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D12 ft. Eminem - American Psycho | Текст песни

I'm the Devil
If ever there was such a thing
The results of much too many drugs
What you're seeing
I'm a mind fuck
completely disgusting
(im white)
a human mutt
Fuck a being
I'm a dog
Fuck lambs
I'm silencing them all
I'm involved in murders
Forensic science couldn't solve
Giants set of balls
Too big to buy a set of drawers
Might as well unzip my fly and let 'em fall
To the floor
Each thought's completely warped
I'm like a walking...talking...Ouija Board
Speaking in tongues
I've never spoke this speech before
Khem dellelleh
Enemech noomph meekh neesh meekh nohrf
Have you ever experienced spirits and lyrics
When you hear 'em ?til you scared
To stare into any mirrors when you near 'em
Well if so
Get ready for some shit yo
This some kinda sick joke?
Shit no
Mother fucking schizo
So disturbed
you just go
so berserk
You tip toes
fist first
with scissors
To slit throats
of just hoes
It just goes
to shizow
You dizon't
fizuck with
Siz-omeone this disturbed
Sizipping on syzerup
So lock your doors
Drop to the floor
Get your shotgun drawn
Here comes another Clockwork Orange
Look at Bizarre
Do you really think he's right in his mind?
What the fuck you think's going through it
When he's writing his rhyme?

[ You bout to
Journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
Blood spiller
Mentality much iller
Than you could ever imagine
In your wildest dreams
You feel his pain in his silent screams

You bout to
Journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
Blood spiller
Mentality much iller
Than you could ever imagine
In your wildest dreams
You feel his pain in his violent screams ]

Its friday night, Im at a rave again
picking up transvestites on my harley davidson
(man hop on)
My girl friends a crack head whore
She'll come to your door
Suck your dick on the floor
and take your bottles to the store
(nigga im takin these)
Have you ever seen a bitch get beat because she wont cheat
run the street and suck another nigga?s meat
my son's 16 years old with no where to stay
(dad its me)
I told him he wasn't mine and slammed the door in his face
I ain?t got no food, my job I?ve been cheated
My girlfriend had a miscarriage (I'm sorry I had to eat it)
my dick is burning (it aint cause of disease)
its because im jacking off with gasoline mixed antifreeze
Im living in Waco Texas, me and my girl
fuck David Karish, I'm startin my own world
Its called bizarre?s cemetary, its scary
eatin the virgin's cherry (im gonna laugh at your carrey)


[Kon Artis]
I was born feet first, smoke 40's and drink weed
The lord rehearsed my birth, im the worst breed
of nigga you ever set sight on
my right arms
got more power then fiva ivon draggin a python
(journey into the mind of psychopath killa)
light your ass like a liquid nitro gas spilla
psycho slash michael myers, michael jack's thrilla
rifle slash knife faggot dash cop killa
As a youngin I was beat while I was living
Crossed dressed just to get thrown into the womens' prison
I guess I was just dressed to be a hoodlum
Being pressed caused distress to cause the riddlen
Press, stress, and riddlen, caused the cop fillas
To be heard after they see what I did to those children
I'm volgaric, and boldaric I'll throw your face flat off a terrace
So you can have something to stare at


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