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Army Of The Pharaohs - Prisoner (Feat. Planetary, Doap Nixon, Demoz, Vinnie Paz) | Текст песни

[Verse 1: Planetary]

Disturbing the peace, swerving in Suburbans from beef
Cops lurking, still searching me for murdering beats
I heard that you sweet, niggas look like girls when you speak
Crying all the time cause I’m around the world with my heat
The urban thief, ? have you heard on the street
You heard that we deep? Nigga we like birds in the tree
Dirty my trees for scuffling in church with the priest
Pharaoh clique clack the rebirth of MCs
First to squeeze, stomp you on your turf if I please
Mercy me, understand the words that I teach
The verse is complete and really what you’re worth to me
Dinosaur Ds and fitteds with the purplest ?

[Verse 2: Doap Nixion]

You in the big leagues dawg so you better get more rest
Labels more sheisty and they hit you with more stress
This rap shit got fam thinking we more blessed
Freedom from our contracts, album with more cheques
I came in this game self-centered with big nuts
I watched a lot of big-mouth rappers get jigged up
Now we at the round table holding our drinks up
Or backstage on tour blowing that stink up
As little kids we was all singing
Now with my family drinking under canopies
Reef, A-O, a glimpse on thug fantasy
A fireplace, white gold mantel under our Grammy beats

[Verse 3: Demoz]

Definition of nice, it just took me a little time
I talk to the mic, you scream at it like Lil’ John
These DVD video shoots lying about
When niggas out here is spitting is true
These little niggas claustrophobic scared to get in the booth
What you spitting is funny, I’m McScrooge, I be swimming in money
Ask for a war you’re getting it from me
Ask for an el, you ain’t getting it from me
Probably a blunt, is you getting me dummy?
Probably a chump, aw nigga you funny
? all my niggas is hungry, now hit em up ?
On my shit again, black mask, Timberlands
Mack out, looking for a crack in the crackhouse
Nigga what you stash ‘bout? Blueprint back route
Fast ? man you fucking fiends with your ass out
Assed out, you’s a fruitcake nigga
I stab you in the back cause I’m two-faced, nigga

[Verse 4: Vinnie Paz]

I am unearthly, I am darkness, the Suns curse me
I let the homicides begin like a young Percy
Anybody competing with me is unworthy
Anyone shooting three at me is in a Suns’ jersey
I was born as a Catholic but the nuns turned me
I was born as a pacifist but the guns turned me
I was born to be a beautiful man
But the ugliness is powerful, I do what I can
That’s why I try to drop a jewel on my man
And told him that the block is hotter than Jerusalem’s sand
I don’t never have to prove who I am
Cause anybody know me know that I’m a ruthless man

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