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Brennan Heart - About Time (Ft. Max P) | Текст песни

This track is all about time
Progress, evolution

It's about time to close on a decade of hectic
Life's electric when you're living in the fast lane
I got no reason to complain about a damn thing
I spin my records like a pro cause I can't sing
And since the day that I lost my pops to right now
I'm climbing up the ladder somehow
Doing everything I love to do
And out of love gotta get this across to you
I hope you listen even though this is not your style (hardstyle!)
Hope to stretch your attention spare for a while
I let you in on my thoughts, the battles are fought
Made decisions that were tough but I found what I sought
A sense of being part of the whole
I'm working on reaching my goals without selling my soul
Giving people what they need, ripping records apart
Straight from the bottom of my heart, Brennan Heart

I love the love that I get from every record I play
People getting on the floor to the sound of the blade
It goes deeper than hell, music needs to rebel
It's not about what you sell, but the stories you tell
It ain't about what you've been, but the heart you put in
Every second, every record, every track you spin
I begin and I visualise the next level
I go into places where you can't travel
Life is a quest, working on the road to success
And if you find happiness you're blessed
Connect the two together, and things will get a whole lot better
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And if you want to backstab you can hate me in the latter
That's fine, or you could online
You need to get in line, you're not the first to hate my shine
From 1999 to 2009 I spent all of my time
Making nickels and dimes become bucks
Putting beats and bass first place
To see how rookies develop into super DJ's
Travelling the whole globe, getting out of control
But I do it with my Brennan Heart and my soul

And when you thought it was over, there's a new chapter of life
Bringing a new decade of rocking tracks that will reach the daylight
I hope in 2019 I'll make another track just like this
To look back with the biggest smile on my face when I reminisce
Cause I'm the type of artist that will seek something that rocks
To be creative and innovative, need to be thick and out of the box
Instead of wasting my time on copy-and-pasting lines
I work around the clock fucking up the bassline, and so mind
Already to many DJ's doing the same old same old
Trying to make my kind of fame with a face full of yayo
You see I'm not type to be nothing but hype and no action
I make beats and melodies for people that need some distraction
From the hard-knock life working their jobs getting sick of
All these sucker DJ's not entertaining properly, what a rip off!
Satisfaction guaranteed, cause for my actions I stand
The name is Brennan Heart and hardstyle is what I am

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