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Dub FX feat. CAde, Pete Phily & Mr. Woodnote - Supernova Pilot | Текст песни

Cruise through the galaxy, supernova pilot
Looking for life, will we ever find it
Dem red lights they flicker, attacking space pirate
quick grab the controls we need to hurry up and
skeedaddle diddle too late yo temporary blinded
missiles lockin on, hit with ultra ultraviolet
will it be the end of us mayday mayday
this 10 4 , coming down clear the runway, Oh
So cold in this climate, strange figure appears it seems
were uninvited come on come on im ready
with Alphabet bullets cool it play our positions and then
maybe we can fool it fool it
swimming with the fishes hard to see the sky, wish a million wishes but a eventually i die, so i do my dirty dishes and take a piece of the pie, do or do not there is no try)

translucent, pixelated colours mash, integrated, flash backs and the sound is gated look at my skin ive must of made it, im all in tact in fact better then the flux in the back which took a hard wack an i might be stuck here in a future unlike anything that i have ever seen.
bright lights with neo kicks, hover heels and 3d flicks, skate boards with dem wheels and feels so electric please dont trip. Speakers play shit that ive never heard so fresh so clean feel every word, it feels so peaceful but why do feel so empty inside.

Sit to my space to holy jesus me
And came overduce cuz here place as they do hop into from planet to planet
climbin' and jammin' no aliens so they migh have understand it
i got mad fx pull it over the dub star prince as is given a rob
give more oxygen cuz i can't get enough
cruisin through the galaxy is more than enough
so high, so fly my simple night oh my
im trippin' fist on space ticket
hard they be kickin'
it just be tickin'
spinnin' 'bout a supernova kickin no killin'
pissed hack as kites they let me go left
point your pray it ain't be left
man im in to be ain't left
but i am taking over bout remembering a theft
Cuz the evil, cuz the pride
that's why we're so empty inside

okay, yeah, yo
any of like a supernova pilots on the case
happen a hyperspeed walk drive coming about a base
givin' a joystick
sippin' away from of the milkyway
we gonna keep movin' and put in a mention
hold on, now change lanes
takin' it to another speed
gonna get to a galaxy
over the cosmos with it's just so beautiful and free
i see pretty lights, they flash,
makin' me re-imagine over the crazy dreams that i see

i'm havin flashbacks like whip lash and freestyling aliens
whip it with the microphone, and i'm still too from home
i'm seekin' microscope and i don't had to stop and
this all are notes so crazy on it's own, let's go
we search in the sea where to put a galaxy
but we're fresh in conversy and the cover economy
we think it's possibly round the corner over the right,
i think we see the lights, and now we are so empty inside

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