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♫ Busta Rhymes ft. DJ Kay Slay & Layzie Bone & Twista & Jaz-O - 60 Second Assassins (2010) ♫ | Текст песни

Busta Rhymes
When i come and i hop and a skip and i rhyme and im dumb and im drop and a spit and i shine eyeyeyey Nigga whatcu really wanna do
Even though that i come and take whats mine
Everytime i come i hit u with a little bit killa but i know that u can never never see me little nigga while im at the top i will never stop for the nigga pop see the way i runnin and leave a nigga better honoh when i do my thang and i bang better boom whit the bomb and tha bing everybody know that when they comes they should gotta split muthafucka better crown me king With the passion and alot of action see where they grab em (how u do it) now they wanna ask em how a nigga smash em see the with they have em (Smack em to it). heyheyheyhey
now they gotta know what a nigga do all day count bread makin nigga wanna bounce head drug the drop heat in this streets ok u shouldnt really getchu gimmik and i hope alot of niggas leavin their clinic aint no really where they wud u wanna axe about me cuz i be the fearsest with it while im givin u the final chapter with lotta laughter see them where they catch em everybody probly telling the same shit u dont really wanna come after now i suggest u listen whenever u hear that the beat up in the building trust me this is not the place for u to bring your children

Layzie Bone
The B O N E we got plenty of flows from Cleveland to Ohio we buckin they fall they told me the record was only for proasso Layzieas gonn get the vip i suppose faulse slammin them cadilac dawgs my story they caught that never been told sit back while i tellin this thuggish we base forever im young and never get old poppin the bottle rose when my ballsslander ur honor just follow your nose we thug on the corner from night to the sun up u run up get down fall in let it explode low only real gangstas role so whom we splash around when we crash colide who ever they wanna be false so OG status still got money up under the matres nigga come get little stick like kaktus money so daughters niggas elaters trynna come close but they never can maters suck catush nigga masters yall already know how we do in the cleary never compare we live on the stratus fillin the badchu when i twist and bust nigga come through with twist and bust nigga been famous they know how to aim it they spit my life with adrenalin rush fellin the niggas that been on a rush actin to the dust we willin they clutch Just slit through to spit some thug shit

Now why be the coldest on the eye like country or on pornisalla hit them with the venom and then imma dissem greater more fade em fuck kos i hate em more harder if u not check the tempreture maday one cant slay drop the bomb all on when they put me on the trackinema show em who is out when i make em go comit suicide like dress like a fanima
do willem about to get dinna might open the door cuz im dope for the floor never no hoffalla flow was a drug or imma eat the bitch open and hopes some more so lokus the poem ill never know who u can go check the portfolio cant slay em just after fuck at you and then imma stick em u know we can go of course so go get yo coat this be the season for niggas that sneasin and snoosin and if u keep hetsin me that be catching the beatin and bruises whats up look at the wardrobe look up on the swag get lookin of the furnacula things have been doin cuz imma stay f in this sort of be callin me dracula Osami blackin and when im attackin u pullin up all on the beenin new accura a new prenumera a new super lego with the penum of breger seas i see u niggas be hatin so the next time u see me dont speak now u know u know not to send me no beat cuz imma kill it and murder anybody that dont wanna get it where they wanna get up in it cuz ill be the bidness of my meanece imma warrior to the finish make an enemy demilish wanna get up in the back or even if we gotta a video from the block
2010 Hip Hop the shiit dont stop
Just slit through to spit some thug shit

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