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Chamillionaire x Killer Mike x Scarface - Reign Fall [Rhymes & Punches] | Текст песни

[Intro: Killer Mike + (Chamillionaire)]
(They just want to see the rain falling)
All the fallen soldiers
Love ya'll man, miss ya'll
But we can't look back we gotta look ahead
(They just want to see the rain falling
Ain't no cloudy days, in a world so gray)
Here we go

[Verse 1: Chamillionaire (Singing)]
They just want to see the weather falling on my crown
I just hope to never let you down (Rain falling
They just want to see the rain falling
But ain't no cloudy days, in a world so gray)
Look up, I can see the weather dropping to the ground
I just hope you never let me drown, drown
(They just want to see the rain falling
But ain't no cloudy days, even headed my way)
I'm trying to take a tres, and flip it to a seis
Cause real recognize real then you sure look out of place
They took out all the greats, they want them all replaced
They try to tell me it's curtains, I open all the drapes
Like "Lord, let the sun shine while your son shine"
Might be a gateway into heaven, but it's one line
And I'm a soldier, loyal is the only way I know
Sincerely yours, the Chamillitary G.I. Joe
See life chose us, but we chose the life we living
We speak with fate then we say those are likely written
Snakes come with the cake, Oh looks like he's bitten
Your life's a gift but I'm like "Who knows if life's a given?"
Dress casual at birth, at death we wearing suits
Feel like it's a special occasion if you want the truth
They say forgive your enemies but if we never truce,
A born sinner so at least I didn't forget my roots

[Hook: Chamillionaire + (Bobby Moon)]

[Verse 2: Chamillionaire]
We look around and see nobody left to idolize
Cause we just waiting till these newer guys run out of lies
Exaggerated all the rumor talk of our demise
Then we rise up just like "What's up?" and they apologize
Surprise, the storm is coming so I wish you luck
Protect yourself cause if you don't then you might self-destruct
Go 'head and live it up, make sure you live enough
Pour out some liquor for the soldiers that didn't get to duck

[Hook: Chamillionaire + (Bobby Moon)]

[Verse 3: Scarface]
Yeah without you it's moving forward
And all of a sudden you realize you was going backwards man
Kinda like how my whole life has been
So I'm gonna take some time out and give it to you
Ya dig?
If there's a heaven up above, show a nigga love
Cause I been struggling in blood, trying to make it back to where I was
I shed a tear for the lost souls, caught up in the street life
Living fast, die young, ya'll know what them streets like
Ain't nothing new we going through it day to day
Doing bad in the hood, broke as fuck, so it's hard to pray
We hustle harder yet the cops keep calling
And they Glocks keep clicking, we cannot keep falling, nigga

[Verse 4: Killer Mike]
I started small time, dope game, cocaine
Getting schooled by the OG's of the game, mayne
I got the jewelry and the shit that came with rolling hard
I got jammed with the toaster, and I took a charge
The prosecutor tried to hit me with a sweet deal
I told that bitch to suck a dick like it's a sweet meal
My character hold no resemblance to a damn rat
So I refuse to be used by a pussycat
A nigga judge gave a young nigga 10 years
My baby mama cried 10 x 100 tears
100 nights in the cell I've cried too
My mama died last year, I kinda wish I died too
But I can't, I gotta be here for my baby daughter
Niggas that I'm doing time for won't even pay the lawyer
And I'm stressing and depressing on this crazy drama
OG flexin' trying to fuck a nigga baby mama

[Hook: Chamillionaire + (Bobby Moon) + {Scarface Talking}]

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