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Eminem Ft. D12 - Keep Talking | Текст песни

Artist: D12
Album: D12 World
Song: Keep Talkin' (Bonus Track)

[Green Lantern - Intro]
Detroit, Motherfucka...
DJ Green Lantern (The Evil Genius)
D12, We ain't goin' nowhere...
We still smokin' crack, nigga...
(laugh) Let 'em know...

[Eminem - Chorus]
Bitch, Keep Talkin'
Keep on poppin off, flip them jaws because
We ain't stoppin'
We ain't got to prove shit to yall
So all yall can lick the balls and
Keep Walkin'!
Keep on poppin' that shit you poppin'
Cause we ain't stoppin' cause
You ain't stoppin' us!
We ain't got to prove shit to yall
So all yall can lick the balls and
Keep Walkin'!

(Come on!)

(Yo) The Derelict's back
I'm blazing niggas while they up in the Sheraton, 'laxed
I even sold my therapist crack
You niggas is bitches, straight up, I'm bearing the facts
I love pussy with all my heart, but I married a gat (gun clicks)
And nigga, I'm top pedigree, so don't play with me
I'll blow your tattoos all over your baby seat (glass shattering)
Kids an' all get hit, peers and all
The Mosberg'll take your back, liver, ribs and all (bah!)
Kuniva's a street talker
Heatsparker to beefstarter
Packing guns when I'm sleepwalking (Bitch, Keep Talkin')
Throw a firebomb down your chimney
While you're eating at Wendy's, I'm in your bushes cockin' a semi
Knife with the hands, never bow down to another man
I was poppin' guns while you was still poppin' some rubber bands
Smother your clan!
Sever your hand and your legs
And mail your brother your heart, and send your mother your head!

[Swift] I'm the only one, you bitch, that touch ya
Type of brother that'll fuck your mother
With a fishnet rubber (scream)
A belligerent and rowdy motherfucka
That'll dump your body, and still fly away to Maui on Atella
When it comes to beefin', it ain't no explainin'
I change your language with a stainless
I'm contained with an anguish to leave you famous
I'm a deranged pit, I left an AK to paint your face with
Niggas don't say shit, fuck your hype man
If there's a bystander standing by, I'm firin' at him! (Flat out)
Cause I can, You get squashed like pop cans
I'll be shooting 7 up in your mouth, man (ha, ha, ha)
I'm about to sell your mama bud, and lace it
So when she fire it up she coughin' blood
I love to see 'em lay shit
I'm made to behave in this case
You try to be brave in a rage your legs will be replaced


(Bizzy, come on!)

I ain't here to talk about Benzino, or Ja Rule
I'm here to talk about lil' Ray Ray, and what I'ma do (laugh)
Sorry, I ain't gonna mention you, you'll probably sue
Next week, this shit'll be out on DJ Clue (exclusive!)
The first time I had sex, a dirty mattress
No condom, my grandmother bent over backwards (Ugh!)
Bizarre been fuckin' raw all summer
Let's make a trade: My wife for your brother
Syke! I'm not bisexual
I'm an intellectual transexual with one testicle (One nut)
And I ain't saying shit 'cause it rhyme
I got colon cancer...I'm dyin

(Yay Yay!)
Rest in peace Jammaster Jay, 2pac, and Notorious Big (Fo' Sho')
(Come on)I'm probably the best
God in the flesh
Blow your heart out of your chest
And your chest out of your vest
Leave your body a mess, streets bloody as hell
Study my 12, I cut him he fell
A druggie on bail, nutty as well
With search light, bud he revealed
Dead or in jail
They're headed for hell...
Together with bells and blonde guy
Get your lungs hard
Leave you full of holes like Spongebob (Gunshots)
We can take this from your front door

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