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Brokencyde - I Don't Know | Текст песни

(Can't breathe no more)
(What's this life for?)
(I don't know...)
(If I should stay or go...)

Mentally demented in this brain that he got
The pain wouldn't stop, was tortured by the rain when it drop
Put a gauge for the thoughts, blast it, it's gone in a flash
Hoping to smash his feelings and the hope that he had
The dopest in rap, but couldn't never focus on that
Was too distracted by the smoke that was chokin' his past
When his heart was broken, yeah, shattered like glass
Hiding his face with dark shade glasses and hats
But no one deserves the fucking way he was raised
Prayed every day, his tears never faded away
Filled with hate and dismay, never couldn't handle the pain
So much stress, trapped in this animal's brain
Damaging himself, only hell remains
Til the end, motherfucker, I had felt the pain
Fighting demons in my brain, turn myself insane
Writing stories about my life, I won't shout my name

(Can't breathe no more... what's this life for?)
(I don't know... if I should stay or go...)

I'm an emotional wreck, with evil feelings of pain
The acid rain drips on my soul, leaving stains on my brain
Hopefully to maintain my captions, sustaining the real me
Feelings kicking in after, thoughts killing my conscience rapidly
Accidentally puncture my lungs
From the start, I'm doing my part, keeping my heart together
Grip glue, from the start
In this dark, I can't breathe no more, wondering what this life's for
Living six feet under with this corpse
Back's torn from the former ashes, backlashes,
Trying to backtrack to what happened
From the early days, it's a maze
I can't feel through this haze
It's amazing what the human body has to give
I have to live, half the battle is trying to win
My devotion is trying to get rid of everything that wouldn't last
My past sticks with me through this mass attack
The tracks leaving my soul hoping in fact...

(Can't breathe no more... what's this life for?)
(I don't know... if I should stay or go...)

You try to complete me
Delete me from your memories
But you need me, how the fuck can I be your worst enemy?
Possessed enough energy, after to build some sense in this
I had a style before the feelings killed my sentences
I still remember shit like it was yesterday
I digested pain, waited for about five days to see if it ever changed
I had my better days, figuring what I needed most
Writing until I developed arthritis and my fingers broke
Needing this hope, living I know, smear the blood in my raps
Continue writing this song until I fucking collapse
I felt nothing, it was all nothing, nothing seemed to work straight
I was a failure that came outta my mother on my birthday
(Doctor, doctor, look, we have another retard)
Equip me with a bicycle helmet and a pair of knee guards
It seemed hard, but I adjusted to being fucked with
Threw my feelings away and stab myself in the stomach
I loved it.

(Can't breathe no more... what's this life for?)
(I don't know... if I should stay or go...)

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