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D12 - Kill Zone | Текст песни

d12 is back in the buildin ’ about to hit yall ’ with some freestyle s--t
marry christmas
2011, get em ’ get em ’ yeah! ayo ’ im goin’ up that hinne ’ low cleveland he smoked, till
siaked and coverd
blood and without a penny,
i never was a mathematician
in class division bored me, i was
snoring. drempt of being
a graphic villan, then caps we
pillin’ re-mash admishin. make ya ’ face lookin ’ like a fatal crash collision. blast
a 5th and.
tip, out. i ’ll throw you in the trunk,
kinda like an old white ladies
your a-s is missin ’ n---a’ you can ’ compare me too rick ross,
in some ways. its whenever
you see the boss
you gonna ’ see gun play. put the torch in your face
and daffy duck in breal up.
this ain ’t call of duty grab the oozy get cha ‘ kills up.
n---a’s be rollin’ plus they claim they
sittin ’ on grands but they never tell you they
f-----g gram ’s are golden. im so cereal.
i’ll let the cannon busta, bust. in any senario.
b---h what the dilio. i could
take the hardest. sack then ’ turn it too a kiddy ’ show
if i find you fucked. like hide
and go
giddy yo ’. i am so vivid let the bullets play hide
and go get it. when i am pist
off, i am so livid.
and n---a’s can’t f--k with us. new n---a ’s or old ones. hit’ ya homies with hot hollows and grab a cold one.
who next flexin ’? i lift my two hands up.
i taken ’ each one, and you can forward this text message. y’all know bizzares gunna say some crazy s--t
say 45 goin ’ play s--t im amazin’ b---h im the best rapper ever
get on stage in spandex and
tight as leather, lace weed,
cocain twins
stop lookin ’ for bin laden, bin laden stay in detroit
brain, froze
can’t feel my toes all i need is an eight ball, and a
picher of amborose
20 thousand, dalante west can
f--k my mother
50 thousand, he can sodamize
my brother eltan john say hes a celivic fag
(whats a celivic fag?)
a fag who don ’t like d--k in his a-s (wow) d--n straight
f--k it, we all going to heaven
so pull up some skinny jeans,
and tongue kill john legend
im bout’ to go to canada, i can’t wait tell b-----s i know drake, and
get my a-----e ate eatin ’ pussy, nahh that aint cool
but whats cool ’ is eating a-s hair with food
im a rude dude
ruder then jude
baby face and if you aint
and i smell food time to eat pinky pornawoah
time to beat wife went to
work, time too cheat
in jail for rape somebody call

imma freak!

no survivin ’ this poison is hybrid
bitches escaping on that ice,
then fall out the side of it
i am a human perana, with a
murderus’ persona i drama nigga’ inside his own saliva and blood
the mental isilum kicked me
out, it wasnt enough
i need a higher, more minatical
place to call a club, imma’ cut throat, a nasty old animal
that will crack a nigga ’ fast as a pastsheo ’s and mozzeltove i stomp a nigga ’ for being soft, see im just a dog that opened his
mouth and broke the fuckin ’ muzzle off im cummin’ for your balls at any cost, your washed it
mars skeept through his
cloths like a marg maller
im not sure
stab a nigga ’ with rusty daggers
give em ’ lock jaw, where they can ’t open there trapper imagine what hack saws
could do to these rap frauds
you ain ’t thuggin they should be knockin ’ on wood like jim dougin
im huggin’ this glock and imma’ squeez like an anaconda thats standin ’ on your block ill blast any bandana that i see
i’ll beat cha ’ with your own i.v.
in a spill, i ’ll put a pillow over that widdle and squeez
i’ve been a heaten see i was my momma ’s mistake
i born tirein ’ im bombin wherever you basterds hibernate
they contimplate on killin me,
im in the d ’ livin it, im at the shootin range, and bustin before im in that bitch

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