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Bronze nazareth & Kevlaar 7 (Wu-Fam) - Mitten behemoths | Текст песни

[Kevlaar 7]
Mitten Behemoths originating fathers outta arenas
Insinuate the karma from the Nordic regions
Seen, seeing the stimulation in which the overspring keepers
Yeah we're up here waiting, for recognition
To reveal this nation concealed us
Between five lakes, I'm the potenent
Imparative votion have you at God's kitchen hoping
Forbidden gram molecules stroking, grand Jakes' will have you open
Unforseen situation, I got myself into
With a gleam of hope then in filament rope
Shit, I feel like I should be on Franklin, slanging
But fuck that, my body ain't fenna lay up on nowhere all hyded stanking
No what I'm saying? Represent Michigan slang spray 'em
The underbrush by the lake, delibrately conceals fate
Spots with rapist and victims mate
Banks up the Grand River, truly relate
Revolution for the 26th Constitution indemnity
And this society is a fatality
Division and dignities and casualtie's reality
Who ever stole my stereo outta my Bronco on prospect
The suspect shoulda car wreck for fucking with my deck
I'd forgot about it but now it's purely material shit
The rapage will surprise you, Vandalia and Kalamazoo
Ravashing black and blue, thoughts and ideas of certain Behemoths
Yet lochlea and inglia don't see none of this city of maddness
Ms Tracy Sadness for '07 bop after badness
Relentless Michigan Scientist, 50 half entity, Immortal, Unknown triplets
We ain't dying in this city of antigonistics with these ragedy linguistics
The nation looked like "God damn them niggas ripped it"
From Benjamin shipped up North to your crib
Where real Hip-Hop started in New York and back to Michigan

[Bronze Nazareth]
Ayo, Michigan nocturnal, paternal worm hole in every rotten apple
Tree rapling, get grant with Behemoth hands
Clashing with the Titans, on the paper compass is like...
Bumrush the Leviathan while iris lens deceive the darkness
Shed us all where Bronze is, embracing a few
Them fist between pew, drinking 40's out the mystic virtues
Streets could hurt you that's what had me on the run from myself
'Cause bag of crack and fools laying stiff in pieces of plastic throughout
We lurked the night to escape mercenary
From heart to cherry, odds are on though infiltrated house's scary
Getting raided by word of canary, situation get heavy
Find out the cabalic dope spot with your dawgs since elementary
That shit preventing me, definetly superior eeriness
The 26th gaseous on the blood and cryptic bodiment
Shockwaves send and felt outer space satellites
Known to eclipse from the solar of sodomites
Keep rain down and sunlight
Before the deluge misery brough booze and paper five finger plants
On the vision of the dance, they throw parties and pamp'
Until them shotgun wizards advance
Your only chance of getting caught with altitude
It's not hard if you got your head on your clapables
Stay boy captavious, arrested in God's kitchen, wished you was him
And I think they know bout obtaining it
Anyone can fall victim to mental imprisonment
The rappers in my city flow infinite, you can easily drown in it
That brown shit, raggedy some project and street genes

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