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Chris Webby - You Dont Really Want It (Ft. Snow Tha Product & Jon Connor) | Текст песни

Listen to me, learn from me
I wasn't the best because I killed quickly
I was the best because the crowd loved me
Win the crowd, and you'll win your freedom
I will win the crowd
I'll give them something they've never seen before

[Verse 1: Jon Connor]
Look, I ain't play games, homie, I ain't got time
Especially when I do this for my homies that done got time
Imma do this for the city, every hot line
Go to every block, every hood, every corner, every stop-sign
I just wanna get it for the days that I was living in the hood
Wait a minute, I don't even know if you can call it living
Pay attention, cause at any given minute
You be chilling with your niggas and be witness to a killing, ho
Grew up on the north side, north side
Nigga to the fullest, I was quicker than a bullet
That was going past the window and saw nothing
And I'm coming for the crime, what the fuck you think I'm here for?
Make no mistake about it, fake shit I can't allow it
Trapped in this game, now I can't get out it
You want that real shit, and I feel the same about it
I was in the trenches just like you
Wondering how the fuck Imma get through
I don't have a plan, but I know one thing:
Gotta get up out of this motherfucker, and I can't lose
Eyes on the prize, and I know I can't quit
Never gonna fail, so I'm on my shit
Gotta keep going and I can't look back
Took on the world and now it's on my back, back
Back up, homie, don't act up
I'm from Fly City where this rap shit really ain't a factor
And when them kilos on your back and make a
Motherfucking backpacker pack up
On some other shit, them was the odds I was up against
So I ain't phased by none of this
Cause in reality, I love that shit
For all the grinding I was doing, I ain't no one you was fucking with

See, I've been on my hustle for a minute
Now it's really time to get it
So it's only fair I'm letting them know
That I'm a motherfucking animal, it's true
You don't want me coming for you
Just sit back and keep enjoying the show, cause yo

You don't really want it, nah
(Come and step to the floor, you already know
That I'm too cold with the microphone
I'm beastmode, better leave it alone)
You don't really want it, nah
(Cause I came too far to stop
Regardless I’m off the wall, chip off the block
I’m a monster, watch bitch, better call the cops)

[Verse 2: Snow Tha Product]
Welcome to the Hunger Games
You give up your whole life but get tons of fame
There's rappers who don't write but get companies
Making of with their souls for a chunk of change
I got more profits than those, y'all [?] the chase
But they popped off all the time, but they a bum today
Man, I got that Glock that I tote make you cuff your chain
You see my pockets is gordo, you chubby chase?
I got a plot to take over this continent
While I'm over-thinking, all these bitches are there gossiping
So Imma take a spliff, take a hit, something monstrous
Cause I really quit but I think I've been locked in
And all this bullshit and I'm sick of the politics
I'm gonna show you which really bitch but it's obvious
All of these hoes really want to just party and molly
And violence and bottles and popping and dropping
And opposite, that is just me, are you taunting them?
All they admire us, not in that guapa shit
Alternately, I think I'm gonna stop the gig
Talk to them, all bitches wearing this God-given
Oculus urge of confidence
I'm just subconscious shit trying to make all y'all get y'all bitches
Hearing my shit but I'm not spitting anymore lessons
Bae, do what you wish, I ain't gon' stress
Man, you finna get little Miss Snow from oh wait where I spit
All about selling drugs and the things that I

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