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Duft Punk & Tabolich [TRON: Legacy] - The Hair Kid Bootleg (Remix) | Текст песни

when I first started thinkin' 'bout doin' this track

I was a little hesitant because I didn't wanna make it lack in quality

the quality of Daft Punk funk and technology

preachin' the theology of musicology gee gee baby

catchy but it's nothin' on the DP baby

vinyl scratchy, spinal scratchy that

Discovery, that Digital Lovery

if you gonna listen for too long, your booty gon' need a recovery

Cover me, I'm goin' in, so the people know

rough around the edges but I'm all about the flow

and I know "flow/know" is a rhyme that's overused

but I gotta use it anyway so y'all won't get confused

I'm amused as I listen to the newest of the new

'cause right over the head is the only place it beat you

I'm not tryina hate, or burst your bubble

but do your Homework and learn the art of the subtle

track one, lesson one, a thing that's called Alive

just one or two notes, but the movement make a vibe

just a little gear, nothin' crazy, not a lot

lesson here is make due usin' what you got

track one, lesson two, never out of fashion

one of my favorites known as Rollin' and Scratchin'

listen' how the screamin' 106'll make you swell

it's courtesy of Tommy Bang and Guy-Manuel

(we down with the with the Daft Punk on the record

we down with the rhythm and we down like we Deckard)

after a day in the studio, the evenin' calls

get in my '99, bumpin' that Crescendolls

check my night vision, take a minute to reflect

funk back to the punk, call me daft and direct

I select the destination and the track I'm thinkin of

burnin' up the turnpike with Indo Silver Club

now known as the Rex Club, the bootleg get me hype

for Alive '97, start Alive and make a right to run to

Fort Lee, need a fix of spiritual nutrition

Get that Blue Food, get that Boom Boom Chicken

both the girl that I'm with and the food I'm eatin' be Korean

her soul may be in Seoul, but she likes the European

so I let her feel the waves, and we feel the Crydamour

Le Knight Club bangin' and we cryin' for more

we hit the liquor store, gettin' wet before the night's over

trackin' on da rocks with a little club soda

(we down with the with the Daft Punk on the record

we down with the rhythm and we down like we Deckard)

the moral of the story is that

you never gotta deal with something that you don't think is fat

I'm talkin' music and when music goin' bad know it stunk

hold your nose until you find the music made by Daft Punk

I don't think that I can ever make a record as good as Homework

so I just accept it, makin' it understood, I just enjoy it

let the inspiration proliferate

if I be workin' on a track or if I'm out on a date

but I don't think it's ever too late to make a mark

21 I'm reppin '88, I'm out of the dark

even just a little spark can be the reason to funk

and we hip enough to take it way on back to the punk, come on, come on

Teachers taught me better than a teacher

and Mr. Todd Edwards taught me choppin' with a feature

face to face with robotic rockin' phoenixes with a short circuit

we be harder, better, faster, stronger 'cause we work it

buy it, use it, break it, got the technologic

brainwashin', never gotta wreck no logic

gynecologic, but tender with emotion, makin' love

the bassline in Burnin' fit your booty like a glove

even when they similar, they never do the same way

bassline in Voyager be groovin' Captain Janeway

a lame way to live would be to never feel Alive

'97, thousan

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