Who-o-a) Lie to me
Don't say it ...

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right, But Three Rights Make A Left

Fuck it
I get the feeling tonight that it's going down
I get the feeling she might hit the ...

Postcards From Hell

I didn't see the signs posted on the road
Dead end gives way to the cliff that soars
And I ...