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E-40 - My Shit Bang | Текст песни

Turn my music up
My shit bang

My shit bang
My shit thrub
I am a mother fucking beast
I am a mother fucking hogg
Pull up with the slump
Or should I say black truck soundin'
Like I got an alligator in the back
Paint wetter than melted ice
Rally and hocky strips
burning rubber at every light
mean muggin' like fuck your life
I’ll be hustling all day and night
Pushing all night and day
Twisting and wiping yeay
Getting my guapalay
Chalupa my guda my pay
Bet not get in my way
From the bay to LA to the a this nigga is connected
World wide nigga this fixer have you beheaded
You ain’t got to like me but you got to respect me
Woke up early in the morning and put one in the air
Got so high thought about running for mayor
Slap myself to make sure I was still there
Shit showered and shave,
And Then I cut my hair
Today I’ll probably get laid
Put a pounding on a monkey
find me a bitch with an ass like a world star hip hop bunny
Trying to get rich in these collectors tryna stack my money
You can tell that am a D boy by my bolla tummy
sometimes I dress upity
sometimes i dress scummy
Sometimes I dress high class
Sometimes I dress bummy
If you ain’t about no cash you can miss me
Most of the time you can find this hustla tipsy

Turn my music up (repeat)
My shit bang (repeat)

I’ve been running around all day
Trying to get my decimals up
Anybody try to stop me I suggest that they duck
Cause when I get the bucket I can assure you is nothing pleasant
My arsenal game is east but west in all type of weather
Even when your wearing chest protection
A trauma plate won't work
Cause I am gonna aim at your helmet
I ain’t gonna aim at your shirt
A lot of these bitch as niggas should be wearing a skirt
With a box of motrin and some maxi pads in their purse
Pillow talking and biting pillows
Acting like some brizzles a whole bunch of that sucka shit a bunch of pop sickles
I should have been a tourist
Cause I am stubborn as a bull
I am a different type of dude
And I stick to the rules
I am a real nigga best believe it
I live it and I breath it
I tell it like it iss and I call it how i see it
My patna used to be sharp but now he on fifi
What do thee thee mean? methamphetamine
I can’t believe it
Man he disappointed me
I am devastated man
He lost coo points with me
I'm standing outside of my crib with some gym shorts and a hoodie
Talkin to my Nigga on my celly smokin a philly
Sipin on that fifth of that oil conganac leaning
behind them walls and them bricks he got caught with that kid candy
If he didn’t go to jail by now
He probably be dead
So instead in there with his uncle daddy and relatives

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