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Bow Wow - Ima Stunt feat DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz | Текст песни

We the best! (Yeah) Who? We! We the best(uh-huh)
Its alot of money on this track(yeah)
So much money we cant even count it
We gotta weigh it
See what we about to do is? (yeah) whats that wayne?
Exactly (listen) what they cant do! True that!

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
I’m killin’ these niggas, killin’ these hoes
Represent the O, just in case you aint know
Stacks in my Levi’s, only fly G5
Live on a island, yeah that’s seaside
Mo-hawk cus these hoes love it, stuntin is a must round here
YM CM, damn right this our year
See i’m ready for whatever, prepared for the worse
Your career is dead, shit, put it in a hearse
Still get 70K for a verse
Eyes so low, cus i smoke that purp
An i’m all grown up, hoes wanna holla at a n-gga cus they saw me in a couple of flicks
They know that my stock is rising
Snoop told me never love a bitch, I don’t trust a bitch
Snapbacks, we off that, Phantom Ghost, yeah I bought that
Doors open like…, initials in the flo’ mats

I’m a young nigga with money
Everytime I throw the drink, gotta a get shorty to running
And when I’m ready to drop, know I’m doing numbers
I’m stuntin like it’s gon be one hot summers
(Lil’ Wayne) Hay you young nigga with money(thats me)
What you gon do with all that money
stunt (when I want to) stunt (when I have to)
(what I need to) stunt (when I see you)
stunt (when I see you) stunt (when I see you)
Evertime I see you I’ma stunt (When I see you)

[Verse 2:Lil' Wayne]
Weezy F. Baby, these all know me
Young meal ticket, watch me kick it like Shinobi
Flip it like arobics, my flow is so heroic
My girl got a fat ass and I catch it when she throw it
Ill wet you in the mornin, burn ya in the evenin
Dump ya at night and that duffle bag light
Like my shades hella dark and my red flag bright
Got ya bitch blowin me, like she playin bag pipe
Yep I lay that pipe, I’m the plumber to ya women
Im the flame on the stove, in the desert in the summer
I’ma stunna so, I’m gonna stunt on you bitches
Big tow trucks sitin on chrome inches
My account look like foreign digits
Dont play in that water cause today I’m goin fishin
You dont get it, thats why I punch that 430
Til got it up on inches(too late)
And I’m a young nigga with money
Now what you gon tell a young nigga with MONEY?!


[Verse 3: Bow Wow]
If your watch ain’t cost a hundred, If you ain’t ridin’ 28′s
You ain’t stuntin’ like this, NO!, said you ain’t stuntin’ like this
If your crib didn’t come with the butlers and the maids
You ain’t stuntin’ like this, NO!, said you ain’t stuntin’ like this
An if you ask for the price, when you shop at the mall
You ain’t stuntin’ like this, NO!, said you ain’t stuntin’ like this
An if you don’t make it rain when you up in the club
You ain’t stuntin’ like this, NO!, said you ain’t stuntin’ like this


Say nigga this ain’t gon stop know what I mean
Thats me! shiittt! What you know about ridin 26′s nigga
Better read about this nigga real talk
My paper long baby what I’m sayin man
You niggas got to get your weight up
Better eat some weaties around here nigga for real

[2 Chainz]
The feet big on the whip like Jurassic Park
The car tall, to get in you need a running start
An i been getting dough since a running nose
Kush my cologne, you can smell it on my clothes
You know me i’m at the bar with a broad
with arm full of tattoos and a neck full of cars
Hand full of money, what up Young Money
Who the baddest bitch in the club, i’m going hunting
I’m from College Park, its the home of the Minaj
If you are find and like money, then you are my target
Where my f–king boys and my duffle bag swinging
The way i reach notes man, i ought to be singing
My Audemar blinging in the Audemar leaning

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