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Bronze Nazareth - Everythings So Deep | Текст песни

The wildest environment sometimes the growl is
I had three glasses of Henney and two long Island's
Every ten minutes walking by
This Puerto Rican mami caught my eye
Heavy breathing, first sweat of the evening
I'm paranoid thinking, do I smell like weed?
And do my breath stink?
Altoids step up to her and verbally link
She's walking to the door and shorty threw on a mink
Damn! Can I really attract her?
And over stand her front's sky high
And she let me take her hand

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo, envision in her skin ebony
She's so heavenly, her name's Ecstasy
In class she sat next to me
Not sexually but specially, spitting texting me
Said she noticed entity, blessed to meet you like wise
Caught me by surprised, young dime with thick thighs
Cat eye, 5-5, I would glad she live
Handed her number, sexy voice could put me into slumber
Looking lovely in a elk and pointed her paint for the summer
Shiny lips, G-string wrapped around her hips
Bracelet around her wrist, her kid's sweet as daiquiri
The strawberry fragrance hit my olfactory
Pretty hands, walked away in black leather pants
The two top-shirts had vision of Jamaica sands
Shiny black hair dance on the back with blonde streaks
Personality... unique with a fine physique
You're my ventricles stimulate nerves and visual
Build four-letters, rent movies, I watch you sleep
Though you gon' thanks for keeping

[Kevlaar 7]
Yo, I let her back in, away from the entrances
Exquisite sentences pour out of her lip
Intellectual conversation
She said she's been hurt and had no trust in men
I assured honey I was the real
Something her mind could feel
She said "I'm my own Queen you know the deal"
Three hours, we conversed, she's so intelligent
We just connected slowly, she reached in her purse
Pulled out a pen, with the sexy ass hand
And she slowly wrote her number on the coaster
She gently kissed me and whispered "Call me"
I said "Fo'sho" a women like that'll spoil me
Type of women that'll oil me
And have me saying "I love you" on the first morning

[Bronze Nazareth]
I caught her slanted eyes, mesmerize by mine
Contact was chemical with a physical bond
Extended my arm to kiss this waitress on her palm
She blushed, my ice crushed, my colada deluxe
Missing link in your life, "Tanah Da wassup?"
Saw her gracefully wearing her thong leading me on
Her name is Avalon, shining lock, a price, I'm a don
Look at the hourglass, shoes that tie around calves
A black cat-suit, ankle bracelets
She got class, walked away, a beautiful sway in disposition
White teeth, perfect smile, Buddhism religion
Took her out, showed her love, she showed me love back
Need something? Take that, she helped me when I broke flat
I got your back Asian Queen; you're the pearl of my dreams
Physically and mentally we balance on Triple Beams
My aura loving you on the China Sea border
Sweet Earth daughter hot as blue flame, pear as ice water
I love you fo'real

[Kevlaar 7]
Ayo, Friday night finally arrived
Went through one whole week with Puerto Rico on my mind
Pure flawless skin, deep intelligence with thin complexion
Golden, mellowing, blessed Puerto Rican
Beautiful hands and lovely feet
The type of women when she fall in love you know its gon' be deep
She's in love with utterly genuine
I try to think what type of men would try to do her mentals in?
The center perfume within, what kind? I don't know dawg
But it does get me high, that's my fetish
Perfume - unforgettable, when I'm alone I can smell the residue
For one day I've waited, I start to call her
To spark a conversation, looking for the number
Extremely impatient, yeah, I've founded
And for twenty minutes I tried disconnected
Man I can't believe this, nah, what's th

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