Coockoo - I Can't Remember - текст песни

Could you please tell my baby
That I shouldn\'t let her go
That I\'m lost and I\'m stuck in the forest in the fog
Could you send her a letter with a pigeon or a crow
That I\'m waiting in the forest, in the fog all alone
Like a fool.
Like a fool.

So, I\'ve heard all the stories of the dragons and the swards
And I\'d love to believe\'em
But I know they\'re just words
As my baby lost her laughter in the fog of white noise
Couldn\'t see how she suffers
I just gave her my voice
Like a fool.
Like a fool.

I can\'t remember when you lost control again
I can\'t remember lying pure instead of stained
I can\'t remember when you messed it all around
I can\'t remember being.
I can\'t remember being a fool.
Being a fool.

I like you.
I like you.
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