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Bronze Nazareth - This Thing Of Undying Love (feat. Immortal) | Текст песни

[Intro: Bronze Nazareth]
Our love for this shit - runs deep
We done concentrated many nights stay up studying this shit
Freestyling, writing lyrics, beats
We love this shit to the death
We'll go to the ground for hip-hop, to the grave
We love this shit, we breathe this shit
This shit is for us, this is the end of what
For The Unknown, where ever you are, peace
Yeah, this is my love right here
I mean it's wack, I'm talking about this dope
This is real niggas, I'm about to school y'all mothafuckas
Real love right here, love...

[Bronze Nazareth:]
How I breathe my sisters through these lines that I can see
Transfusion the pollution through these veins that I bleed
This is my blood and we can walk those who followed best they could
Fell off the blaze right on the glass fragments decayed
If I'm gon' pass I lay hoping to find a better ways
The sync flows to my heart when it murmurs and goes astray
60-80 when I'm unrelated to the pen and paper
I love this to the death but at the same time I hated
Same one that had me begging for jobs on applications
And resumes, and work dime to pass the time away
Soon to see my shining day, my dream is drying away
But I'm a find a way to escape hurling sky's of gray
Where the Ozone defines I implant my deep lines
Scribed in minds, so all civilization died
And when we see sunrise I re-teach the unwise
He who never tries waste lives
Let's plan our devise for hip-hop
Through my weary eyes, and my children's cause
Building to rise, I supervise espionage known as child
Degrading to creative humankind
It was times my love hand me thinking the scary heist
I got an uncommon hatred toward Adolph Nyce
I think it's God sending me message telling me live my life
Behind keyboards and mics, but this world of ice
Has me dreaming in pipes, bidding my only advice
With enough deepness to rupture Earth sexagonal structure
I'm a make it outta this trap even if I have to suffer

[Bronze & Kevlaar]
I've payed my dues, I've slaved my crews
My wrist stays bruise, my pants stays huge
Disillusion but my love stays strong
The road stays long, my money seems gone
I pray on and on, on and on
To get my message to the masses through my songs

[Kevlaar 7:]
The breathless lungs whose bruised mind and a numb tongue
My ink pen abused, used and unsung
Living the struggle in between my sweat puddles in ink lines
Callous hands force me to form rhymes
No vacations for these cartridges that I'm breaking
Either triumphed behavior or fatal failure
Divinely rock bottom, they ain't letting us stop 'em
Immaculate Conception of the mighty written weapon
Stagnation yelling; \"work them 40 hours\"
But when you got dreams the future says that's for cowards
I garnish my paper with blood, sweat, and hard labor
Eventual residue of sweat pours out later
My intellect stalls but I fall back on y'all
For subconscious total recall, yo I've hurl for you
Walked these eleven miles by the curb for you
Cut off ex-girls for you, went to church for you
Bust my ass and got hurt for you, stole for you
Slept on the floor for you, didn't eat for you
Didn't sleep for you, did dirt for you
Didn't go to work for you, spent my last dime on you
Kinda played it high crimes for you
Lied to my pops for you
All this bullshit just to stay close to you
Did all this shit and might as well make the most of you

[Outro: Immortal]
Yeah, this is from the heart, baby
That nigga watch out, 50/50, the entity
Real love, The Unknown baby, put my heart in everything
My life, peace, peace...

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