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Bronze Nazareth - The Bronzeman 2 (Feat. Canibus) (Additional vocals by Raekwon) | Текст песни

[Movie Clip & (Raekwon)]:
They’ll never stop listening to me (yo, whutup nigga)
They can’t tune me out (whutup nigga)
They’re drawn to me (yeah you gotta turn that shit up nigga)
Drawn like moths to a flame (this shit is serious, Keep it always official man,
add on comfortably and shit) I say the things they wish they could say
(make sure everything is real for real)
these ineffective jackals, stay up all night long to hear me speak their minds!
they can’t tune me out, they can’t tune me out!
they’ll always be there (this serious nigga, official shit!!)

[Bronze chant during intro]
this one bloody too, I told ‘em this one bloody too
this bloody too, this one’s bloody too
tell ‘em this one bloody too, this one bloody too
this one bloody too, Bronzeman 2
this one bloody too, Bronzeman 2

Your aspirations are exaggerated
Your lack of patience is written all over your face, that’s why you can’t make it
Listen with your mind, explore with your spirit
If you can’t stop time, you gotta purchase more minutes
Reliable power rap recycles steam like nuclear tower stacks
I could rhyme for an hour on a track
Intoxicated, making obnoxious statements
about top rated emcees who somehow got jaded
The revolution is not an event, it’s a process
Passed down from Griff to Canibus to the Bronzeman (Nazareth)
Canibus, me and the tribal chief riding
And after you do the knowledge you can sit right beside us
It’s not about money, it’s about interdisciplinary studies
That’s why sometimes things get ugly
Dressing all bummy, fingernails black like I’ve been hunting
I brought food home for all my little munchkins
Cough it all up like a pumpkin, subwoofer bumping
Cars ride by with the booming systems
What man? Your sense of humour sucks Dad, Hip Hop should give up, man
Cos rapper can out-rap the Canibus man
And the whole planet knows it, catalog expands from the land to the ocean
Billy Ocean in the passenger seat smoking
Heartbroken cause his hero hosted a show but nobody noticed
I’m having difficulty describing how I wrote it
Open mic but not one open mind in sight
So I’ma fall back and pass Nazareth the mic

[Bronze Nazareth]
yeah yo, I’m like the Unabomber,
consuming a novel by the Dalai Llama,
Artists pray I stay
underground like a departed miner,
skated Satan’s fire, my marrow is ganja
there goes the dope supplier,
sound of the opiate audio fire
carved outta the hottest sonatas,
I’ma, fujiyama mind sauna, oblongata on the pine lager
want a yacht too, bird’s eye view straight out the parlor
Count the commas in my bank account
Chasin’ nirvana
tasting long burn white Owls, my tails like iguanas
Pet Llamas should I let ‘em out, and chalk trace an artist
I’m shouting MORE RELISH!!!
I’m straight off the Terrace
Route a shell non terrapin style to the sheriff
My bride’s hair glow in the wind, eyes glarin’
I brutalize air when, I turn ‘em to urn wearing,
burnin ferns off camera
with golden goat strands’a, potent stanzas
I reign(rain) hail(hale) snow avalanches
I got big plans, semi with hemi rig plans
For enough land to grow and expand my own sess plants
My hands shine like diamond lakes and gold lamps
high chance of hailstorms, black or bright sundance
Still advance my pawn, til you layin by seaside
my family throw bullets like archie, peyton, and eli
I’m a zebra mixed with edema, hiroshima and street lights
Dining at bee hives, I’m a knight in shining levi’s
Skin sound like knives chippin at thick glass
sniffin’ tear gas
Rollin mack truck rellos in class
The teacher looked at me, said if I pass, I pass
Splash tangerine spark drafts
on black casket maps
run laps around murder scenes and never leave tracks

[Bronze Nazareth Bridge]
ayo murder with a flask
toast and ki

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