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Ephixa - Dragon Roost Island Dubstep (None Like Joshua & Veela Mash-up) | Текст песни

Long time standing here and watching my land
Thinking of the love I know that they understand
And I get that they have faith in me for all that I know
I can't do much to help them from this cursed castle
How can I not think I know too much for my good
We kept hoping he wouldn't catch me but we both knew he would
Having too much in my head prevents me to think
These are the times that I really feel I need you, Link.
I'm sailing on a boat since
Ganon caused the Great Flood
And the king of Red Lions
Tells me that he's dangerous
but I don't give a shit
I'll wield the blade of evil bane
Turning all my enemies
To colored clouds in purple shades
You see this island now?
Well it's time to go away
Cause these fucking giant birds
Are stealing people everyday
I don't care if what I wear
Is looking pretty gay
I got a sword, so I don't want to hear what Tingle has to say
you say you want to fight?
I learned it from an Asian guy
So you know that you don't stand a chance
If I stay alive.
I used to make the time
Now I'm flowing with the wind
I'm as fly as the Rito people
fighting scorpions
Pissing off the giant dragon
Now I got to pose Cause I
got a new item
For my spoils bag, don't you know
I got to find the shards too but
I just want to know why everything looks like a cartoon
And I've got to open up the pocket in my chest at night
Just to give it a little light
And in the pocket of my heart now I can break a line
It's like I'm jealous of my heart 'cause it can think fine
Well guess who's coming back
Link I want an answer
Don't listen to the other guys
Just because I got necklaces with butterflies
Please give me an answer
- I'll find the master sword
Then you're gonna wish that you had never said you want to die
Yeah I want an answer
I'm picking flower bombs
Then you're gonna think that I'm not so calm
'Course I have the answers
I'm heavily armed with a grappling hook
And I am what the sages forsook
Please give me an answer
do you feel that breeze?
Making that wind speed blow to the east
Yeah I know the answer
Then to the south, maybe the west
Feel it in the north, I'm doing my best
Link, I want your answer
Ganon trying to start the violence
I don't like it, now I'm fighting
And I hope it's the right answer
Tell me if you think I'm spineless
All these moblins and these tyrants
I'm winning, it's not a science
I just own and know the pirates
That are gonna help me find him
Taking back the hyrule castle
- it's underwater, asshole
Now I got to shoot the arrows
but you got to hassle
me when I am getting pearls
I don't know if it's for girls
Let me do what matters first
Like try to save the fucking world
Making my way to Ganon's tower
Got to find the shield to stand his power
[At least I got more] than 72 hours
And these bracelets make me stronger
there's too much water
Lost my sister, now I got her
Shooting thangs with boomerangs
5 in 1?
That's okay
Looking through my telescope.
Tell me where you want to go
Cause I got this one baton
That can call the might of gods.
Listen to it on the wind, it
Might just sound like dubstep with
A little bit of wobble bass.
Don't be scared to rock this place.
I'm off the chain
On a talking boat
While I'm playing all these god damn notes
Man, you need some better lines
Guess it's skull hammer time
- you ain't a friend of mine
Tetra makes the arrows shine
I deflect them on to Ganon
So his power's not expandin
- I've traveled from the island
To the forest
Then volcanoes
I don't know where I will go
I guess wherever wind is blowing
Look at me, found the key
Death Mountain is what I see
So it

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